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A Pain That I Love


I was woken up by a flash of a camera. I snapped open my eyes and saw beaver Fleming with his camera phone giggling with a couple other guys. "Delete that now beaver or so help me god!" I said jumping out of a now slightly awake bilko's arms. The guys starting laughing when I tried to chase down beaver on a moving bus.
"Too late it's already posted! It's now on instagram and Twitter, don't worry you both are tagged! #blacy!" He said still tapping at his iPhone while trying to get away.
"Beaver! I am going to hurt you! Hell hath no fury like a women who was unwantedly photographed!" I managed to catch up with him while he was trying to climb over seat to go to the back of the bus. I tackled him to the walkway and sat on him. All the guys at this point were paying attention and busting their guts. "I learned a lot in the ways of torture from Travis beaver. Let this be a lesson for next time!" I said while giving him a wedgy. I then opted for the wet willy and got off of him. Beaver stayed on the ground panting over dramatically.
"Gosh lacy you are worse than my big brother! The damage has been done ok! If it makes it better I ship blacy!" He said while sitting up.
"There is no blacy and nothing to ship I just fell asleep on the, what's the word cam uses, oh yeah wanker." I can't believe I fall asleep on the guy once and people are already making it into something that its not. Something I don't want, or do I?
"I am not a wanker and now I know you just wanted me for my body lacy. I am truly upset! You give your heart and soul only to find they just want you for the naughty!" Bilko said in a dramatic soap opera way. The guys crack up at his usual clown antics.
The bus slowed down and turned into a parking lot. I noticed it was the venue for our next stop on tour. I went back to my seat where bilko was to grab my bag before we unloaded. By the time I got off the bus I noticed a group gathered looking at their cell phones and laughing loudly, one of then being my brother.
"I have never been prouder lace! Great tackle!" Travis managed to get out between laughs. He pulled me into a side hug. "Oh and bilko, stay away from my sister. I don't want you as a relative!" Travis said in a joking manner. "Alright everyone we gave a couple hours of practice! Unload your bags and put them in the changing room. We have a show tonight then we will go out again for celebration! Those of you who are still underage or don't want to go there will be a van to take you to the hotel along with all the bags. Ok go get some practice in!" Travis yelled to the guys. We all grabbed our bags and headed to the arena.
I had no idea what I would need to do for practice so I went on the hunt for Bruce. Once I spotted his crazy hair I went to him. "hey Bruce what will we need to get done for practice today?"
"we are gifted in the way of our job and all we need to do for now on each practice is do a quick sound systems check and if there is a change to the line up or schedule get a paper copy and learn it." He said as we walked over to the area our sound check needed to be done.
The sound check took us less than a half hour so I had a lot of time left to kill. I decided to go check out what the guys were doing at their practice. It was pure organized chaos. Moto bikes were hitting their jumps while the others were hucking themselves off the giaganta ramp. I spotted bilko on the Moto side. He was throwing tricks right and left trying to keep them all perfect for tonight. He looked so serious and in the zone i decided to let him be. I walked over to the ramp side to observe some crazy stunts these guys were pulling.
I started to check in on my social media accounts after a little while of watching. I saw that my followers were going crazy over the picture of me and bilko snuggled up sleeping on the bus. I had a bunch of texts and private messages asking who he was and if we were a thing. I noticed I had about thirty missed calls from Zane. I decided to avoid being murdered and I called him back. It only rang twice before he picked up.
"I want answers and I want them now! I already stalked all of this motor guys social accounts! He is cute! That was quick to find a guy and wow are you guys cute! Can I meet him?" Zane started to go off quickly without even a hello first.
"wow ok hello to you to Zane. Im sure you already know from probably a hour of research but his name is Blake Williams. Everyone calls him bilko. He is a professional fmx rider. I just fell asleep on him is all. Oh and got drunk last night, like black out and made out with him and tried to sleep with him. He wouldn't cause I was drunk." I heard him squealing on the other end of the phone.
"I am so excited for you! You haven't even flirted with a guy since josh! Oh crap I have to go. I have that diva Darcy in today for a photo shoot and she is already being a princess. Love you hun bun bye!" I said my goodbye to him and hung up my phone and put it back in my pocket.
I was brought back to reality by Travis throwing me over his shoulder yelling about how its dinner time. All the guys started to follow him and well I guess me too, to grab dinner. Travis placed me on the ground once we got to the line. "who were you talking to on the phone earlier?" He asked me. "oh it was just Zane checking in. He saw the picture beaver posted and went crazy over it. He was his normal diva self." I told Travis. He had met Zane before on one if his trips to visit me. "oh cool. He is sure a character. Next time he calls say I said hi will ya?" Travis said before walking away towards lyn-z. Gee thanks trav.
I walked through the line grabbing some bacon mac and cheese and some stuffed chicken. I didn't know who to sit with since I couldn't find Travis or jo so I sat down at one of the empty tables and starting to cut up my chicken. Just like breakfast of the first morning my Aussie friends surrounded me. Bilko closer to me than before. Before saying a word he took his fork and stole some of my bacon mac and cheese. I slowly turning my head toward him and glared. "bilko stop being a wanker." Cam told him once again. Bilko just smiled and kept chewing. I decided to get back at him and picked up his burger and took a gaint bite out of it. "gosh Sheila that was a quarter of me burger!" Bilko exclaimed. I just kept chewing and smiled back. "this is why I like the girl bilko she doesn't put up with you!" Cam said while laughing hard.
Andy pulled me in to his side. "that's why she likes me more than you ya wanker. Im sweet and charming. Aren't I love?" Bilko pulled me back to him. I couldn't help but feel like a yoyoy toy. "she likes me not you wanker. She kissed me! Did she kiss you? No I didn't think so." As soon as he said that all the heads at the table snapped towards me. "what I was really drunk." I said not looking up from my food. Let me tell you my cheek were on fire from how much I was blushing. "drunk actions sober thoughts." Bilko threw out there. After that the subject was dropped and we all continued eating before our show started.