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A Pain That I Love

Call Me Sherlock

I walked down to the buses where everyone else seemed to be loading their stuff into. I kept my head down trying to avoid any contact possible. I felt like everyone knew what I did last night, even when I didn't know myself. I obviously wasn't doing a very good job at watching where I was going, because next thing I know I’m on the ground on top of someone hard and muscular.
“Well well well sheila. If it isn't the wild woman herself.” Great I landed on Bilko. That's exactly what I needed today.
“What are you talking about ‘wild woman’? I am very tame thank you very much!” I said as I got up and brushed myself off. I haven’t been known as anything close to wild since high school. I used to tear up the town with my friends when ever I could escape from travis’ overprotective watch. But it’s been years.
“Well if you don’t call getting shitfaced drunk, dancing on the stage and hitting on men wild then I sure don’t wanna see you wild.” He said in good spirits laughing at the end. My breath caught in my lungs upon hearing all the out of character and dare I say it, wild things I did. I couldn't believe myself! Who was I. Although I must admit that from what I do remember of last night I had a great time. More fun than I've had in ages.
“Hey uh Bilko, is there any chance that you remember who I was ‘hitting on’ last night.” I asked nervously, putting air quotes around hitting on.
“Well information like that comes at a price sheila.” He said with a cheeky grin on his face. Seriously Bilko. “You have to tell me why you wanna know. Afraid you might embarrass your crush? Don’t worry sheila you still might have a chance with me.” He said winking at the end. Not what I meant Bilko. What am I supposed to tell him! He may be my only hope to finding the mystery monster shirt’s owner. Might as well face the music I’m sure people may already know what happened, or who it belongs to.
“I woke up in someone else’s shirt and I don’t know who it belongs to or what happened with them. I don’t remember most of last night and I feel like a mess. What a first impression! I’m sure everyone already thinks horribly of me!” I word vomited at him. Once I started I couldn't seem to stop myself. The whole time he just had this amused expression that I just wanted to smack off of him.
“Whoa whoa whoa! Calm down girly! I can tell you right now that no one thinks horribly of you. Most people were worse off. R Willy puked on the girl he was hitting on at the bar and then had to get carried to your room and that isn't even the worst thing. Matty Wyatt went streaking. In the club. He got kicked out and isn't allowed to ever go there again. So I’m sure no one thinks badly of you if no one thinks badly of them. So why don’t you get on the bus and I’ll put your bags in. Take a breather sheila.” He said shooing me off toward the bus as he took my luggage out of my hand.
I went onto one of the two buses and sat in the empty seat near the back. I figured it’d be quite back there. Once all the boys piled into the buses and we started driving I realized just how wrong I was. I found out that high school bus rules still apply to grown men traveling on tour. All the energetic and rowdy boys went to the back and all the guys still suffering from hangovers or just resting were in the front. Sincs was moving to the front with a tired expression on his face and a rockstar in hand. Guess he got sick of the noise in the back too. As Sincs was moving past me the bus hit a bump and he spilled his rockstar all over me. Just perfect. I couldn't wait for the day to end at this point. “I am so sorry sheila!” Sincs kept apologizing. Good thing I have mystery guys shirt still in my purse.
“Hey Sincs can you hold up my coat like a curtain and look away so I can change into a clean top?” It was embarrassing to have to ask that of him but I know that cam is happily married to Brooke. Cam was a respectful guy. If it was Bilko on the other hand I would have to stay in the sticky top till our next rest stop. Thankfully Cam agrees with a nod. He holds up my jacket while looking away. I have to position his arms so he is actually covering me not half of me and the seat. Once I look around and decide that it is safe I pull the soiled shirt over my head and put on the mystery monster shirt. I make sure that I am well adjusted and covered properly then put the soiled shirt in my bag away from anything that could get sticky and damaged. “OK Sincs you can look now I’m all set.”
He drops the jacket and looks at me. Once he looks at me he gives me a questioning look for a moment then goes to a thinking face then back to the questioning look. “Why do you have Bilko’s shirt sheila?” He asks carefully.
My heart stops and I’m sure my eyes are as wide as saucers. Surely Bilko would have said something if he did anything last night. Unless he didn't remember either. But he would have had to wake up in my room. Unless I left to my room last night. Now that I think of it our rooms were on the same floor last night. This is so confusing. I really hope that it is simpler than that and Sincs is just mistaken on the owner of the shirt. “Are you positive this shirt is Bilko’s? And if yes how positive are you?”
He gave me a strange look before replying.“I am positive. I know that is Bilko’s shirt because it is one of a kind. Monster had that shirt designed just for Bilko and it’s the only one they printed. Bilko loves that shirt.” Oh no Oh no Oh no! “Sheila do you mind telling me why you have Bilko’s shirt?” Ugh I might as well tell him. Cam is nice and I know he isn't the judging kind. Plus he is Bilko’s best friend so maybe he can clear things up for me.
“So you remember how you told me that I better slow down my drinking last night, yeah well I thought I could handle my self like I did in high school so I didn't listen. I don’t remember half of last night. The last thing I remember is doing shots with Andy Buckworth then nothing. I was woken up by Lyn-z in my room today. I was wearing this shirt and underwear and nothing else when I woke up. I went down to the buses after I got ready for the day and such. I was too busy thinking who the shirt could have belonged to and what could have happened that I knocked Bilko over and fell on him. After he told me that I was wild last night, dancing on the stage, I was trashed and hitting on everyone. I started to freak out about what people will think of me and he just told me worse happened last night and if people don’t judge them then I won’t be judged. Then he just told me that he would put my bags into the luggage compartment and to get on a bus and relax. He never said that it was his shirt or that he was with me in anyway last night.” The whole time Sincs just listen patiently and seemed to be digesting everything I just told him.
“Give me one second sheila and I’ll be back with answers for you.” What? I just nodded confused on what he was doing and sat there waiting for him to return with my ‘answers’.
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