Romance Is Dead

Chapter 12

I closed the door slowly so I don’t wake up anyone. My mom would be furi-, “O, hey mom, I didn’t see you their,” I say nervously. She walk in the a mug in hand, “Your actually home quite early, so how was it?” “Well it was … a party, I didn’t stay long, there was some things that was bothering me, so I left early,” I looked at her suspiciously, wondering if noticed I was in the house next door. “Were you waiting on me to come home?” “No, I just couldn’t sleep, don’t worry I trust that you wouldn’t get into any trouble.” if she only new who I’ve been talking to, she would have an heart attack. “Yep,” I say trying my best to avoid anymore conversation. I try to quickly get to my room but she stopped me on my tracks with another question, “So, if you wasn’t at the party, then where have you been this whole time?” She had to ask, “I was with a friend, just talking.” She raised an eyebrow at my quick answer, “So who’s this friend is it a guy?” she grabbed my arm and we both at on the couch. I didn’t answer right away I just stared at her. “What’s his name did you kiss him?”, I blushed at the fact that I remember Jeff kissing me tonight. I don’t know why I was blushing I don’t like him, I think. “did you do other things?”, she leaned in asking me. “Oh god mom! We just kissed that’s it.” “What? Well your already sexually active, so I’m just curious to know what my daughter is doing,” she moves my hair behind my ears, “I just want you to be safe and I really care.” “I know, but it was just a kiss, that’s it,” Man this is just awkward. “ok can I take a shower now, I’m really tired,.” she nods.

After I got done with showering, I decided to go on my face book just to see what is new. I got one friend request. They didn’t look like they had any mutual friends of any friends at all, how weird. The profile was kind of dark, you couldn’t see a face, it was hidden. But I did see a little glimpse of a something green in it, like a beanie? Wait? Nnnoooooo. Why? What do he want? I know exactly who it is and what is he doing with a Facebook? Isn’t that like and rule that killers shouldn’t be on social sites. And how did he find me? I had just met this dude not that long ago, this is creepy. I’m not accepting, I don’t trust this guy.

I just close my laptop like it was contaminated.

I don’t want to deal with what this guy and jeff have planned so far I trust Jeff , a little you never know a killer can turn on you at anytime.


It was a Monday now, the rest of the weekend wasn’t that interesting. For the very first time I was really happy to be back in school. I don’t want to be cooped up in my room like I was on Sunday. I didn’t see Jeff yesterday, maybe he didn’t want to talk to me after what happened that night. He probably felt really embarrassed. Its not like I told him I didn’t like what happened Ugh, why do I .

I was standing by my locker while Sophie talk about how her weekend went and how her parents just don’t let her out much. But most of the things she was say was going in one ear then out the other, I was to busy thing about other things. “Hey,” she snaps her fingers at me, trying to get me out of my thoughts, “Autumn are you ok, you seem out of it.” “Oh, I’m fine just thinking.” “Thinking about what?” I whispered to her, “If I tell you, you might think I‘m crazy,” she looked at me weird, like I was going to tell her something crazy. Which I was. I quickly pulled her to the girls bathroom, then I looked under every stall to make sure no one was in to listen. “Ok, your going to think this is nuts, but its ok because I think its crazy myself.” “Why did you kills someone, with at … guy.” ”No not really me.” she looked at me wide eyed, “Ok, if your going to tell me that you just witness him murdering someone, don’t tell me.” “What? No, I didn’t witness a murder, it does have something to do with him.” “Come on Autumn spit it out!” “Ok, ok, calm your tits,” I say throwing my hands up, “I - We kissed.” she screams at the top of her lungs, “What?! Autumn, what the hell is wrong with you?!” She’s pacing, mumbling to herself. I kind of got annoyed by her back and forth movement. “Hey!”, I grabbed he by her arms, ““Calm. The hell. Down.” “You kissed a killer, and he’s not even that attractive, like Christian Bale in American Psycho.” "He has a cool personality.” “Yeah, a killers personality, are you crazy? This guy can turn on you, and I don’t want you to die, I just met you.” She looked like she was tearing up. “Don’t worry Sophie, I’m not going to die, I think.” “Well that’s not going to help.” As we were talking the door opens and guess who it is. Cassie and her Whore Squad. “Ew, look guys trash.” I walk up to her cake face, “I rather be loser than a slut,” I bumped into her shoulder, “Oh, and you might want to get the thing above your lip checked, gross.” Me an Sophie walked out with big smiles on our faces. I might not be allowed to throw punches like I want to, but I can spit fire.

Me and Sophie headed to our next class.

