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A Pain That I Love

Getting Ready for This

The next morning I woke up feeling a lot better then I have in a while. I quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed clothes for the day. I made my way to the bathroom so I could do my morning routine. After I got out of the shower I quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth. I threw my hair up into a neat ponytail.
After I was done getting ready for the day I made my way to the kitchen where I caught the smell of coffee. I looked around the corner of the kitchen seeing Zane pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Hey Zane good morning to you!" I greeted him happily.
"why aren't you chipper this morning. I take it you are going to follow my advise and go to Maryland for a while?" Zane said smiling smugly.
"yes I am. I am going to surprise my family. I will book my flight after a get a nice cup of coffee!" I said giggling as o swiped the cup of coffee out of his hands. I walked to the living room with it. Zane just shook his head at me and poured himself a new cup. I grabbed my laptop and placed it on the coffee table. After starting it up I started looking into booking the earliest flight to Baltimore.
"hey Zane there is a flight tonight at 7 would you mind driving me?" I called out knowing he was probably sitting at the kitchen table shopping online.
"sure why not girly, but you might want to get packing and remember to let the agency know you are taking time off. Oh and you better hurry because it's already 1!" I jumped up knowing that I had to hurry up and pack. I had to be at the airport around 5:30 so I have plenty of time to get through security.
I pulled out my suitcase and threw it on the bed. As I packed I called up the modeling agency I work for letting them know I will be taking some time off. How much time I wasn't sure. After I fished up packing I mad arrangements online for a rental car. By the time I was done with everything it was almost 5 in the afternoon. I grabbed my passport and put it in my purse. I grabbed my bags and brought them down into the kitchen. I pulled a water out of the fridge then started to make myself a sandwich.
" all ready I see? Finish eating, I will take your stuff out to the car." Zane said grabbed my bags and making his way outside with them. I finished eating shortly after and walked out to Zane's SUV, glad that I didn't have to lug my heavy bags down the stairs and into the car.
We drove to the airport only a couple minutes behind schedule. I made my way through customs and security checks. We sat in the terminal waiting area just joking around and having a good time. Once my flight was called Zane gave me a tight hug. "try and behave yourself please. And I will visit you if you take more then a week." he smiled at me and walked away after I promised to text him once my flight landed.
On the airplane I decided I should get some sleep so I slept most of the trip. I woke up a hour before the plane was due to land. I took out a book and read the rest of the plane ride.
Once I landed in Baltimore as promised I turned on my phone and texted Zane telling him I landed safely. I made my way to baggage claim and grabbed my bags as the made their way around. I quickly headed over to the car rental place that was connected to the airport. I signed a few papers and was handed a key to my rental car. It was a dark blue ford fusion. I placed my bags in the back of the rental car and drove the 40 minutes to Annapolis. Only stopping at a fast-food joint to get some food. Once I got to Annapolis it was almost midnight. I figured it would be to late to surprise my family so I stopped at a local motel and rented a room for the night. It wasn't the best place but hey it was only for the night. I went to sleep thinking of how I should surprise my brother tomorrow.
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