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A Pain That I Love

Lost in My Own World

"Lacey baby come on get in the zone! I want sexy! I want something that says come get me! Is that too much to ask?" I was snapped out of my thoughts by my photographer, and my long time friend Zane.
"sorry Zane I was lost in thought."
"wait models can't think. You must mean trying to think." Zane jabbed at me. We had a playful friendship like that. He would tease me about being a model and I would joke about him being a stereotypical gay man. He was one of my closest friends.
I noticed Zane starring at a male model that just walked through the doors for the next shoot.
"what Zane can't keep your eyes off a attractive man for two seconds?"
"why do you think I have this job? I get to take pictures and stare at half naked men all day! Yummy!" after that we both broke out laughing earning a few weird looks from the people around us.
We took a few more pictures till we were done for the day. "hey lacy how about we have a movie night in tonight. I feel like you have something you want to vent about." I agreed quickly there was something that I did want to talk to someone about. Zane and I got in my car and drove to the apartment that we shared. It was a nice little two bedroom apartment. Zane made sure that it was 'trendy as hell' as he put it. He said that it would shame him in the gay community if they found out his apartment was anything but stylish. I just always let him do his thing when he wanted to redecorate.
We did our routine for movie nights in, which consisted of getting in comfy sweat clothes and getting popcorn soda and other junk food. I was in charge of picking a movie while Zane ordered the pizza. I picked out a random horror movie off the shelf and put it in the DVD player. "Zane I swear if you order that weird pizza you did like last time I'm going to throw out all your hair products!" I laughed out after picturing him freaking out because his hair was not perfect.
"you are a evil women lacy that's like saying that I would throw out all your shoes!" that made me gasp I was slightly attached to my shoes. "ha don't like the idea do you! But we are all good I ordered a large meat lovers that's fine right?" oh he knows me.
"that's perfect! I am so in a carnivore mood!" we laughed together at that Zane went into the kitchen and grabbed two red bulls for us. He handed me one then motioned for me to sit on the sofa. " okay chicka spill! What's been bothering you?"
" well I feel like I'm going no where with my modeling career at the moment. I feel like it is kind of smothering me. You know? And I just need a change for a bit but I don't know what." I said finally addressing what has been bothering me. He just look at me for a few moments then sighed.
" I figured as much. You know what you should do go see your brother in Maryland for a while I'm sure he misses you like crazy. Then see from there. That's the good thing about this line if work as long as you have a good portfolio you can take some time off then get back into it." he said smiling at me with a look that said 'yes I am a genius'.
" you know that actually sounds good I miss him and haven't seen my family in a while and I want to meet this lyn-z chick my brother likes I still have not gotten to meet her it is been a while!" the pizza arrived shortly after. We grabbed a couple of plates and went to the living room to start the movie. We ate and laughed at the stupid affects in the horror movie. After two more movies it was time for bed. I went up to my room thinking of how nice it will be to take a brake and see my family. Quickly drifting off to sleep with these thoughts in my head.
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