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A Pain That I Love


I took a deep breath and walked into practice. All the guys were hard at work and I had nothing to do. It was the same venue as the night before so I didn't have to do sound check. I had no idea what to do so I walked over to the practice area. All the guys were busy and hard at work. For once all the guys seemed busy. I got so bored after 20 minutes I couldn’t just sit there anymore.
I saw one of the tricycles a few feet away and decided what the hell. It wasn’t like I was going to jump it or anything just try and cure my boredom. I got on it and started to ride around on it. I took it through the halls just riding it being bored. I got to the dining hall and no surprise when I saw that Tommy was the only one there. "Hey Tom P what's up?" I said riding the tricycle over to him in the food line. "Just beating the lines getting some grub. What's up with you?" He said piling food onto his plate. "Nothing much just taking this little beauty for a spin. I got really bored and I have no idea what to do with myself." I said riding the tricycle around a couple tables like an obstacle course. "You should get some grub while the gettings good. They just barely put some stuff out so it's nice and hot. Also when the guys come in for break it'll be chaos." He said while chewing on some kind of sandwich he made up. He had a good point I did need something in my stomach after last night. "Hey Tommy do you think you could bring me down a plate of fries? I am feeling way to lazy to get off this hot rod." Tommy nodded his head at me and laughed. "Here you are some fries for you and your hot rod!" He laughed out as he handed me my heaping plate of French fries. I thanked him and slouched back onto the bike so I could make my tummy into a table. I rested my plate on my tummy and talked to Tommy while we ate.
The doors to the dining hall opened and revealed the moto guys all dressed up in their gear, most of them carrying their helmets and goggles still. "Dear lord a couple minutes left alone with Tommy and he has already corrupted you!" Travis exclaimed as he burst through the doors. The guys seemed to have a laugh at that and took turns throwing jabs Tommy's way. "What can I say trav, I live my life fast and dangerous. I take risks and don't care about the consequences. I am kind of what you would all consider a complete and total bad ass." I tried to keep a serious tone, tough guy tone while I was saying it but it was too hard. "Yeah ok lace I better watch out for you. I would hate to get on your bad side!" He said while still laughing. He walked away to go talk to someone else like he always does. Nice brother huh? I continued to eat my fries while making the tricycle go back and forth.
Before I knew it my plate had been taken away and I had been lifted up. "Hey I was eating those!" I cannot believe that this. I looked around and saw that Bilko was indeed that one carrying me while Cam held my plate and his own. Without saying a word Bilko sat down at one of the tables sitting me in his lap. Cam was kind enough to set my plate down in front of me. "you could have just asked me to come sit with you instead of manhandling me!" Just because I am short does not mean it is ok for people to pick me up and carry me whenever they feel like it! "Yeah I could but I like manhandling you far too much Sheila." My face turned beet red and Cam just snickered. The others at the table looked completely lost. At least that meant that not everybody knew about last night. "So why were you monkeys let out of your circus anyway? I thought you all had practice." I mean we haven't been to the venue that long probably like 45 minutes at this point. It takes the fmx riders about 15 to all get in gear and on their bikes too. "Well we had practice scheduled but they had to do something with one of the ramps before the show so our practice has been delayed." Cam explained for me while Bilko kept snacking on my fries. "Oh that sounds like a pain. I've been sitting here this whole time with no idea what to do with myself." I said while trying to fight Bilko away from my fries. "I can imagine how bored you are. Bilko stop being a wanker. I would go crazy if I couldn't do anything for a better part of the day." Cam is always coming to my rescue! "I'm bored! I just want to ride me bike! They got me all worked up with no satisfaction in the end!" Bilko whined. We ignored him and kept on a conversation throughout the table.
Without any warning Bilko stood up taking me with him. "Bilko what in the world do you think you are doing!" I can't believe him! What did he think my legs were broken or something? "I'm going to go tinker with me bike and you are going to keep me company!" At this point I just gave up and let him carry me to his bike. I just sat there and pouted in his arms.
Things took an unexpected turn when Bilko made a quick turn and locked us into one of the single bathrooms. Before I could even ask him what he was doing he set be down on the sink and began kissing me passionately. "What are you doing?" I managed to get in between kisses. "Ever since this morning these lips were all I could think about and how I wanted to taste them again." He didn’t waste any time bringing his lips back to mine. I couldn’t believe something like that could come out of Bilko's mouth. The kiss deepened when I allowed his tongue access to my mouth. This time I didn’t even try and fight him for dominance, I just surrendered myself to him. Bilkos hands started to fiddle with the waste band of the sweatpants he loaned me. "Bilko did you forget where we are?" I said as a gave him a look of disbelief. "You are just so sexy Sheila it's hard to resist. I figured a quicky wouldn’t hurt anyone." He said with a devilish smirk. Instead of going back to kissing me he started to gently kiss up and down my neck leaving me breathless. I swear that he was like some kind of mind altering drug that I was quickly becoming addicted to. No one else could get me so worked up over so little like he could. Bilko started to mess around with my waste band again and this time I was actually considering it.

