I'm trying to let you know how much you mean

I'm Trying To Let You Know How Much You Mean

October 30, 2007: 10:00 pm, Jersey City, New Jersey
"Let me outta here!"
"Just do it!"
"Just relax."
"Get away from me!"
"Hey! Leave her alone!"
"Stay out of this!"
"I want to help you!"
"Where were you seven years ago!"
"Fine. You don't want me here, I can go."
"What happened that night?!"
"That's your story to tell!"
"Why'd you kill him!"
"That's your story to tell!"
"Don't leave me here!"
"Why I thought you wanted me gone."
"Fuck your being arrogent!"
"Fuck your self."
"Hey! Don't look at me like that, I'm not crazy!"
"Between the two of you, i don't know whose worse!"
"He dosn't mean it! You know he doesn't mean it! He just hates to see you here, like this. You meant every thing to him you know?!"
"Meant? Past tense?"
"Hey, hey. Come on don't cry. Please don't cry. I hate it when you do..."
October 30, 2000: 01:00 am, Jersey City, New Jersey
"Hey, hey! You guys are back!" Frank was completly wasted, but seemed a lot happier this time around. Gee and Kee seemed to shine with exitement, and no one knew why. When Gerard had ran off with Frank, his brother Mikey, her brother Ray, and Bob, Kee decided to play a little game with her sister. Shot for shot. She took one, Sarah took two. So Kee took four, and Sarah took eight. She looked at her sister's grinning face, and realized this was her second time drinking today. But technically this was a new day so she didn't care. She downed six-teen shots. Sarah took down thirty-two. As Sarah stummbled with her last few shots Keanna knew she'd win the round, she wasn't even tipsey yet, and Sarah was gone. sixty-four shots later, Sarah passed out and Gerard was ready to take tipsy Kee home.
October 30, 2007: 11:00 pm, Jersey City, New Jersey
"Gerard hates my guts. Sarah hates my guts. Lillie hates my guts. Fra-"
"I don't hate your guts. I still love you."
"-ank doesn't hate my guts. But never lookes me in the eyes."
"I'm sorry... For that, and Gerard."
"Don't be, Gerard and I have to be over,... it's been to long."
"Why do they think your crazy?"
"'Cause. I am. I have been for years, four nut houses in two years. This is my sixth time."
"Because of you mom, right. And your dad?"
"Yeah. Gotta love your parents, eh?"
"I'm sorry."
"Yeah, you already told me."
"No, I'm sorry for this."
October 30, 2000: 06:00 am, Jersey City, New Jersey
As the alarm clock screamed at Kee, telling her to go to work, she only rolled over and shoved her face into Gerard's stomach. Gerard leaned over, turning off the alarm clock he staired at the beautiful girl cuddling close.