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A Pain That I Love

Off to the Races

The next day was total chaos. Dov and Porra were running around trying to keep the guys in line and do their jobs at the same time. The guys were all filled with extra energy due to the fact tonight was gonna be the first show of the tour.
"Lace I need your help!" Dov said running to me out of breath. I gave him a questioning look that said 'and what would that be?' "I need you to try and keep the guys in line. Anyway possible just don't get them hurt please. I really need your help." He started rambling and I just smirked, I had already decided that I was going to do it.
"Sure dov I will help you out." Boy was I gonna have fun with this. I walked into the room where all the boys and Jo were wrecking havoc. I stood up on the table in the middle. "Hello!.... Hey!....Shut up and sit down!" I said yelling after they ignored me. "Thank you. Now I've been given the task to babysit you so behave and we will do something fun."
"How about we get naughty and do something fun!" Bilko yelled out while winking at me. All the guys broke out laughing. I just rolled my eyes and ignored them. But of course he just had to go on. "What's on your mind sheila a date with us?" Bilko said giggling like a schoolyard boy.
"Well I was gonna say go kart racing but if you insist...." I said slowly walking down from the table and towards bilko. He had a smug face and a look that said yeah I'm hot and I know it. "... Then I'll go with him." I said as I walked past bilko and pointed at jarryd McNeil. Bilko's face fell and all the guys started cracking up.
"You'd chose that wanker over me!" Bilko yelled like such thing had never happened before.
"Ehh mate don't get sore she chose me over you. I'm just more handsome and charming." He said rubbing it in bilko's face. Oh great here we go.
"No mate she just pities you. She is really interested with me and playing hard to get huh Sheila." Bilko said winking at me. Kill me now this isn't happening.
"Listen you two leave the poor Sheila alone." Thank god for Andy buckworth! My hero! "She is interested in me not you two wankers. You both gave yourselves false hope." Never mind that last statement. You suck buckworth! The rest of the guys seemed to be enjoying this. Kill me. Do it now quick and painless. Unlike this ordeal.
"How bout this you wankers I challenge you two to a go cart race, winner takes Lacey as their date to the club tonight." Bilko suggested to the others. "Or are you too afraid ill beat ya." Way to provoke them bilko. All the boys agreed and they all thought they were going to win.
"Don't I get a say if I go as one of your dates or not?"
"No." They all said basically at once. Wow guys glad to know I have a choice. Jolene was dying laughing at this. Travis walked into the room with lyn-z looking confused.
"Why is Lacey's face so red?" Travis asked eyeing Jolene's laughing form on the floor.
" we are going go kart racing." Sincs said snickering. Jerk.

The ride to the go kart track was an awkward one. I got stuck between a still pretty confused Travis and a giggling Jolene. Every so often I 'accidentally' elbowed Jolene in the side.
Once we arrive I was pushed out of the van door by Jolene when I refused to get out. The boys were all inside already getting geared up.
"I have a deal to make with you three." I said looking at bilko, Andy and jarryd. "I'm going to race with you guys, if I win I get my freedom." God I hope I can do this.
"What is she talking about her freedom? Why won't anyone tell me!" Travis was getting flustered.
"Calm down Travis these three just made a bet that whoever wins the race gets to take your sister in a date." Andy bell said snickering. Maybe Travis will save me and say no. Yeah in high school he played the over protective brother. He doesn't like any guy I date.
"Guys just remember to wear a helmet can't have you break something before a show." Travis then gave me that annoying look brothers give when the are being mean. I hate you trav. I really do.
"You have to be kidding me Travis! Tell them no! Say I'm not a prize to be won! That I can't date till I'm 80 at least!"
"Why would I do that? This way I get entertainment and its not like anything will come of it." Thanks Travis sell me out for your amusement.
"Whatever. You three better be on the track and ready to go in two minutes!" I stormed off towards the area that held the gear. I got my helmet and picked out my kart. Lucky number 13. At this point I need all the luck I can get.
We had decided on a three lap race. Winner takes all. They really needed to word that differently. My nerves were set on high. I don't know what I was so nervous for. The light turned green and I stomped on the gas pedal making the kart jerk forward and throw me back into the seat. By the second lap I ended up third out of four. Till the start of the third lap I decided to play dirty and take jarryd out into the wall. Jarryd's front end clipped Andy's and made Andy spin but hey I was okay with that. All is fair in love and go kart racing. By the end of the third lap I stomped in the gas and tried to pass bilko. He kept preventing me from passing him. Bilko made sure I was right behind him and slammed on his breaks to prevent a crash I had to swerve into the wall. That bastard! Bilko had won the race seconds later. I got out of my go kart and stormed up to bilko.
"Come to give me a victory kiss Sheila?" Bilko asked smugly.
"You cocky little asshole! Who the hell do you think you are?! Where do you get off!? Huh? Endangering my life! Sabotaging my victory! You prick!" I yelled getting in his face. Roughly poking his chest with each statement.
"Calm down Sheila it was just a race geez..." Bilko said putting his hands up in defense.
"Just a race! Are you serious!"
"Lacey you need to calm down." Travis said pulling me away. "Sorry she's always been super competitive." Travis apologized for me while trying to calm me down.
" you know what forget about the bet. Rather not have a date with a crazy." Bilko said walking away and toward the bus. Wow. I had feelings too. I can't believe him!
By the time we got back to the arena we still had about 5 hours to blow. I went to my designated dressing room. I locked myself in and just wanted to mope for a while. I don't know why what bilko said effected me so much but it did. I just felt like utter crap. I decided I'd try to get out of my funk with a nap.

