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A Pain That I Love

Honey We Aren't In Kansas

We all packed into the vans and were off to the club. We arrived at some snazzy club called 'Wave'. It was ocean themed mixed with modern it was kinda awesome if I do say so myself. We all got to our own VIP section thanks to porra making reservations. The loud music was sending a pulsing vibration through me and I just wanted party. Being such a workaholic I forgot how fun this all was. I walked over to the bar after successfully making sure I lost Travis.
"Hey pretty lady, mind if I buy you a drink." I turned to the direction of the guy speaking to me. He looked like a kind guy. He had dirty blond shaggy hair and nice bone structure in his face and hot damn he was tall and muscular.
"I don't see why not." I smiled at him.
"What'll it be then?" He asked signaling the bartender over.
"Tequila shot!" I play yelled doing a silly little dance. Even though I'm a model I am a terrible flirt. I embarrass myself a lot. This is probably one of those times.
"Sounds good I think I'll have that me self." He said chuckling at my dance. "Two rounds of tequila shots, keep 'um coming" he told the bartender. "So musta' been a bad day?" He nodded to the shots being placed on the bar in front of us.
"First day at a new job. And they people I work with don't make it any easier I'll tell you that."
"Why don't ya tell me about it." What a nice guy or just a really smooth one, for now ill stick with nice.
"We'll I took a break from my normal job cause it was getting to routine so I went to vist my brother. He somehow guilts me into working for him and bam! Here I am trying to control like a million wild animals, which is nearly impossible!" Wow I just vented to a total stranger. I threw back one of the shots and went for another.
"Easy love. Well it sounds like you left a boring job for an interesting one and all the fun an excitement of the new job is just getting to you."
"That's the thing! My old job was exciting and this one well its a bit more exciting in a different way." He chuckled at the crazy hand movements I did while talking.
"You know you remind me of a old boyfriend." Umm what?
"You're gay?! I mean I'm totally ok with that, well I just kind of thought you were hitting on me." Shocker.
"Yeah I'm gay it just looked like you could use someone to talk to who isn't trying to get in your pants."
"Wow you are such a nice! If you are ever in the states around Cali I totally know the perfect gay man for you he is my bestie! Here I'll give you his Facebook info!"
"Thanks it was nice meeting you! I'll look him up see you around."
"Two more tequila shots!" I spun around on my bar stool to face the bar. Once the shots were in front of me I downed them.
"Woah slow down sheila don't want ya doing anything ya might regret!" Sincs said sitting on the stool next to mine.
"Don't worry I'll be fine." At least I'm pretty sure ill be fine. It has been awhile since I've gone out drinking. But hey what's the worst that can happen right?

I was harshly woken up by somebody ripping the blankets off of me. "Damn it Jo." I mumbled still not fully awake. I looked down and realized I was in a over sized monster shirt and underwear. "Fuck."
"Yeah that's what I thought." I looked over and saw Lynn-z. "What happened last night Lacey."
"I don't know you tell me...... No really fuck I can't remember a thing.." Omg this can not be happening. "Wait where am I?" Ha! Maybe this will be a clue!
"Your room. Who's shirt is that?" I looked down and saw that it had a monster logo on it. Well that could be about half of the guys. I'm screwed.
"I have no idea. Jesus Christ I'm such a slut! Great I have to figure this out I can live with myself if I don't." With that I grabbed an outfit out of my suitcase and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. After finishing my hair and makeup I left the bathroom and slipped on my shoes grabbed my bags and stuffed my 'mystery mans' shirt inside it. I walked out of the room and took the elevator down to the lobby where the rest if the guys were. Oh dear lord how was I going to do this!
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