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A Pain That I Love

Travis Pastrana offers his younger sister Lacy and break from her modeling career to come help out and work for the nitro circus tour. There she meets a bunch of interesting people but one knows how to push all of her buttons. Will this be just what Lacy needs to get away from the stress of her job or will this only add new stress into her life?
  1. About me
    just a short little thing so you get to know lacy
  2. Lost in My Own World
  3. Getting Ready for This
  4. Hello Annapolis, Goodbye Sanity
  5. Bacon Thief!
  6. Off to the Races
  7. Honey We Aren't In Kansas
  8. Call Me Sherlock
  9. Guess Who
  10. #Blacy
  11. Bad
    Rated R chapter for sexual content
  12. Good Morning Aussie
  13. Addiction
    has a little bit of sexual content in it. Marked so it can be skipped over