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A Pain That I Love

About me

My name is Lacy Marie Pastrana. I am the younger sister of action sport legend Travis Pastrana. He is older then me by 8 years making me a young 21 years of age. I have long slightly curly light brown hair, light blue eyes. I am a short 5 feet even and 110 pounds. I have a athletic body but i still have a nice D cup and round toned bottom. With all these features I got into modeling when i was 16. my family was skeptical about it hearing all these stories of models with eating disorders and drug abuse. After much begging I finally convinced my parents, my older brother not so much. Growing up I was always close with the nitro crew, though I never harbored the same love for action sports or danger. I got more into the arts then I did sports. Being a Pastrana I had to do at least one sport growing up so I chose Gymnastics. I did that till I was 18. A little while after I turned 18 I moved out to San Diego to pursue my modeling career further. I go out and visit my family during holidays and such and I get to see them during X games La. But I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like. Growing up with mostly boys around I can handle myself and tend to not take crap from anyone. I like to goof off and have fun but when it is time to work and get stuff done i get very serious very quickly. That is unless I have something on my mind then my focus will slip a bit.
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