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A Pain That I Love


The show went by pretty good. The crowd was very wild the entire show. It gave me a rush that I absolutely love, one that I never got with modeling. It was just after the show and most of us were on our way to a local club. We were all still pretty hyped up over the show. All the boys were pretty rowdy.

Once the bus pulled up to the club and we were all informed that the VIP area was reserved for us and we were let into the club immediately. I went straight to the VIP area trying to make sure I didn't end up as drunk as last time. I sat on the sofa that was in the back of the VIP area. Cam sat down on the edge of the sofa and Bilko wedged himself between us. Cam and I shot bilko a look to which he just ignored and threw his arm around me. Bilko tucked me up into his side. Just when I was about to say something to him Andy came over with a tray of shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. Andy sat down on my other side and set the tray onto the table in front of us.

"I knew you liked tequila Sheila so we are all going to do tequila shots!" Andy said with so much excitement I can only imagine the amount of energy drinks he had today. I don't think I saw him with out a monster energy drink all day.

Everyone just went with andy and his crazy antics. Andy poured the shots and passed them out. I threw mine back as soon as I got it. "careful there Sheila." Cam warned me as I threw back my second shot. By my third I was defiantly feeling it. "who wants to go dance with me?" I asked really excited when a dance song I liked came on. It was Bad by David Guetta. Of course both bilko and Andy followed me to the dance floor. I went to the center of the floor where all the action was. I started to really get into it. I hate dancing sober, but dancing drunk is amazing.

Andy quickly got distracted by a couple of pretty girls. I was hyper aware of the fact that bilko was dancing behind me and we were alone, in a way. Bilko got closer to me so that my back was touching his chest. I figured that this would be a great time to fuck with him. I closed the gap between my ass and his groin and started grinding with him. It didn't take long for him to start to get hard. Just as a was about to pull away he took one of his hands and held me to him. The other hand went to my neck and swept back my hair. As soon as his lips touched my neck it was like I was under a spell. He kissed from just behind my ear to the junction of my neck and shoulder, finding all of the best places on the way. Bilko nipped at the junction, probably successfully making a mark on my neck. I couldn't care less at the moment, the only thing I could focus on was holding in a moan at the feeling. Bilko started to make his way back up my neck again and kissed the outside of my ear. "what's the matter Sheila you look flustered?" He said with an extreme amount of cockiness.

That finally broke me out of the spell that bilko put me under. "I need another drink after all that dancing! What about you?" Without even waiting for a response I made my way back to the VIP area, very fast I might add. When I got back to the table I saw that cam was there with a couple other riders chatting it up. Another bottle of tequila was added along with a couple salt shakers and lime wedges. I sat on the smaller sofa next to cams. Of course bilko made sure to sit next to me. I had finally got a good look at him after what had happened on the dance floor. His checks were flushed, his hair was messed and he had this wild look in his eyes. Honestly he looked amazing to me, it probably had a lot to do with the fact that I was the reason behind his look.

"back again Sheila? I see you lost Andy!" Cam joked. He seemed slightly intoxicated, but not really wasted. He was an Aussie after all and they are Hero's at holding and handling their liquor. "yeah! He seemed to have been distracted by two very tan and pretty blondes! I worked up a thirst on the dance floor though!" I laughed with cam. Cam went ahead and poured a couple shots and handed them to bilko and I. Not after giving bilko some kind of inside look. Cam pushed the salt and limes toward us and I thought what the hell it'll go down easier. After a couple more shots I could honestly say I was really buzzed.

Drunk me is a far more outgoing and brave than regular me. But drunk me also doesn't think about the consequences or the next day. I grabbed bilko's hand and dragged him back to the dance floor. I faced him and started to dance seductively to whatever popular club song was playing. The wild look in bilko's eyes were back and i loved it. Without thinking I reached up and grabbed a handful of bilko's hair forcing his head toward me. After looking in his eyes for another second I smashes my lips against his. It only took him a second to realize what was happening and he started to kiss me back with the same fever. There was something about kissing bilko that was better than kissing anyone else. The kiss was full of passion, need and want. It was fast paced and rough. It was amazing.

At this point all I could think about is how I want more of him. I wanted all of him. Bilko deepened the kiss by licking my lips so I would grant him access to my mouth. I quickly lost the battle for dominance in the kiss. His tongue explored every crevice in my mouth like he was trying to memorize it. He tasted like tequila and lime and it only encouraged me further. As soon as I broke the kiss bilko's lips went straight to my neck. I couldn't find the strength hold my moan back any more. I don't know how but somehow bilko heard my moan over the loud music. As soon as he heard it he pulled away from my neck and looked at me. He had this look on his face like he just landed the hardest trick in Moto.