** (Sexual content Begins)**
I didn't have much more time to think when he slipped his hand inside the sweatpants and started to rub me outside my underwear. The moment his hand touched me it felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. All my thoughts had been thrown out the window. I crashed my lips back on his and kissed him with all that I had. I tried with all I had to contain my moans but it was getting harder. He started to pull down my sweatpants and like the idiot I was I let him. Next came the underwear. It only took him a second after that a finger in me and start teasing. Just as I was about to complain and without warning he entered me. The pleasure was so unexpected and intense I had to bite down on his shoulder to keep quiet. "Oh my fucking god Bilko." I whispered into his neck. He slowly set up a rhythm that was fast and rough. It was amazing. It was extremely hard to keep silent and I think he got some kind of joy from my struggles. "Fuck Sheila you are so good." He whispered into my ear. That seemed to be the trigger because after that I tried to stay silent during a mind blowing orgasm. Bilko followed soon after me.

He slouched forward resting his head on my shoulder trying to catch his breath. I turned my head and kissed his head. I couldn’t believe that I just did that but just like last night I couldn't bring myself to regret it. That seems to be a common theme when Bilko is involved.
After about a minute or so resting in each others arms I heard a group of guys head back to the venue. "Shit Bilko I think that your practice is starting!" He quickly got up and pulled up his riding pants and tucked in his Jersey. I helped him get the backed tucked in quickly. "Sheila I am so sorry to have to bang and blow!" I grabbed his face and kissed him hard. "Its fine Blake I think that is the point of a quicky. No hurry up before the start looking for you and find you here with me!" He looked stunned for a second and I realized my mistake, I had called him by his actual name and not his nickname. Slowly a grin crossed his face. "You just called me Blake. I kinda like it coming from you. Bye love see you later." He said kissing me quick before he snuck out of the bathroom.
I figured it would be safer if I hung tight in the bathroom for a little while just incase someone was hanging out in the hall. As I was sitting there I couldn't help but think of him. He makes me so happy, and that scared the hell out of me. I feel like I would follow him to the ends of the earth just so I could see him everyday already. The last guy I dated, Josh, had really done a number on me. I had dated him for over 2 years till I found out the entire time he was messing around on me with my so called best friend. Come to find out a month before I caught them sneaking around she had found out she was pregnant with his kid. I was so depressed that Travis had to fly out and stay with me just so I would get out of bed. I didn't know if I could give my heart away again but it felt way to easy with Blake.
After a while of sitting in the bathroom with my thoughts I snuck out and ran right into Jo. Just my luck. "Oh hey lace! Where have you been?" She looked at me for a second and probably saw my guilty face. "Oh my god lace what did you do? NO! You didn’t!" She quickly pulled me inside of an empty room and closed the door. That seemed to be a common theme for today. "Spill now!" She demanded in her intimidating momma jo voice. "You know just had a quick before practice quickly in the bathroom with Bilko. I know I'm terrible but I just could help myself! He is too smooth! I swear I am addicted to him jo! It's bad, real bad!" Instead of the lecture I was waiting for she just got that stupid smirk on her face from this morning. "You like him! Admit it lacy you like him a lot! You have fallen for Bilko! I can’t believe this, this is gold!" Seriously jo? I am so glad my life is your entertainment. "I am screwed aren't I?" She just nodded her head, patted me on the back and walked out. We had a show in a couple hours so I figured that I would try and figure things out now so I would have a clear head for the show. And boy do I have a lot to think about.