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A Pain That I Love

Bacon Thief!

"rise and shine Lacey! The sun is shining here down under! Time to get your lazy ass out of bed!" Jolene screamed in my ear as she sat on me.
"I'm up! I'm up jeez Jo! I think you broke my ear drums and my ribs!" I tried to rolled out of bed. Doing so with absolutely no grace what so ever. Some how the sheets were still wrapped around my ankle as I tried to stand out of bed. Resulting in a face plant to the floor. Jolene laughed so hard at me she rolled off the bed and right on the floor next to me. We looked at each other and both cracked up. After a good five minutes of laughing I got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I decided to look cute today so I took time with my hair and makeup.
When I was done I walked out of the bathroom only to see Jolene sitting on her bed watching television. "hey lace finally done I see. Ready to meet everyone for breakfast?" I nodded realizing how hungry I was this morning. I blamed the traveling. We walked out of the room and down the hall to the elevator. Once in the elevator Jo pressed the button to talk us to the lobby. Once we were halfway through the lobby I thought to ask Jo where we would be going.
"hey Jo. Where are we going for breakfast?"
"we are going to the venue where catering is." I should have known. Once we were outside Jo got us a taxi that took us the the venue. We had to talk to the security guy so we could get in. Jo walked inside and I followed not wanting to get lost. She lead me down a couple of halls till we were in a bog room that was set up as a mess hall of sorts. There must have been close to 60 people in that room alone.
I was about to ask Jo where Travis is when I realized she left me! All alone! What a jerk! We are gonna have words! I scanned the crowed to see if I could pick if the few people I knew. I had no such luck. Wow thanks Jo! I will remember this!
I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts and into a hug by someone I did not know. "um hello strange hugging guy."
"hey lacy! Travis has told me so much about you! Its so nice to meet you! I'm dusty!" he he I just had to. I brushed his shoulder as though I was brushing dirt off.
"not anymore you're not!" I said smiling like a idiot.
"what? Yes I am. I am still dusty." oh wow. He really wasn't the genius type I guess.
"really dusty? She was making a joke about your name." a light shade of red came across dusty's cheeks. Aww he's blushing! "I don't know if you remember me or not. I'm Eric Roner. He Sao shaking my hand.
"the base jumper an skier guy. No I remember you." though the last time I saw him was over four years ago.
"well I'm going to let you go so you can get some breakfast and me some more of the guys. It was nice meeting you." he said walking away with a embarrassed dusty.
Now I'm all alone again why does this always happen to me? I walked over to the line to get food. I grabbed a bunch of bacon and a waffle and sat down at a empty table. Where in the world is Travis? Just as I was about to take a bit of my waffle a few guys sat down next to me. Sort of surrounding me. Weird. The one that sat on my right stole a piece of my bacon. That jerk! He had dark, slightly long, curly brown hair. His hair was covered by a black monster hat. His brown eyes screamed mischief. He was lean with a cute baby face. As attractive as he my be he won't get away with stealing my bacon! That shit is sacred! I shoot him a nasty glare and and he just smiled in return.
"Bilko don't be a wanker." said the guy that sat across from me. He was on the tall side from what I could tell. His light brown hair was covered by a rockstar hat. "hey my name is cam Sinclair. Most people just call me sincs." he said kindly. "and that wanker on right is bilko."
"Blake 'bilko' Williams, be sure to remember it. You'll need it later." he said with a smirk that could only be described as a naughty schoolboy.
"and just why would I need to remember your name exactly?"
"well you'll need to know the name you'll be screaming later." he said with that damn smirk. He reached over to take another piece of my bacon. Oh hell no that shit don't fly! I smacked him on the hand as he reached over. He feigned a look of pain and gave me a pout.
"well nice to meet you cam. Bilko not so much. My name is lacy Pastrana. Most people just call me lace though." I said giving bilko a pointed glare.
"oh so what do you do in the show?" asked the guy that sat on my left. He had brown hair with dark blue eyes and a nice build. God I'm surrounded by Aussies! I wondered how much of the athletes were made up of Aussies.
"I smile and look pretty. Oh and I talk too! That really all I'm good at." I giggled lightly as I remembered Zane joking that is all I can do now being a model for so many years.
"so you are the new mc fill in. Oh my name is Andy Buckworth. I ride bmx. And you can call me what ever you want." he said with a wink. Wow smooth mcjagger. I rolled my eyes and smiled at him.
"well how about we stick with Andy shall we." I laughed at the fake pout he gave me.
"so sheila you got a boyfriend?" bilko asked with a wink. Oh please spear me.
"my name is Lacy not Sheila." I said an the three of them broke out laughing. Wow care to fill me in guys? "what?"
"Sheila is Aussie slang for female or woman. It's just something Aussie guys call a girl the feel close with." cam told me once he calmed down enough to talk.
"oh and the answer is no I do not have a boyfriend. My job makes it hard to keep one." a naughty grin came across bilko's face.
