I'm trying to let you know how much you mean

I'm TryingTo Let You Know How Much You Mean

October 30, 2000
"Hey, hurry up! We still need to get your sister and Lilie! Get in." Gerard called to Keanna from the car as he opened the passenger door for her. Keanna, checked to sure herself the door was looked and hopped in the car. She buckled up as Gerard drove off in the soon-to-be afternoon.
Mikey jumped as Keanna touched his leg to wake him. She and Mikey liked each other, but she was bewildered by the older of the Way's- Gerard. Becides Mikey was taken by Kee's younger twin sister Sarah. But being identicle, the Way brothers often got confused.
Kee saw people. She knew them. She had a way of knowing them without knowing who they were. She looked behond the skin, and that's how she judged people. She said she could see their souls. The only people she disliked were those with "filthy" souls and such. She loved to love, and was filled with joy. A very peppy person too. She was the kind of person who didn't have problems, because she didn't want them. On arrival of Sarah and Lilie's house, Kee felt the erdge to do some thing drastic, there for forcing some one elce to drive. Gee wouldn't mind, but Mikey, and the girls would so she just staired at her feet as the girls came.
"Hey, Gee! What's up?!" Lilie opened the back door, and crawled in next to Mikey as Sarah followed.
"I'm soo Stoked! I can't wait for Frank's party tonight!" Sarah practically jumped out of her seatbelt as she hopped in one place, frantically.

"Happy fucking birthday! The big 2- Oh, no! The small, tini- wheenie, iddy- biddy, 1-9."Kee wraped her arms around Frank with joy.
"Thank's, Miss I've been an alchoholic for three years and I'm not 21 yet. I love you too." Frank spawled an evil smile that streched from ear to ear. Keanna was sure, that if the Grinch had been real and was human, he was Frank.

October 30, 2007: 01:30pm, Jersey City, New Jersey
"You thought Frank looked like the Grinch? Why?"
"Just the way he looked at me with that fire in his eyes. You wouldn't get it, I knew Frank my whole life, I was like his older sister. I was, I was."
"You admit, you had a drinking problem, yes?"
"Kinda, I stopped when I was 26."
"Keanna, you've been here since you were 20."
"Nope! Have not!"
"Well then, where have you been?"
"With him...."

October 30, 2000
"So Frankie, wanna open my present?" Lilie gave Frank a dirty look and grinned wildly.
"Ummm..." Frank looked at Kee, with, not a happy look, but a kind of
worried one."Not now..."He walked past Kee, and she knew something was up. She followed Frank as he walked out the door, and headed down the street.
"What's up, Frank? I'm confused." Kee reached out to Frank in a way that Lilie always wished she could. Kee and Frank had gone to school together, yet she also grew up with the Way boys. Frank was Kee's first love as she was his, but now they seemed so far appart, and still drifting.
"Oh, nothing..." Frank staired at his feet. Keanna just couldn't put her finger on what was bothering him, and she always could. "It's just... I don't know." Kee wrapped her arms around Frank just as Lilie walked out. She ran up to Kee and pushed her away from Frank, all the while yelling impatiently, "What the hell, Kee! What are you doing!?" She began frantically pushing Kee. Once she attempted to thow a punch, Kee grabbed her hand, and spun her around so quickly, Lilie had no chance to get out of this capture.
"First; don't ever hit me, ever! Second; I was hugging him, I can do that. I introduced you two. And third; we may be blood related, but I still won't call you my sister. Kay? Good. Back off!" She pushed Lilie away from her, "Sorry Frank, I'll see you later, I'm gonna go." Keanna walked inside and begged Gerard to take her home.

October 30, 2007: 02:30 pm, Jersey City, New Jersey
"Alright, we're going to let you have lunch, then come back. Okay?"
"Okay. Uh huh, uh huh."

"How was lunch?"
"So what happened once you got home?"
"Same thing I always did at home. I got drunk, and, and tried to end it."
"Tried to end what?"
"The pain."
"You tried to kill your self?"
"If that's what you kids call it. Yes, I did."
"May I ask why?"
"I was diagnosed with depression at eight. That's when, when I met my real family. Did you know they put me up for, for adoption because I looked like Sarah. They didn't want twins. They thought they'd get confused, you know. They did. Did you know that I have a twin, a little sister and a big brother? learnt that at eight. I was eight."
"Wow, no. I didn't know that."
"Yea, and and, now they think I'm sick. I'm not sick, nope. Not me, not me."