Status: I Want Sprinkles On That Shit

Don't Try to Save Me


The clouds were brewing up a storm above my head and the sun had long disappeared. There was a heavy wind pushing through the air, pulling at my clothes and hair.

In front of me was a scene from a ghost story.

The house stood solitary in the vast field, nothing but charred remains. The fields and fences surrounding the house were scorched and burnt, but possibly the worst thing about the scene in front of me was the crucifixes.

There were four of them, lined up and erected out of the ground in front of the pathway that led down to the house. Two large ones and two small ones on either side. One for each member of the family.

I didn't dare step any closer, almost scared the charred remains of the Way family would come crawling up out of the ground. I knew that was ridiculous because they weren't even buried here, but I still wouldn't step any closer.

The other thing that intrigued me was the balloons and ribbons hanging from the dead branches of the trees around the house. Most of the balloons were popped and stained with weathering, but there were still a few that were inflated. That was when I recalled Bert telling me about how the people that lived in the town came and tied the ribbons and balloons to the trees as some sort of protection.

Protection from what? Did they really believe Gerard was dangerous?


"Frank?" Bert mumbled into my neck, pulling back slightly and frowning at me. "What's up?"

I felt guilty for being so distracted whilst I was busy making out with Bert in the back of his car, but I couldn't get Gerard out of my head.

"Nothing," I told him gently, offering him a small smile. "I just sort of zoned out?"

Bert grinned, shaking his head. "Am I that bad at this whole making out shit?"

I felt even worse, but just leant forwards and kissed him again. "No. It's just me, I'm sorry."

Bert tried to reply, but I shoved him back against the seat so he was lying down across the worn fabric seats and began kissing over his throat, digging my fingers into his hips.

"Yeah, ok, this is...," Bert swallowed heavily, grinning. "This is better."

"Mmmm," I hummed against the hollow of his throat, pulling slowly at his skin with my teeth.

He groaned as I slid his shirt up with my hands, the material bunching up around his chest. He helped me pull his t-shirt off, his breath hitching in his throat as I tossed it aside and began making dark bruises over his chest and stomach.

I traced the sharp v-lines of his stomach, grating my teeth over his hips slowly.

"Jesus Frank," Bert swore softly, his breathing heavy.

I shushed him and made short work of his belt, dropping it on the floor and working open the button of his jeans with my teeth. Bert shifted himself up to rest on his elbows to watch me, his chest rising and falling rapidly and his eyes glazed over with blown pupils, his lower lip pulled between his teeth and his brow furrowed.

He looked fucking gorgeous.

I tugged his jeans down his hips and brushed my lips over the waistband of his boxers, holding his gaze.

"Is this ok?" I asked him breathily, curling my fingers around the elastic of his underwear.

"Yeah," he answered, nodding. "Fuck, yeah this is ok."

I smirked at him and rid him of his underwear quickly then, coming face to face with his hard on. I didn't waste anytime in skimming my lips over his length, hearing him let out a shaky moan. I teased him, mouth at the base of his cock and pressing my tongue against the underside of his member.

"Frank, please," Bert panted, squirming.

I didn't need anymore encouragement, taking his whole length into my mouth. Bert gasped, his nails raking over the seat and his back arching. I pushed his legs further apart and settled between them as his hands fisted my hair, tugging desperately.

Bert filled the car with hot broken moans as I hollowed my cheeks and sucked, my head moving up and down slowly. Bert was swearing and bucking his hips as I started to work at him with my tongue.

"Frank, shit!" Bert moaned. "I can't - I'm gonna, fuck!"

I pulled off as he came, breathless as Bert's jizz hit my chin and jaw. Bert lay there in a hot mess, panting and cussing softly. He pulled me up to kiss me roughly.

"Frank," he groaned against my lips. "Frankie."

The next thing I knew his hands were pushing my jeans down my thighs and his fingers were in my boxers, pulling them away.

"Bert, ah," I groaned as his hands enclosed my erection, the heat of his soft hands amazing.

I spent the next few minutes writhing and moaning in his arms as he got me off, hiding my face in his neck and gripping the tops of his arms. "Mmmff, Bert!"

Another twist of his hand and I was coming, falling apart in his arms with a broken whimper and my back arching. Bert met my mouth as I searched for his lips weakly.

"You're..." Bert trailed off, resting his forehead against mine.

"Yeah," I finished for him. "We should... We should do that more often."


"I don't think we should go Bert," I mumbled to him as we trudged slowly down the dusty track to my house, the sun hot on my skin.

"I feel like we should go," Bert insisted. "What if they find him? I don't like the idea anymore than you do, but I think we should in case something happens."

A huge group of the students at school were planning to go and camp out in the woods on Friday night. There were rumours spreading about trying to find Gerard, and I didn't like it.

"Yeah, I suppose," I sighed.

Bert grabbed my hand and we stopped walking. "Hey, we don't have to, y'know? But there's gonna be shitty booze and probably Travis Dent is gonna bring some weed and we can just fuck off by ourselves for the night if you get bored."

I smiled slowly, shrugging."Alright. But if they start saying shit about going to find Gerard, I think we should probably leave or something."

"Yeah," Bert assured me, starting to walk again. "I promise."