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The Boys, the Girls

As a young girl, Carmen’s mother was an attention whore, and her father, who made up for it by treating them like queens, was out working most of the time. Because of these circumstances, Carmen took care of herself and her younger sister, Kimberly.

Carmen’s nineteen now, and those circumstances haven’t changed. The only difference is that her parents are now divorced, her father is now a bitter asshole, and she has legal custody over Kimberly. The two girls live in a large beach house in Santa Carla, otherwise known as The Murder Capital of the World, the town they've lived in since they were eight and ten.

It’s an anomaly they haven’t run into the Lost Boys until now because these girls are pretty and draw attention to themselves, because they’re easy going personalities command attention. Their presence is a strangely liked one. Yet, it isn't a presence that would deeply affect the running of Santa Carla if they were to go missing, something that usually happens to the pretty girls of Santa Carla. A something that we all know is about to happen to them, because where would our story be if it didn't?

But this isn't just a story of two girls being swept away into the night life of Santa Carla. No, this is a twisted tale of how one vampire is able to weave a web of trouble because her creator sent her away. A twisted tale with vampires, humans who will never understand, and hunters of the supernatural with a name that is well-known among the supernatural community.
  1. Prologue
  2. Santa Carla Boardwalk, Cali. - 8:33 PM
    Kimberly kicked back her head and laughed, “I’ve lived here since I was eight.”
  3. Santa Carla Boardwalk, Cali. - 10:27 PM
    “I would kill for you.”
  4. Santa Carla, California - The DeClaire Sisters' House - 7:32AM
    It wasn’t her fault that their mother was never happy with their appearance – or anything they did, for that matter.
  5. Santa Carla, California - The DeClaire Sisters' House - 8:29PM
    She nodded, unsure of what his expression reflected form his thoughts.
  6. Santa Carla, California - Bar on the Beach - 10:57 PM
    "Step outside with me?" David asked.
  7. Santa Carla, California - Santa Carla Beach - 9:43 PM
    “Our mom’s an attention *** to the highest degree,” she gave a laugh.
  8. Santa Carla, California - Hudson's Bluff - 9:59PM
    "Tonight, you and your sister are going to become one of us." David told her.
  9. Santa Carla, California - The Cave - 11:46PM
    “Not yet, baby girl,” he whispered to her, “Not yet.”
  10. Santa Carla, California - The Forest by the Beach - 11:09PM
    “See you then, babe.” David smirked up at her.
  11. Santa Carla, California - The Cave - 1:07AM
    “That won’t be a problem,” Carmen sneered,