Romance Is Dead

Chapter 10

Jeff POV

It was 8:00 in the morning, I can smell the buttery aroma of pancakes and syrup with a side of bacon. I can tell it was coming from Autumns house. Man, I don’t remember the last time I had a good meal. maybe I should go over there and ask Autumn if she can… no, she hates me. *Sigh* it doesn’t hurt to try though.

Autumn’s POV

As me and my sisters sit at the table my mom pours us a glass of juice, “So I heard there’s going to be a little get together to night, am I right?” “Yeah and how did you know?” I say staring at my sister, Jamie, I know she have something to do with it. She’s always snooping around in my room, looking in my journals. “Lets just say a little birdie told me”, she says winking at my sister, “So are you going?” “I’m not sure, maybe”, I say getting up to avoiding any questions, “Thanks mom.” “Welcome and remember I have to go out to check out some cars.” “O mom can I go?” Both of my sisters say in union. “Of course, Autumn are you coming?” “No thanks” “Are you sure, you know, about being alone in the house?”, you can tell she looked a little worried. “Yes, I’ll be fine, its daytime”, I giggled a little. “Well, ok, just lock everything when we leave.” “Sure.”

I stare at them as they walk out the door. I really hope my mom don’t really think something is really going to happen to me in this time of day.

I walk in my room just to lay of this big breakfast. You can say I was really full from those 3 pound pancakes. As I walk in my room, I see something that I thought I wouldn’t see in this time of day. And it really ticks me off.

“Jeff! What the hell are you- how did you- ugh! never mind!” “Calm down”, how the hell can I be calm when he’s laying his grease head on my bed, like he owns the shit, “ I just came over, because I smelled you mother wonderful cooking.” “So?” , planting my hands on my hips. He sits up and gives me an look that would just make you feel a lot of sympathy for him. “Do you have any of it left?” “Ye-yeah”, he follows me into the kitchen.


After a few minutes of watching him devour my moms leftover food. I actually thought it was kind of weird, the way he was eating, like he haven’t ate in a while.

“What?” “Nothing, just thinking.” He raised his eyebrow, “thinking about what?” “Its nothing important.” We stayed quiet for a moment, until he finally broke the silent’s. “Are you still going to that party?”, he says looking at his plate. “I’m not sure”, I got up and grabbed his plate from him so I can wash it, “How come you look healthy but you eat like you haven’t eaten in days?” “I do eat, just not like this.” I feel kind of bad for him, but he is a killer, but than again I feel obligated to help him. “Um, if you want, I can bring you food over, my mom cooks non stop.” “Really?” “Yeah, sure, its no problem, the food is just going to sit in the fridge for days”, I say as I walk back to the table, “food shouldn’t be wasted.” “Thanks.” “Don’t worry about it, you saved my ass last night”, he looked surprised at my offer.

He smiles at me. He smiled! Wow, I made Jeff the killer smile. I bet its been a long time since he did that. We talked for a while about random stuff. He was really open with me today. But then we here a car and a truck pull up. I run to the front window and I see a truck pulling a car into the drive way. That must me my moms new car. “Jeff you might what to-”, I turn around and he was already gone. *Sigh* I guess I don’t have to worry about him being seen.

I walk out the front door to greet my mom, she looks pretty happy. “Hey, nice car.” “I know, its perfect”, she says with an excitement in her voice. The man in the truck lets the care down from the back of his truck. “There you go ma’am”, she game the man some money, “Thank you and have a good day.” “Your welcome.” My mom is always a kind soul, she even gave the man extra money for his helpfulness.

After checking out the new ride, we went in the house. I and my mother went in the kitchen, I just wanted a glass of water. “Um, Autumn, what happened to the rest of the pancakes?” “I… umm, I was still hungry, so I ate the rest.” “oh, ok”, I walked out of there as fast as I could. *Phew*.



*Knock on door*. “Come in”, I I say taking my earphones out my ears. My mom walks in, “So, have you thought about going to that party”, she says sitting on the edge of my bed. “I’m not sure yet.” “Maybe you should, you know, get to know some people in this town.” “Maybe I should”, we both smile at each other. “Well if you do tonight, be safe, ok?” “Yeah, I know.” As a rebel, I did some terrible things, drugs, alcohol, parties. Oh I partied hard, but I stopped doing that crazy stuff for my mom. It hurt her really bad, she was scared of what would happen to me if I kept doing it. I love my mom and my sister to much to lose them. That’s why I’m really thinking about whether I should go or just stay home.