I decided that I wanted more of him. Drunk me couldn't see the harm in a one night stand with one of my co workers. I motioned for him to bring his head down to mine. "take me back to the hotel?" I whispered into his ear. He nodded quickly with a lot of enthusiasm. He grabbed his hand and started to lead me to the exit. After fighting our way threw the crowds we got out side and he quickly flagged down a cab.

Once we got in and he told the driver the address I pulled him back to me. I didn't care about the cab driver at this point I just wanted more of bilko. I crawled onto his lap without breaking the kiss. I could feel that bilko had a bit of a bulge at this point. I got a wicked idea and started to slowly grind my hips on him. That seemed to take both our breathes away. I needed him and I needed him bad.

The cab finally stopped at the hotel and bilko threw cash at the driver. I yanked bilko's hand to the door and toward the elevator. "what floor are you?" I asked him once inside the elevator. My voice sounded so desperate. He told me and I pressed for floor 8. Since we were alone in the elevator he started to nip and suck at my neck making me moan out loud. I could feel him smirk into my neck at the sound. We pulled apart when the elevator dinged and told us that we had arrived. Bilko picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waste. I started to kiss his neck as he carried us to his room. I felt so much

pride when I heard him hold in a groan. I started to nip and suck at the spot just so I could hear more. "Jesus Sheila you keep doing that and we won't make it to the room." I felt like I won after he said that.

After a little bit of struggling bilko got the door open and we went to his bed. He threw me on it and climbed on top of me. We continued to kiss. I started to pull off his shirt, we had to break the kiss only to get it over his head. I had to admit I liked what I saw. Fmx did his body good. He was lean and had muscles in all the right places. Bilko pulled me into a sitting position without breaking the kiss and started to unzip the back of my dress. I shuddered as he brushed his hand down my spine. He pulled me so i was sitting on his lap. His fingers teased my thigh where the hem of my dress was. He slowly pushed the dress up my thighs. That was until he got it above my waste,after that he just yanked it over my head. Bilko pulled back from the kiss and admired my body. "just as gorgeous as last time." He whispered to me. He laid me down flat into the bed. I closed my eyes at the feeling once his lip touched my collar bone. He slowly made his way down to my chest. I arched my back and his hands went to my back to skillfully unhook my bra. He just threw my bra in the same random direction as my dress and his shirt.

His lips continued their previous assault on my body. His lips wrapped around one of my nipples and his hand teased the other. I couldn't hold back my gasps and moans. I couldn't even process a thought at this point. Once he was finished there he continued his way down my body kissing down my stomach. He was going torturously slow. He hooked his fingers into the waste band of my panties and yanked them down my legs. I thought I was going to die when he finally touched me. "shit Sheila you are soaked." Bilko said. His voice was huskier than normal and it was a complete turn on. "what do you want Sheila?" Bilko teased me. At this point I didn't care and I wasn't above begging anymore. "I need you. Please god bilko just please." I begged. His face lit up like he won the lottery. He slowly teased my and slipped a finger into me. I let out a gasp at the heavenly feeling. He removed his finger from me and brought it to his lips and cleaned them. I thought I had just died. "you are absolutely delicious Shelia." He said as he lowered himself on the bed and brought his face down to me. I lost it the moment his tounge touched my clit. He swirling it around and I was done for. I could feel my stomach tighten. It didn't take long for me to have an earth shattering orgasm. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath.

When I was finally able to focus I notice that he was taking off the rest of his clothing. "for the love of god hurry up and come here." I begged him. I couldn't believe that he could have this much of an effect on me. "don't worry Sheila." He chuckled at me while climbing back onto the bed. I sat up and made a move to return the favor. "not tonight Sheila all that teasing at the club has got me too worked up and I just want you now." He told me as he pushed my hand away and laid me back down. I pulled him with me. He lined himself and pushed in slowly. Zane wasn't lying to me when he said that Aussie's have a lot to work with. Bilko was big and it took me a minute to get used to him. As soon as I nodded he slowly started thrusting. "fucking god!" I was so lost in pleasure. He started to go quicker. I think at that point I was moaning so loud the entire floor could hear me. His thrusts were sharp and fast. He knew exactly what to do and I was in heaven. I knew that I couldn't hold back much longer. "god, bilko.. Fuck, im going to cum." I could feel it fast approaching. "shit Shelia go ahead. Do it for me." With that I came undone with bilko not far behind me.

He pulled out and laid down next to me and pulled the covers over us. "yeah lets do that again." I mumbled into his chest once I caught my breath. He just grunted his agreement and stroked my hair. The feeling made me slip into a deep sleep. The last thing I remember was bilko whispering "you're too perfect lacy."