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A Pain That I Love

Guess Who

I sat there going crazy out of my mind. I just can’t believe this is happening. I feel so silly and embarrassed. If the ‘mystery monster guy’ is Bilko and I woke up wearing his shirt and my underwear and nothing else there isn’t a doubt in my mind on what happened. I hope the other don’t think of me any less about this. I know what Bilko said and that the other embarrassed themselves way more and no one was thinking any less of them but this is different. If it was a guy that slept with one of their co-workers the first night that everyone goes out on tour then they would get a high five and be on their merry way. But since I’m a girl everyone will probably think that I was easy. Oh god what if this got back to travis! He will have an absolute fit when he finds out! Knowing Travis when he finds out he will punch Bilko in his annoying(/ good looking) face. I certainly don’t want to be the reason for any chaos or tension on this tour.
I was broken out of my near mental panic attack when someone sat down next to me. I was expecting Cam to come back and deliver the verdict, but I was hoping that he would wait till we were somewhere where Bilko was not. Without looking I laid my head on the window. I did not want to make eye contact yet so I could collect myself for the bad news. I took a deep breath and decided to get it over with because he wasn’t saying anything yet. “Alright. Did I do the do with Bilko or not? Ugh I did didn’t I? I can’t believe myself! I mean Bilko isn’t bad and he is kinda attractive and funny. I should have listened to you cam and slowed down my drinking.” I said still too embarrassed to look away from the window.
“Well Shelia I am flattered that you find me attractive and funny.” Oh no! Dear lord no! I looked over to my right and confirmed what I already knew I had mistaken Bilko for Cam and just word vomited telling him that I find him attractive and funny! He had a big grin on his face as he winked at me. He leaned back in his chair more to get more comfortable and pulled the cheesy fake yawn to put his arm around me.
“You were not supposed to hear that!”
“Oh but I did Sheila and now I have confirmed what I knew all along. You do find me attractive and would chose me over those wankers andy and jarred.” I just gave him a look that said ‘seriously?’. “Oh calm down Sheila I won’t tell if you won’t. But in all seriousness, no we did not sleep together. Although I can’t help but wish we did, and now I know you want me.” he said finishing his sentence with that funky suggestive eyebrow thing.
“If we didn’t sleep together then what exactly happened?” as relieved as I was that I didn't just jump into bed the first night out I still wanted to know how I ended up sleeping in his tee shirt.
“Well I guess I should start from the top. At the club after you finished talking to Cam and downing tequila shots with Andy you started dancing and then climbed onto the stage to dance. You were pulled down by jo. Once you were back in the VIP area you started being a flirt. Halfway through the night out you fell asleep on me. I woke you back up to take you back to the hotel to get some sleep there. You kissed me in the cab on the way home and we started to play a very enjoyable game of tonsil hockey. I carried you into the hotel and to your room and gave me this hickey.” he said pulling his collar down a bit to show me. “When I got you to your room you started to drunkenly ‘sexy strip’ for me. And boy was that a show.”
“Wait a minute I thought you said we didn’t sleep together?”
“Well give me a minute to finish the story sheila. Okay where was I? Oh yeah, so you were being all seductive trying to get me in bed. You pulled me down on top of you and we continued our make out session. But I didn’t let it go further than that. Which was hard because well I was hard. I mean I had a few drinks last night and was buzzed and well I am a guy and you are a sexy model. I think I deserve a date for holding back.” he said with a pointed look. “Any way you were starting to fall back asleep so I put my shirt on you and tucked you in. I did stay with you for a while to make sure that you were ok and left around four in the morning to go back to my room.” wow. i can not believe I did all of that and he did that for me. I definitely have more respect for him and I am very grateful for what he did.
“Thank you Bilko you are a great guy.” I said as I gave him a peck on the corner of his mouth. They moment that I pulled away his head whipped around so fast I thought that he was going to break his neck. He had this big cheesy smile on his face that didn’t look like it would be going away anytime soon.
“Well what can I say Shelia I’m a ladies dream. Speaking of dreams Sheila I’ll be having some naughty ones of you for a long time now.” He said with an extremely cheeky grin on his face while he did one of those silly eyebrow raises.
“Wow way to ruin the moment Bilko.” said while laying my head on his shoulder. I was still very tired after staying up late last night into the early hours of the morning. I must admit I am extremely hungover still and it is just taking its toll on me. I just heard Bilko chuckle at me. He wrapped his arm around me making it easier and much more comfortable to lay my head on his shoulder. Before I knew it I was drifting off to sleep on Bilko, extremely content and comfortable.
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