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A Pain That I Love

Hello Annapolis, Goodbye Sanity

I woke up at 11 in the morning. Apparently I was a lot more tired then I had thought I would be. I rolled out o my bed rather ungracefully, managing to get myself tangled in the sheets and falling onto the floor with a loud 'thump'. Untangling myself from the sheets I made my way to the bathroom for a shower. After showering and brushing my teeth I walked out of the bathroom still in just a towel. Grabbing my suitcase I went through it looking for a outfit for the day. Quickly changing, I let my hair dry into it's natural loose curls. I grabbed all my stuff and put them into the rental car. Grabbing my wallet and room key I made my way into the main office of the motel.
The man sitting at the desk had a super creepy vibe about him. If you told me he was a serial killer I would believe it without a second thought. I plastered my best fake smile on as I checked out of the motel. I was prying the whole time that I wasn't going to become his next victim. Once I was all set I walked out of the office as quickly as I could without looking weird. I never got into a car and locked it as quickly as I did that moment.
I took the time to make sure that I wasn't follow and that all my doors were indeed locked properly. I started the car and pulled out of the creepy motel without giving it a second glance. I took all the right roads till I pulled up to a long driveway I knew to be my brothers. I let out a quick excited squeal as I pulled up to the house.
I got out of the car as fast a I could and practically sprinted to the porch. I was so happy that I was going to see my brother. I knocked on the door and waited what seemed like forever but was probably a few seconds. The person that answered the door was a pretty women with medium length brown hair.
"is Travy here?" I asked really happily probably seeming like I should be medicated. I could tell that she was on edge. She gave me a glare and sized me up. What the hell is this?
"and just who the hell are you?" she asked most certainly on the defense. This must be lyn-z I guess. Wow she kind of really seemed like a bitch...
"well you must be lyn-z, though when Travis told me about he left out the fact that you are a bitch." okay so maybe I didn't use the best approach but hey she started it.
" just who the hell do you think you are! And just why the hell are you here!" she really had a good set of lungs on her. I think she blew my ear out. I was about to giver her a good old bitchy reply when Travis came out with a startled look on his face. Behind him I saw a shocked Jolene.
"what is going on here! Oh my god lacy! What are you doing here?" once Travis noticed who I was he came running at me and spun me around in a hug.
" I missed you so much Travy! I came here to see you!" I smiled like I haven't in a while. I really missed my family, more so my brother we were always very close.
"Travis who the hell I this?" wow she seemed really pissed off.
"lyn-z calm down please. Lyn-z this is lacy, my sister. Lacy this is lyn-z, my fiancée." ha! The look on her face when she found out that I was his sister. He face turned the reddest shade i have ever seen in a person!
"oh my god! I am so sorry! I honestly didn't know! You look so different the the pictures Travis has shown me of you! I thought you were some groupie or a crazy ex!" I couldn't stay mad at her. I mean Travis did get some girls like that. I could only imagine being in her shoes in a situation like that. She was only trying to protect her man.
"it's perfectly okay! I forgive you!" I said while pulling her in for a hug. She looked really relieved. I am so glad we got that drama over with.
Before I even had time to process what was happening I was pulled into a hug by Jolene. I have missed her so much! "lacy where in gods name have you been! I haven't seen you in little over a year!" I felt kind of ashamed. I really have been focusing a lot on my work and haven't really made time for anyone. For now on that's going to change.
"sorry I have been getting booked solid lately. That is no excuse though I should have made more time to see people. But I am going to be better about that for now on."
"we at least you are successful! And you are here now and that's all that matters at the moment!" she replied pulling me in for a second hug. Jolene to me was always like a big sister. She helped me through stuff that I thought I couldn't talk to Travis about. Like boys and break ups an stuff.
I felt a thousand times better then I had in weeks. I pulled away from the hug from Jolene to see a confused expression on Travis' face.
"what?" seriously what could he be confused about?