I woke up to a pounding on my dressing room door. I got off of the sofa to answer it. I opened the door and saw Travis there.
"Show starts in a hour hurry up and be ready!" Travis yelled before running away to do whatever. I hurried and got dressed and did my hair and make up with twenty minutes to spare. I didn't wanna leave my dressing room to face people until the very last second. By the time the warning knock came I got out off my dressing room. By the time I got there I missed the group cheer thing and I was being sent to the top of the giganta ramp. The show ended up going with out a hitch. Well mostly there were a couple injuries here and there but that was life in the circus.
After the show we all went back to the locker room. Beer and energy drinks were being passed around and all the guys were talking about how awesome the show was. I stayed in the background still in a off mood. Sincs came over with a few of the guys. I quickly noticed that bilko was with them. I felt heat rise to my cheeks thinking about how crazy I acted.
"Hey sheila wanna beer?" Sincs asked holding out the offered beer. I just shook my head no and smiled politely. "You sure?" He asked again. Once again I declined the beer.
"Nah cam little miss model can have that many calories. One beer might make her fat." Bilko chuckled, clearly joking. Joking or not it still hurt. Is that really how the guys think of me? I quickly walked out of the room and back to my dressing room. Slamming the door behind me.
I was so sick of everyone saying that about me. Just because I'm model I must be starving myself. Or obsessed about my looks. That I must take hours to get ready and still hate what's in the mirror. When in fact I work out daily and could care less if people don't like my look. I am very happy about the way I look. I wouldn't change me for the world.
There was a soft knock on my dressing room door before bilko popped his head in. "Is it okay if I come in Sheila ?" I gestured for him to come in. He sat down on the sofa next to me. He angled his body toward me till our knees were touching. He looked like he could find the right words to say. For five minutes I say patiently in silence while bilko would open his mouth to say something and close it seconds later.
"Look Sheila I'm sorry. I had no idea you would take it like that. I was joking around, it was a bad joke I know. And I've been a real wanker to you. Can we start again?" His eyes were pleading and he looked sincere with his apology.
"Apology accepted. And yes we can start again." I smiled at his my mood already lightening. His face lite up with joy and he pulled me practically on top of him for a hug.
"Great! Now Sheila you better hurry we leave for the club in 40 minutes and you're my date!" I went to disagree but he was already out the door. I sighed and grabbed one of the dresses from the wardrobe trunks. I matched it with a pair of heels then started on my hair and makeup. I managed to get ready in only a half hour. Way to go me. I walked out of my dressing room to meet all the guys who were all already ready. The door closed loudly behind me and it turned into one of those awkward moments where almost everyone looks at you. Finally it seemed they snapped out of it cause I got a few cat calls. I just rolled my eyes at them. Andy buckworth came over with a huge grin on his face. "Look at you! You're super hot!" He completed his statement with a wink.
"Thanks Andy your a doll." I giggled at his antics. Andy grabbed my hand and started to fake ballroom dance with me. I couldn't stop laughing. The whole time he had a fake serious look on his face. He ended the dance with a dip that went a little to low. Before I knew it I was on the floor and Andy fell on top of me. The wind was knocked out of me and I just laid there trying to catch my breath. Andy kept apologizing but I couldn't breath enough to tell him that it was fine and to shut up. Sincs helped me into a chair. The whole room was silent. Not the normal oh shit did that just happen. The silence when a toddler falls and the parents wait for it to break out into tears. Half the guys looked freaked out thy I'd start breaking out into tears. After a few minutes when I finally caught my breath I started laughing. "Wow Andy you take my breath away!" I giggled at my own joke. "Remind me to never dance with you again till you work on that!" I couldn't stop laughing I'm pretty sure they all thought I lost it.
Travis came into the room with Jo and bilko. Trav gave me a strange look and shook his head. "Why is my sister laughing like a maniac?"
"Andy told your sister she looked hot then was pretending to ballroom dance with her. He dropped her on the dip then fell on her. When she finally got her breath back she started making bad jokes about how 'Andy takes her breath away'. She hasn't stopped laughing since." Sincs said shrugging.
"Lace what have we talked about you are a terrible comedian stop trying. And Andy don't call me sister hot. She's not hot she's my sister. And stop hurting her we can't keep going through mc's."
"Wow Travis did you call me ugly!"
"I did not call you ugly I called you my sister!"
"You did to! I'm telling mom!"
"Wow real mature Lacey! What are you twelve!"
"Well you're a meany! You called me ugly!"
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Alright you two start acting your age before I smack you both!" Jolene said stepping in between us.
"Why me? She started it Jo!" Travis whined. Jolene hit him upside the head and I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Who is the oldest again?" Eric said shaking his head. "You know what no one answer that let's just go to the club." With that we all got up to leave for the club.
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