Almost 9:00

I think I decided to go to this party, I hope I’m not making a bad decision. Anything can happen.

I got dress in black high waist shorts, an black crop top shirt with white letters that says “Bad News”, and my combat boots. Not much makeup, just eyeliner and red lip stick. I was ready to go, but then I was about to change my mind. Jason really seemed like he wanted me there, so I’ll just go for him, as a friend. I walk out my room to the living room to see my mom watching TV. “I see you decided to go.” “Yes, I did”, I cant believe she was so calm about me going. “Be safe.”

I walk out the door and grab the address from my pocket. He doesn’t live far from here so I can just walk, no biggie.

I was a couple of blocks away from his house and I can already here the sound of music. I was a little nervous, knowing I’m new around here. Once I see the house across the street from me, I get butterflies, I‘m not scared, just butterflies. I’m not good with people.

I see a bunch of people in the front yard drinking and talking. I got a few looks from some people, most of it was from mean girl and horny, drunk guys *rolls eyes*. Once I enter the house I’m quickly scanning for Jason to be around somewhere. I feel a hand grab my arm, it kind of freaked me out. I was about to beats someone’s ass until I realized it was Jason, “Hey, you made it!” “Yep, I’m here”, trying not to show as much excitement. “Let me show you around.” He showed me his kitchen, which was full of food and liquor, he showed me where the bathroom was, and finally his room. “And this is where all the- I mean, my room”, he blushed a little. “and why are you showing me all this.” he scratches the back of his head, “No particular reason.” “right”, I just laugh at the site of his embarrassment. “Well, let just go back to the party.”

Its been a few hours, and I’m having a great time, talking with people, having drinks, nothing crazy. My phone starts to vibrate in my pocket and I see its Samantha, my best friend. “Hey, Jason, can I use your room I have a call.” “Yeah, sure.” “thanks.” I make my way to his room though the crowed of people. I open the door not realizing someone was in there, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here.” “No its cool, its just a little noisy in there”, he pats on the bed beside him, “you can have a seat, by the way my names Ronny”, he says with an deep tone, like he was trying to sound sexy. Something’s off about this dude, I really don’t know if I trust him and he’s also a little tipsy. I sat down but not to close to him, “Dude, you should go home you seem a little drunk.” “No-no I’m fine, I just need a little action”, he moves a little closer to me. “um excuse me!” he grabs my breast, I slapped him so hard across his face. “What the fuck! Your going to pay for that.” I try to get up but he pushes me back on to the bed. “Dude what are you doing? Your really fucked up, just let me go.” he jumps on top of me as I try to struggle to get him off, “Shh, come on”, he puts his and over my mouth will roughly caressing my body. While struggling, I got one had free and punched the shit out if him. I’m not as weak as some girls. “Fuck off!” I stormed out the room irritated and shaken up. I new I shouldn’t of came to this party, I should of listened to Jeff. Nothing good comes from it. I on my way out I grabbed a full bottle of Vodka. I’m not leaving empty handed.

Walking down the street on my way home, I was just about to walk past Jeff’s house. But I thought to myself, I can really talk to someone right now. I don’t know why I chose to talk to him.

I walked up to his door and hesitated knocking, but I did. *Knock Knock*. The door swung open and I see Jeff standing there with his blade in hand. “Oh, its just you.” “Yeah… um… You was right , I shouldn’t have gone”, I handed the Vodka to him as he let me in. This is actually and obviously the first time I’ve been in his house. I would of thought it would have been a dump, but it was actually somewhat nice but dusty. “Not bad.” “So what do you want?” Nothing much, I just wanted to see you”, he looked at me furiously. “Right.” “I just, I should of listened to you, I just got away from some disgusting douche trying to have his way with me.” “Yeah, your right, you should of listened. But thanks for the bottle.” He was on his way up his stairs, “Excuse me, where do you think your going?”, I follows be hind him. “What I was going to do before you came.” “Oh, my bad”, I throw my hands up in the air.