"no offense, but why are you here?"
"wow. Can't I visit my family? Do you not want me here cause I can just go." I felt hurt that Travis sounded like he didn't want me here.
"no! No it's not that! It's just not normal for you I guess. No one is having a birthday soon and there I no close upcoming holidays. You are a slight workaholic lace. I didn't mean to sound like I didn't wan you here. Cause I do! I am really glad you came here. I really have missed having my baby sister around. I get so worried with you so far away." he said pulling me into a hug.
"oh alright. To be completely honest I came here to get away from work. Well at least modeling. I feel like my job is so mundane now. I feel almost smothered by my job. So I told the agency that I would be taking a unknown amount of time off." I felt like a million pounds was just lifted of my chest telling Travis about my unhappiness with my job. I mean I know I told Zane and all but I think Travis better understands where I am coming from and help guide me in the right direction.
Travis shoot Jolene a look I know very well. It was the same look he had every time he was scheming something.
"so I guess you'll be looking for something to do in the mean time huh?" what in the world was he getting at?
"I guess so. I mean my job pays really good so I'll be fine for a bit then I'll have to go back to work." I never really had problems with money. Modeling pays really well if you are good at it. Ever since I was 18 my career ha been doing pretty good.
" well would would you say if I were to offer you a job?"
"Travis I can't have you handing me things. If I want something I'll will have to work for it or else it means nothing." I have always believed that nothing can be handed to you. You have to work for anything that you want. It was something that both me and travis got from our parents.
"well it would be more of doing me a favor really. You see we were suppose to have two mc's for the Australian nitro circus tour. Out second one just found out she had been pregnant fir almost three months so she quit last minute. She said she didn't think touring would be good for her and the baby. She did the Vegas show and that was it. It would mean so much to me! And you don't have to pay for travel and the pay is really good! Plus you get to spend time with me and work with me!" Travis said pulling out a puppy dog face. Oh please Travis I perfected the look it's not gonna work on me. A lot.
"fine when do I start?" Travis broke out with a huge smile and jolene hugged me while squealing in delight.
"our flight leaves in a couple hours." damn it Travis really!
"good thing I'm packed already. Well I'm gonna go to the airport now to turn in the rental car and buy a ticket last minute. Bye! See you real soon!" I said hugging them all I got in my car and drove back to the airport. Once I got the rental car back and payed for I made my way to buy a ticket.
"I'm sorry ma'am but the only seats available on this flight are first class. Will that be a problem?" the young worker told me.
"no that won't be a problem at all." she smiled at me and handed me my tickets I went threw the process all over again to get to the terminal. Once I got there I saw Jim dechamp. I smiled evilly as a plan came to mind. I ran and jumped on the back of the long neck. "Jim! It's been so long!" I jumped down from his back and hugged him.
"hey short stack what are you doing here?"
"I am doing Travis a favor and going on tour with you guys as the second mc."
"that's great! This tour is gonna be awesome lace!" we sat talking for a bit when Travis came over with Jolene and lyn-z in tow. They all greeted Jim and me. Not only five minutes after they arrived our flight was called.
"in the nick of time like always huh Travis?" I teased. I pushed him lightly as we walked over to board. I got to board first being in first class and all.
I realized just how hungry I was when my stomach growled about a half hour into the flight. I waved down a stewardess. "excuse me could I get something to eat please." I said smiling sweetly at her.
"of course. What would you like?"
"a turkey sandwich please." she walked off to get me my food. Shortly after she came back with my sandwich a small bag of chips and a water. "thank you very much." I said as she walked away. The rest of my flight was filled with watching crappy airplane movies and sleeping. When we landed it was late at night in australia. We grabbed our bags and went to the hotel.
"lace I'll have you meet everyone in the morning okay?" said Travis
" yeah no problem." I suddenly felt really sleepy. I got to the hotel room I shared with Jolene and passed out the moment my head hit the pillow.
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