Romance Is Dead

Chapter 3

I see a bright natural light coming from my window as my eyes slowly open. I really didn’t want to wake up, but did I really have a choice when my sister, Jamie, walks into my room. “Get up lazy butt! We have school and YOU have to drive us. I don’t want to be late.” ”Ugh! Fine, I’ll get up.” I quickly get up and do my hygiene routine , you know brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. after that, I started to go through my drawers and closet trying to find something good to wear. I’m trying to make a really good impression (I like to go for the “don’t fuck with me” look). I picked out a white V-neck tee, dark blue jeans, knee high boots, and a black leather jacket. I put on my cat eye eyeliner, mascara, and a little blush ( I didn’t wear much make-up). Jamie runs in, “Hurry up!” “I’m ready, don’t have a freakin’ cow.” I rolled my eyes. I didn’t understand why I had to take them to school, but I would do anything for my mom. “Hey sweetheart, you ready for school? I bet your wondering why I’m letting you use the car, right?” “Well, I’m thinking that your really tired?” I say sarcastically. Mom laughs, “No, I’m letting you have the car” I just stood there looking at her. This has to be a joke or something. How would she get to work? “you got to be kidding me. Wha-what about you?” “Wweelll, I don’t start work for another week, so this weekend I’m looking for a cool ride” she says lifting her eyebrows at me. I laughed, “mom don’t say it like that”. “Oh, and please don’t get suspended on your first day, ok?" “Yea, ok I’ll try,” she just shook her head. I quickly gave her a huge and me and my sisters headed out the door. I cant believe I have my own car now.

Before I pulled out I saw that boy at the window again. Man, who the hell was that and why do I always catch him look out the window. That’s just creepy. It just made me think if that was like guy from- never mind I don’t care anymore I’ve been through worse. I drive off down the street making a few turns. My sisters schools weren’t that close to the mine so it took a while. When we pulled up and my sisters quickly got out of the car I look out the window telling my sisters to “be good”, Jamie cam back with an smart remark “you’re the one who should be good”, I just smirked at her. She’s right. Knowing me I should think about that.

I drove off and headed to my school, wow I was nervous. I really want to keep my actions to myself this year be a little nicer. As I drove right into the parking lot of the high school, I was really feeling like I shouldn’t have came today. I might as well get it over with. I got out of the car and headed to the main doors of the school. I hesitated opening the door, but I finally pushed it open. It was a nice school, but my eyes fell right on this girl she had blond long hair, blue eyes, wearing a white blouse and light blue short shorts. She gave me an evil look like I was an threat to her. She was surrounded by some girls that I’m thinking were her little clique. I just rolled my eyes and looked away. “Hey! Who the hell are you?” I turned around knowing this is not going to be good. “excuse me? Does it really matter who I am? Who are you?” “I‘m Cassie and I run this school, yea your in my school, I determine if you belong or not.” who do she think she is. “Look I don’t know you, you don’t know me, so I would like it if you don’t start anything with me. I’m trying to be a good girl this year,” I said in an small little voice. “like I give a shi-” I roughly pushed her in to the locker and whispered in her ear, “look you really don’t really want to fuck with me, I will make your life an living hell. So you might want o to leave me alone before I rearrange your caked face… o and take your little friends with you.” She had an shock look on her face, like she was frightened. Just like I like it. I gave her and evil smirk before walking away. I can see the jocks also just staring in awe. These people really don’t know what just walked through there doors. As I make my way to the main office I was stopped by a guy. He was fit looking/muscular, handsome face, green eyes, brown hair, something I can sink my teeth into if he wasn’t a jock. “Hey cutie, why don’t you show me what you can do with that tongue ring.” Okay, what an total douche and a turn off. “Look dude I’m not interested in you or your dick, so back off.” “come on, I was just joking. You just look interesting,” he just looks at me up and down. “I know what your tying to do but its not going to work on me and plus you don’t even know me.” “Why don’t you let me get to know you.” I pushed him out the way, “maybe next time, right now I’m busy.” Oh this is going to be an interesting year.

I entered the main office seeing an sweet looking lady, “Excuse me, I’m new and I need any schedule.” “Hello, welcome… umm what’s your name sweetheart?” “My names Autumn Elizabeth Sanders,” As she types on the computer she I’ve noticed an scare on her neck. “Um what happened here,” curiosity got to me. “I- I got into an accident… um your schedule printing out now.” “Oh thanks.” When I got my paper I was heading down the hall. I saw the same girls that I encountered this morning bullying this girl with glasses brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve always hated bullies. “Hey! What hell are you guys doing? Leave he alone?” I ran to the girls side. I looked at Cassie, she looked nervous as hell, like I was about to kill her. “Wha- whatever lets go girls, where done with her.” ‘Yeah, walk away’ I say in my head. “You ok?” “Yeah, I’m kind of used to their verbal abuse.” she puts her head down like she was embarrassed. “That’s something you shouldn’t get used to you know. Well, I’m Autumn, I’m new here.” She smiled at me, she probably have never had someone stick up for her like this or talked to her, those girls are assholes. “I’m Sophie.” “Well Sophie, can you show me to my classes, I still don’t know much about this school.” “it’s the lest I can do sense he helped me with those mean girls.” it was nice to have someone help me out around here.

Some of my classes was boring even though me and Sophie had some classes together, she was really quiet. When lunch came me and Sophie sat together. Their lunch wasn’t good looking, so I didn’t eat it. “So, what’s up with those girls? Why are they so bitchy?” “they’ve been friends since freshman year, Cassie’s parents own a company and invested money in the school, so she thinks she owns it.” ”Eeww, I hate girls like her.” she chuckled. “so where do you live now?” “well I live by this big creepy house, like right next to it,” the thought of it gave me chills, I just vision the dude standing by the window. She gasped, “your kidding me right?! Do you know what or who you live next to?” I just gave her an confused look, not really understanding. “No, I really don’t know anything about this town.” I just chuckled. She had an serious look on her face, she whispered, just enough for me to here, “There’s a urban legend that’s been going around for years now, about a boy named Jeff the used to live in that house. Some people don’t believe he’s alive, but me, I think he’s alive. They say he goes around at night , in peoples houses, killing them, gutting them, making them suffer. I know its crazy, but I believe this guy is still alive after he killed his own family. He has a carved smile on his face, black rings around his eyes, and bleached burned skin, and if he’s still alive he’s probably like 18 now, its cray cray, search it up on the internet, I bet you'll find it.” I just bust out laughing, “You got to be shittin’ me woman.” she looked dead on serious. I just stared at her blankly. Now that I think about it, maybe that explains the guy in the window?