"you wouldn't happen to be a porn star would you? Oh please say yes!" he said moving closer to me and putting his arm around me. Should I fuck with him or tell the truth? Hmmm I chose both.
"no I'm not a porn star. Guys seem to not like it when their girlfriends pose sexually for the world to see." I laughed at his face. You could practically see him picturing me naked.
"you pose sexually so what do you do then?" he asked still checking me out. What a pervert. A cute pervert but a pervert all the same.
"really you can't think of something other then porn. There's a surprise. I just so happen to be a professional model." he had a thoughtful look on his face for a few seconds then it was quickly replaced by a smirk.
"makes sense. I mean you are a sexy Sheila. " he said winking at me. After that he got up stole a piece of bacon and left. If he keeps stealing my bacon him and I are gonna have problems.
"I swear if he takes another piece of my bacon I'm gonna beat him!" I said pouting. You don't mess with my bacon I work out hard so I can eat it!
"he might like it too much sheila. Looks like bilko has got you on his radar." cam said laughing at me. Oh great I've landed myself on a bacon stealing perverts radar. What a great first day I am having.
"alright guys it's practice time! What ever you do don't get hurt our first show is tomorrow!" some guy with dark brown hair said. I am guessing he is dov by the way travis described him.
"well that's us. Bye Sheila!" Andy said. He surprised me with a hug that lasted just a little too long if you asked me.
"bye Sheila see you around." cam said. They both left me by myself. About 40 guys left to get ready for practice. The room looked so much larger without so many rowdy guys in it. A man with dreads sat down across from me.
"you must be lacy my co-mc. Its lovely to meet you I'm bruce. I'll help you out with stuff till you get the hang of it. Let's go get set up with sound guys. Then after I'll help you with the names of people and the tricks they do. Shall we?" he said gesturing with his hand to the door. Bruce lead me to a room where the sound guys were set up and they got me a mic. Bruce was a cool dude we laughed and made jokes the whole time. Once we were done with the sound guys he lead me to the arena were the guys were practicing. The whole time he was pointing out and naming the guys. Each time one of them did a trick he would tell me the name of it.
"so you are telling me I get paid to ask the guys their trick name and then just tell the crowd?"
"yeah basically. Though you will be on top of the giganta ramp the whole time. Hope you aren't afraid of heights. He laughed as he pointed the giganta ramp out.
Just as I was about to reply there was a crash were the moto guys were practicing the trick train. I saw matt lewis crash then right after bilko crashed into marts bike and ended up between two bikes. I heard him scream out in pain. My heart just about stopped. I don't know why I've seen guys crash plenty and way worse crashes. I saw some of the guys pick the bike off of bilko. He limped over to one of the guard rails and doubled over it. I felt bad for him. The crash wasn't even his fault. Poor guy. After a few moment the medic guys helped him out of the room to get checked out. Practice then went on like normal. Only without bilko or matt.
After a while Bruce thought I had it down pretty good and told me I was done for the day. I thought I'd go walk around for a bit. I walked pasted a room called physio and saw bilko in it laying face down on a table. Matt Lewis was in the back of the room with a green whistle and what seemed like a broken collar bone. I thought what the hell and went in to see bilko. He looked like he was in pain, though the moment he saw me he tried to cover it up.
"hey Sheila come to see me." bilko said with that damn smirk on his face.
"yeah I did that was a pretty nasty spill." I looked him over and saw a pretty nasty cut on his back an forearm. That's just what I could see. "how are you feeling?" I asked. He looked like he was trying to hide his pain.
"I've taken worse falls. Most important how's my bike?" he said trying to get up. Damn moto guys always worried more about their bikes then themselves.
"forget about your bike for a moment and lay back down."
"why you wanna play sexy nurse cause I'm up for that." I had to laugh. Wow even when he is hurt he is still a pervert. "I mean Sheila I am in pain you not make me feel better?" he said with a fake pout.
"just how would I make you feel better?" I whispered in his ear, screwing with him. Just as he was about to reply Travis walked into the room. For once Travis had perfect timing.
"lace I see you have met bilko here. Hey bilko how are you feeling? Are you able to ride in the show tomorrow?" of course that is the first thing he asks a injured guy. Real nice trav.
"yeah mate they said no more riding today. I feel fine I will be in the show tomorrow. " of course he would play it down.
"that's great! You are awesome bilko!" and with that Travis left.
"so sheila how about making me feel better?" bilko said grinning.
"you just said you were fine I can't nurse a healthy person back to health now can I?" I said winking as I walked out of the room. I think I just made it my mission to mess with that guy. I went to go sit down and read a book I had on my iPhone. After a while Jolene grabbed my attention. By my attention I mean my phone.
"it's dinner time! Let's go I'm starved!" I just shook my head at her and followed We sat with Eric, dusty, Tommy, Andy bell, Travis and lyn-z. Dinner was full of laughs and silly antics. After dinner Jolene and I headed back to our hotel room. We watch a couple movies and passed out.
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