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Don't Try to Save Me


My heart was in my mouth as Bert and I scrambled to our feet as Gerard stepped closer. I hadn't gotten a good look at his face the last time I saw him, but now I could see him through the smoke of the fire and hazy air.

My eyes widened as he came to a stop on the other side of the fire, the burning embers lighting his face up. There were heavy circles underneath his hazel eyes, stained into his skin. He looked to be in his early thirties. The shadows highlighted the shape of his face, making his cheekbones look sharper and his mouth fuller.

He wore a confused expression, his eyes flickering between Bert, the fire, me and the bottle of Jack.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, shattering the silence.

His voice was very quiet and soft and didn't contain the heavy southern drawl that the other people in the town had, but there was still a hint of it.

"We...we were just..." Bert trailed off, at loss for words.

Gerard stared at me, the flames from the fire mirrored in his eyes. "You're with all those other kids, aren't you?"

"No!" Bert insisted, stepping closer to me. "We just came here by ourselves. But we're going to leave now, I swear. I'm sorry if we caused you - "

"You think it's funny do you?" Gerard snapped, stepping closer. "Coming here and wrecking the forest and making plans to go and hunt out the murderer in the woods, that's what you kids do for fun is it?"

"No sir, I promise we didn't come here for that!" Bert protested, eyes wide.

Gerard laughed bitterly, kicking at the fire and shaking his head. "I don't get it. Aren't you all bored to death of those stupid stories yet? Or do the people in this town really believe what they hear?"

Bert swallowed, fumbling for my hand. "Look, we're really sorry. We're going now, we won't come back ever again."

Gerard just shrugged, looking a little irritated. "Of course you won't. You're all too scared."

Bert glanced at me as he started to turn away, trying to pull me with him. "Frank. Come on, we need to go."

"You go on, I'll catch you up," I told him. "I'll deal with all of this." I cast a hand over the fire and JD bottle and smouldering joint that had nearly burnt out.

Bert stared at me before turning away and leaving, his shoulders hunched. I faced Gerard again, surprised he was still there.

He was looking at me strangely, an odd look in his eyes. "You're not from here."

"No," I replied softly. "I'm not."

"Where did you come from?" he asked, shuffling back slightly.

I blinked slowly, the alcohol still taking its toll on my brain. "Everywhere and nowhere."

He smirked a little at that, but it quickly faded and the air was filled with silence again.

"I don't believe you killed anyone," I said suddenly. "I think it's bullshit."

"Well thanks," he mumbled.

I nodded, bending down to grab Bert's JD and throw the joint on the dying fire. "I think you're brave. For staying here."

He looked at his feet for a while before looking up at me again. "I don't think I am. More like stupid really."

"As long as you know the truth, I guess it doesn't matter," I said quietly, fascinated by him.

"Sometimes it's not that simple," he muttered. "This is the longest conversation I've had with anyone in years. And I don't even know your name."

"Frank," I said. "My name's Frank."

"It was nice to meet you Frank," Gerard smiled shyly. "You should probably be going. They'll be sending in search parties with torches and pitchforks soon if you don't go. They'll think I killed you too."

I looked at him sadly. "Goodbye Gerard."

He just nodded to me before turning quickly and vanishing amongst the trees in the black night. I stayed there for a few minutes, just watching the space where he'd been before leaving myself and going to find Bert. He was a couple of yards ahead of me, chewing on his fingernails as he waited for me.

He grabbed me when he saw me and hugged me to his chest. "Don't do that Frankie."

"You don't get it," I said under my breath. "He's just a person Bert and he's lonely and probably scared. He deserves a little respect."

"I know that," he sighed into my hair, his hands warm and tight against my arms. "But if anyone had seen you with him you'd both be dead within minutes.

"I don't care," I retorted. "I don't care one little bit."
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