Romance Is Dead

Chapter 2

As I walk these dark empty streets, I start to feel like I’m being followed. I tried ignoring it, speeding up my pace. Who ever it was steps was getting louder and louder the closer they got. Dude I’m so nervous I my hands started to sweet and my hearts was beating so fast. I was so close to getting to the house , just one block away. Then all of a sudden I saw a arm make its way around my upper chest . Shit! I panicked as this person had an hold on me with a knife to my neck. What the Fuck was I going to do now! “What a pretty girl like you doing alone?” he said in a raspy voice. He was so close to my ear, It was just plain creepy. “I- I was just walking ho- home,” trying my best to just keep freaking calm, its really hard when you have a fucking knife to your throat. Great. “You know what happen to girls that walk alone at night?” “No, but I’m guessing your going to tell me anyways right?” I say trying to get as calm and confident as I could and showing a little smirk on my face. I don’t like showing fear no matter who it is. He chuckles at my little comment “Its time for you to Go. To. Sl- Oomph!!” I kicked I’m in dick and elbowed him in the kidneys. He moaned in pain on the ground and I made a run for it. I ran as fast as I could, I wasn’t going to stop for anything. Once I got to my window, I hopped in and closed that sucker. I locked the window and closed the curtains. I sat on my bed looking at the window, just hoping he don’t know where I lived. Man, this was a nice way to get to now the neighborhood. Stupid. I got up to take a shower, that would help me relax a little. After I was done I put on an off a shoulders tee with Gun N’ Roses on it (Its one of my favorite t-shirts) . I couldn’t help but think. I didn’t even see his face, so I can report the asshole. Well I can’t wait to see what’s in stored for me tomorrow. It s going to be an hell of a day.