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Never Back Down

Chapter 001; In The Beginning

Thora stared at the remains of her house with dull light blue eyes. Her hair fluttered in the gentle breeze as she stood perfectly still with her older brother and sister in law by her side. Three months had passed since her parents had died in the house fire. Thora had definitely taken it the hardest and ever since, she rarely talked, unless it was to make a harsh comment or a snide remark. That was what had driven Ryan and Sara to decide to pack their belongings up and take her away from her hometown.

"It's what they would have wanted," Ryan whispered softly and intertwined his hand with Sara's.

"They're dead. It doesn't matter what they want anymore," She replied harshly, turning away and climbing into the back seat of the car before slamming the door.

"She just needs time," Sara squeezed his hand gently and headed after her husband's sister.

"Just how much time is that?" He questioned, walking behind her.

Sara leaned against the passenger door and clasped her hands behind his neck, "She was closer to your parents than you were. She's just trying to cope."

Ryan rested his forehead against hers and went to kiss her when a sharp knock sounded from the back window; they both turned to find Thora watching them with the usual dull eyes.

"Hurry up," She grumbled before closing the window.

The two adults shared a sad look as they separated and climbed into their designated seats. Ryan started the car and the engine roared to life. Without a second glance, he backed out of the driveway and began the two day drive to Beacon Hills, California.


The two day drive had gone by far too slowly for Thora's liking and she felt a small sense of relief when they pulled up to their new house, but it was as quickly as it had appeared. Her older brother climbed out of the car before opening the back door and tugging the headphone from her ear.

"Come on, we're here," He stated obviously.

"I can see that," She retorted and out of the car, brushing past him and heading into the already open house.

"Thora Gracie McCullough!" Ryan yelled causing her to halt in the doorway, "Come back here and help Sara."

Thora hesitated, trying to decide whether or not to do as he said before she sighed and walked over to help her sister in law out of the car.

"Thank you," Sara patted Thora's arm gently as she walked around her and stood by Ryan's side.

"I'll help with bringing stuff in," Came her simple reply before she grabbed a couple of boxes and carried them inside.

The three of them worked well as a team as they took boxes and suitcases and put them into the right rooms. They worked quickly and without any arguments, to Ryan's surprise, seeing as Thora usually would have tried to make it difficult for him.

"Thora, your furniture's already in your room," Sara explained from her position on the couch, "You just need to unpack your clothes and such."

"Okay," She whispered quietly and darted up the staircase to the second biggest room.

Ryan watched with a sad sigh and made a silent prayer that she would find something or someone to help get her mind off of their parents.
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