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A Pain That I Love

Good Morning Aussie

A horrible beeping noise tore me out of my peaceful dream state. Just as it was turned off and I was about to go back to sleep I was being shaken. "Come on you have to get up we are running really late, lacy lets go." Hearing bilko talk really gave me a jolt to wake up. It took me just a moment to remember the events from last night. I have to admit I don’t regret it at all. I actually got to enjoy myself with him and I felt refreshed this morning.
I stretched my arms over my head and realized I was still nude. I could feel the blush rise to my cheeks as bilko stared. "Boy do I wish that we could go for another round but we really have to head out Sheila. Thank god for Cam calling and making sure we got up. We have just a couple of minutes to get dressed and head down stairs for practice and call time." Oh boy. That meant that I didn’t have time to shower or change. I could care less about my hair and make up but I just wanted to be clean and in clean clothes. I watched as Bilko went threw his luggage in just his ethika boxers, and let me tell you what a great view that was. "Okay Sheila this is the best I can do for you right now. You can go freshen up and change in the bathroom and I will change out here." He said handing me some clothing. I was not expecting that at all, it was very sweet of him. A walk of shame in the same clothes the morning after was one thing but to have to go to work in the same clothes all your co workers saw you wear to the club was another. "wow thank you Bilko you are my hero!" I said as I walked by him and kissed his cheek on the way to the bathroom.
Bilko had given me one of his smaller fox riders hoodies and a pair of sweatpants. I was thankful that I wore tennis shoes to the club last night otherwise I would look awkward in lounge clothes and pumps. I quickly changed and was able to tame my hair into a messy bun on top of my head. At this point I was really able to feel my hangover and just wanted to go back to bed. I pushed that all aside and walked out and saw bilko all dressed in his usual monster shirt, fox shorts, dvs shoes and monster hat. I guess he already had a gear bag at the venue because he didn’t grab one. Bilko looked at me and smirked when he saw me walk out. "what?" Did I really look that goofy in his oversized clothes? "nothing Sheila. It's just there is nothing sexier than seeing you in my clothes. But on that note we really got to go we only have couple minutes to be there on time. And you know how Jeremy gets when someone is late." We grabbed our phones and wallets and I followed him out the door and to the elevator. When we got to the lobby it seemed like we were the last ones to show up because Jeremy started to load us all up into the buses once he saw us.
As I was about to get on to the same bus as Bilko I was pulled away and on to the other bus by jo. She quickly sat us down in a seat and turned towards me. "Ok you didn't come back to the room last night and you came down this morning with Bilko and by the looks of it those are his clothes. Lacy what in the world happened with you two last night?" Oh god how was I going to explain this without Jo turning into disapproving momma jo on me. Back when I was in high school Jo would go all momma Jo when she thought I was being too reckless or going too fast in a relationship. "Well... So last night things got a little heated at the club. Don’t freak out Jo ok. At the club there were some sparks on the dance floor. Sexual tension plus tequila equals sex. So yeah we had sex and we woke up late so he gave me some clothes to barrow." I waited for jo to scald me and tell me that I needed to make better choices but it never came. Instead she sat there with a smirk on her face. "So you and Bilko huh. How was it?" That was the opposite from what I was expecting from her to be honest. "First off there is no Bilko and I, at least right now. So that means that this is kept between us, no talk of this to anyone especially Travis. If he figures it out on his own that’s a different thing but Id rather not have him find out that I slept with one of his friends while we were both working for him. Bilko and I just flirt here and there and slept together once. And to answer your last question, it was out of this world. Like it was completely mind blowing and I did not expect that out of him. You are never allowed to repeat this on penalty of death, but he is a god." Jo just laughed at me and kept quiet because we had just pulled into the venue.
I felt my stomach twist. I had no idea how I was supposed to act around Bilko. Did I like him like that? Did I want to keep things just friends? Or did I want to continue and have a friends with benefits with him? What did he want? Or how many people knew. I figured that Cam at least knew because he was Bilkos room mate and he called to make sure the both of us had gotten up. I guess he might have come back later last night and left early in the morning. I had no idea what was going on at this point. I guess Ill just have to find out.