Romance Is Dead

Chapter 8

Jeff’s POV

After I left Autumns room, I was having the urge to kill tonight. I already have my knife with me, so there’s no need for me to go back home.

As I walked down the street, I see a girl walking this way. She had black shoulder length hair blue highlights, ‘oh this is the one, my next victim'. She was looking at her phone not really paying much attention to anyone around her. Well, until she saw my shadow right in front of her, just several feet away. She quickly looks up, seeing my face. You can see the fright in her eyes, I just love seeing the fear my victims have before they die. She dropped her phone as I move closer to her, "P-p- please dont hurt me." “Do you think I’m beautiful? Are you frightened?” "I-I". Surprisingly she didn’t even run, just stood there shaking, “Don’t worry, it will be over soon,” I became face to face with her, “Just Go to Sleep.” I grabbed her by the neck and slide my knife deeply across her neck, making her choke and gag on blood. I just love that sound. “Well, hello there Jeffery,” I heard an woman’s voice behind me. I new who it was and it makes my teeth clinch by just hearing her voice, Jane. “What the hell do you want,” holding my blade tight in my hand. You never know what this girls is up to. “Nothing really, I just came here to see how the man I hate so much is doing, is there a problem?” “Yeah, there is a problem, you’re a sneaky bitch,” I growled at her. I hated this bitch guts. “There’s no need to be rude Jeffe-” “Stop fucking calling me that!,” I clinch my blade so hard my knuckles became whiter than my bleached skin, “Your not my friend, we will never be friends again.” “Oh trust me I don’t want to be friends with a sick twisted asshole like you,” before she walked away she turns on her heels, “Oh and don’t worry, I’m waiting for the right time to make your life a real living hell. Bye.” “My life is a living hell already,” I mumbled to myself.

After that encounter with Jane, I decided to go to a close acquaintance home. Think I would be better off for tonight.

Autumn’s POV (2:00 AM)

I woke up out of my sleep again, but in this dream Jeff didn’t sound so harsh like he didn’t in my last dream. He- he was calm with me. It was like he was trying to sooth me before he killed me. He also, kissed me before he plunged his knife in my heart and I almost let him. What the hell is going through my head! This is sick!

I just sat up and looked blankly at my mirror that was above my desk straight ahead of me. What does this all mean, I don’t understand. Do I go along with it or just leave it alone? What if its telling me to get to know him more, try to understand him. But there’s no way he would even let me get that close to him. And plus I’ve been a little callous to him as well. God, why do I care. I’ll be dead before anything.

I laid back down looking out my window, just thinking until I fall back to sleep. But then I saw a figure at my window that I couldn’t make out. It wasn’t Jeff, I- I can tell by his jacket. What! Now I see another person outside. They both wore an tan jacket and but different looks on there face, like one was wearing an white mask and the other was wearing an hood, you defiantly couldn’t see his face at all. They was trying to make they’re way in my room, so I quickly got under my bed before they saw me. What the hell is going on. How am I going to get out of this situation?