I'm trying to let you know how much you mean

I'm TryingTo Let You How Much You Mean

October 31, 2000: 11:47pm Jersey City, New Jersey
"Miss, I'm officer Cambrik. Can you tell me what happened here?"
"I didn't do it! Never! Ever! Wouldn't! Couldn't! Didn't kill him! Nope! Not me! Wrong girl! Not me!"
"Miss, I just need to know what happened here."

October 30, 2007: 10:00 am, Jersey City, New Jersey
"I hate jell-o! Take it away! And don't look at me like I'm crazy! I'm not! Gah! I hate your incompitance! Stupid people! And paint this damn room! I hate white! Becides my old room may have been grey, but I was aloud posters ya know! Fuck! Can't you get anything right!?She's so stupid huh Kee? Yeah, she is. But I really don't like this room, nope. Not at all, at all. It needs freshining up. Yep. It does. It makes me feel like the jell-o does- ick ick! The police are coming, they're gonna ask 'bout the incident. Yep. They are, thay are. I hope Sarah comes too. I miss her, she doesn't come often. Nope. Never, never. Hmmm."

October 30, 2007: 12:34 am, Jersey City, New Jersey
"Hello, do you remember me?"
"Yep. Officer Cambrik, uh huh. Uh huh."
"That's right. Do you know why I'm here?"
"To talk about the incident, uh huh. Uh huh."
"Correct. Can you tell me what happened?"
"I already did- twice.Yep, I did, Idid."
"Yes, but your missing something, tell me what you remember, you'll remember more now, I promice. Start on the 30th okay?"
"Okay... Um... Well, It was warm when I sat on my steps at about 11:30, and I remember I was sitting waiting for Gerard to pick me up. We were all going to Frank's for a birthday thing. When Gerard got there."