I'm trying to let you know how much you mean

I'm TryingTo Let You How Much You Mean

October 30, 2000
"Gerard, you should get the girls and bring every body home..."Kee laughed as she stumbled around the room. Aimlessly she attempted to get Gee out of the house.
"I'm not leaving you. Not like this, your drunk and bleeding." Gerard wrapped a wet towel around Keanna's bleeding legs. She may have been the happiest girl on the planet when she was sober, but when she drank, the affect of the"happy" pills she took, wore off and she cut her self in dangerous places. She cut her achilles' and occasionally her wrists to be exact. She didn't feel the pain, because she'd be that drunk. That's why she was never alone when she was thought to be drinking, usually. There had been incidents when no one was around to stop the bleeding, and it would flow freely till she was found and rushed to the hospital. Surprizingly, Mikey was usually there when Kee drank, not Gee. She was much closer to him growing up and Gerard didn't like that. But she laughed at the way Gerard handled her when he was there.
"Just go. The bleed will stop."Kee looked at Gerard with giggles and tears.
"-Ing."Gerard looked up from her legs.
"What?" Kee stopped laughing and looked confused.
"Bleeding. You said bleed, it's bleeding."

October 30, 2007: 04:00 pm, Jersey City, New Jersey
"May I ask why you attempted suicide?"
"Yep. Ask away."
"Well, why?"
"Old habits die hard, I guess. Yep, I do."
"Can you elaborate please?"
"Look, it's not a fucking hard concept asswhole! Fuck! What do you people have against me! I cut my self to feel, I drank to stop the pain. It's a little wierd, but suck it up shithead!"
"Am I still talking to Keanna?"
"Technically, yes. I'm not as dumb as I look, alright! Stop yelling at, at the nice man Kee. Get out of my head! Fuck!"
"Kee, we're gonna take a break here, okay. Let you calm down a little."
"I really think we should, Keanna."
"I said no! Listen to me you fuck up!"
"Please miss, relax. I don't want you speaking like this."
"Is he here too?"
"Keanna, who is he?"
"Gerard Arthur Way."
"Why would you care?"
"It's his fault, you see."

October 30, 2000: 04:00 pm, Jersey City, New Jersey
"I'm so sorry. Please-"
"No. Don't worry about it." Kee staired at her feet while Gee sat across the room, his hands still covered with the blood of his love. He didn't understand how she did it. He left her for a second, and she almost died. How do you feel that bad, how? Keanna understood how he felt and each time hit her harder than the last. Since Gerard was still here, it made Kee wonder where the others were, but she just figured Gerard gave Sarah the keys to his crap-ass car.
"Can you help me?"
"What?!" Gerard had never heard her say that her whole life. Not once. She wasn't one to ask for help, ever. She was a do it youself or don't do it at all kind of person. Gerard leaped to her side knowing she was really hurt by this. "Yeah, baby. I'll do any thing for you. It'll be okay. I promise."
These were the last words she ever heard him say. Until.