By surprise Jason sneaks up behind us, he tries to scare me but he never succeeds. “Hey, what happened to you at my party, first I see you right next to me and then you were gone.” “Well, one of your little friends, I think his name was Ronny, yeah, that guy is a douche,” I turned to look at him directly. “I’m really sorry about that, do you want me to kick his ass? I don’t mind,” he looked really serious, like he really wanted to do it. “No, I already showed him a lesson that night.” “I really am sorry about that, but, I can make it up to you,” he looked at me with his gorgeous deep blue eyes, god they where gorgeous, “You should have dinner with me at my house, my moms cooking.” What?, “Um I don’t think that’s a good idea, I mean, we had just became friends.” He laughs, “I know, but I like you,” he sweeps his finger under my chin. I looked at him suspiciously, what is he trying to say. “Why are you looking like that?” “I don’t know,” I shook my thoughts, “we better get to class we might be late.” “Oh, yeah, right.”

We headed to class, we were a minute late but still made it. Jason sat two rows behind me.

The whole time in class it felt like I was literally being stared. Like eyes was burning in the back of my head. I couldn’t focus in class because of it.

The bell ringed and I was thankful that it did. As I walk down the crowded halls looking for Sophie, she walked off as Jason and I was talking earlier. I see her with her little crush talking again in the same spot as last times. Holding hands? That means she finally asked him. Awesome. I don’t want to interfere with her lovie dovie thing that’s going on.

I walked out side just to be greeted by Ronney. “Wow kid, you have some guts to be in my face right now.” “Look I am really, really sorry, I never meant for that to happen, I was really fucked up that night.” he looked really sincere about this apology, “And you were right to give me this black eye.” I laughed, “well, you should really pay attention to your actions when you drink, be responsible.” he scratches his head, “yeah, I really should.” I precede to walk away, “Oh and you might want to clear it up with Jason, he wants to kick your ass.” he had confusion written all over his face. I found it kind of funny.

I didn’t have to pick up my sisters anymore my mom finally decided that they are allowed to ride the bus home now. She was a little skeptical about it, but she realized they’re old enough now. I just didn’t feel like it was safe knowing that Ben and those other to guys, Masky and Hoodie, where roaming around. I don’t know about Jeff, I trust him, but I don’t rust him enough.

I pull up in the driveway, hoping everything’s ok. Obviously my moms not home yet till later tonight. I see my youngest sister watching TV in the living room and my other going homework in the kitchen. “So, how was school guys, “It was good, I got invited to a sleepover,” Jamie says. “That’s awesome, what about you Alice?” “I got Invited, too.” “How is that possible, you guys aren’t in the same grade,” I say from the kitchen. Jamie looks up from her homework, “My friend has a little sister in the same grade, her parents thought it wouldn’t be fair for her to have one without her sister.” “Oh ok.”

I was looking through the fridge. I was freaking hungry, school lunches didn’t seem so good as I thought . Then we here someone knocking at the door. I didn’t invite anyone over. “Alice don’t answer its!” “Why?” I run pass her. “Just don’t.” I peaked through the peep hole. And to my surprise it was Jeff. Shocking he never knocks. I quickly open and closed the door behind me. “Jeff, do you realized that my sisters could of answered the…” I can tell he didn’t look to happy, I think, “Are you ok?” his hoodie was covering is face, I didn’t know why, I’ve already seen what he looked like. He walks up to me. Slithers his arm around my waist, “Ok, what are you doing?” he pulls me in closer. “I’ve been thinking.” He leans in and kisses me. I tensed up a bit, but relaxed. “Ooohhhhh! Autumn has a boyfriend!” Alice says peaking through the door. You can tell Jeff was a little worried about my sisters seeing him, you cant tell he wanted to kill. He quickly turned his head so they don’t get a glimpse of him. “Alice!” “What?” “Get back in the house, now!” I snarled at her. “Whatever.” I looked at him, confused. I really don’t know what’s going on. “I need you to not talk to me anymore, don’t even come see me.” “Ok, first of all you come knocking at my door and you- you kiss me, then you tell me not to ever talk to you again,” he can tell that I was getting a little ticked off, “what the fuck is going on Jeff? I didn’t even see you yesterday.” “I’ll tell you, but I’m not ready to.” I closed my eyes, trying not to get to irritated, “I- I understand, just whatever it is don’t get caught.” he smirks at me. “I never get caught.”

I punched him in the shoulder real hard, “Hey what the fuck is that for, what are you bipolar?” “Tell your friend, Ben, stop fucking around.” He rubbed his shoulder, “What did he do?” “He tried to request me on Facebook, what the hell is he doing with on anyways?” “Just don’t pay him any attention, he‘s a computer/video game geek.” Yeah, that guy gives me the creeps. “that’s not nice to say about your best friend.” “he knows it.” We became quiet for a second. “I think you should go now.” he pulled his hoodie completely over his face and sprinted into the woods. I just stood there watching him.

I still don’t understand this feel I had for him. it wasn't understandable.

I looked at the time on my phone. Shit! I almost for got about the dinner Jason invited me to. Now that I think about. I’m so nervous about it. I’m not the kind of girl you want to take home to your parents. But no worries its not like he’s introducing me as his girlfriend or anything, right? We can be friends.

Me dating a jock, wow, that’s not what I’m into.