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Never Back Down

The feeling's mutual

"Did he apologize yet?" Thora questioned as she followed Allison towards the bleachers at the playing field.

"He did and I'm gonna give him a second chance," Allison replied before hesitantly adding, "I'm not making a mistake, am I?"

"I don't think so," She said after a brief pause, "Besides, I ship you two. I'm thinking Scallison."

"You think you're so damn funny," Allison scoffed teasingly, nudging her friend.

"I know right?" She snorted as Allison spotted Scott and a dazed expression crossed her face as they made their way to the top of the bleachers to watch the Lacrosse practice, "You are head over heels."

"Is it that obvious?" Allison questioned, fiddling with a piece of her hair, completely oblivious to the fact that Scott was currently listening in on their conversation.

"It is," She confirmed, before waving at Stiles as he appeared at the edge of the field.

"Do you think he knows?"

"Alli, he's a boy," Thora chuckled, "He wouldn't know unless you spelled it out for him."

Allison didn't bother replying, instead, she turned and watched as Jackson nodded at something the coach said before running over to a large duffel bag and pulling out a stick that was longer than the other ones, he rushed back onto the field.

"I will never understand the point of this game," She commented as Jackson ran towards the goals.

"I agree," Allison chuckled as the coach yelled at Greenburg.

"Is he okay?" Erica asked in concern, sitting beside them just as Scott was knocked off his feet.

"Allison sure hopes so," She snorted, only to be shoved lightly by said person.

Erica glanced at Thora in confusion and the black haired girl laughed before leaning forward and gesturing from her to come closer, as if she was about to learn about a conspiracy or something.

"Dear Alli over here is crushing on Scottie boy."

"Really?" Erica looked at Allison with wide eyes.

"He's different than the other guys i've met," Allison replied defensively, "I can't help it."

"I think it's adorable!" Thora cheered before turning back to the field.

"McCall's gonna do it again!" The coach shouted as Scott ran back to the line and got into position.

"Holy crap!" She exclaimed as her friend's crush rammed into the Lacrosse captain and sent him crashing to the ground, clutching his shoulder.

She stood up quickly and rushed down the bleachers and across the field before falling to her knees beside Jackson and gently touching his shoulder, causing him to hiss in pain.

"I think he's got a separated shoulder," She spoke up as the coach and the other players crowded around them. She ran her fingers over his shoulder again and nodded before confirming her previous statement, "It's definitely a separated shoulder." Upon seeing the looks she was receiving, she shrugged and said, "My mom was a nurse."

She glanced up in time to find a tall, dark haired male dressed in leather standing at the opposite side of the field, watching as Stiles and Scott ran back towards the male locker rooms. She gasped quietly as the stranger turned his sharp green eyes on her and stared for a few moments before turning and stalking back towards the woods.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully and as soon as the school was empty, she changed into a pair of shorts, a tight, light purple tank top and her trainers before going out onto the playing fields and dropping her bag on the bottom seat of the bleachers. She unlocked her iphone and found a song she liked before pressing play and turning the volume up full blast and setting it down. She immediately began doing her stretches before moving on to practice her gymnastics.

All of her worries and stress were washed away as she did flips, cartwheels and handstands with only one hand. 'Firework' by Katy Perry blared through her phone about twenty minutes later and stopped doing gymnastics long enough to remember the dance routine she'd done with the dance class at her old school and put it into practice to see if she could get it right.

A sudden clapping caused her to yelp in surprise before losing her balance and falling over. When her head cleared from the impact, she slowly sat up to find the stranger from Lacrosse practice watching her with a smirk on his face.

"Uh...Can I help you?"

"You're friends with Scott and Stiles, right?" A gentle smile replaced the smirk.

"I'm friends with Stiles," She shrugged, "But not Scott. My friend has a crush on him, but I'm not sure that can be counted as being friends."

"I'm Derek," He stepped closer and held his hand out.

A strange feeling filled her stomach as she hesitantly slid her hand into his large, calloused one and shook it twice before letting go.

"You're the one who gave Allison a ride from the party," She stated and a second later, her eyes turned pitch black as she stared unblinkingly at him, "Your sister was looking for him. But don't make the same mistake as her, he's closer than you think."

"What did you say?" He demanded, fingers digging into her skin as he yanked her closer to him.

Thora shook her head, coming out of whatever trance she was in. Her eyes returned to their normal liquid chocolate colour and she looked up at him in confusion, as if wondering how she'd gotten into a position where he was holding her tightly by the shoulders.

"I said, you're the one who gave Allison a ride from the party..." She repeated slowly.

Derek stared at the young girl for what seemed like an eternity before he released her and stepped away before spinning on his heel and all but marching towards the woods at the end of the field.

"Strange guy," She stated, a bemused expression on her face, "Scott needs to find less intimidating people to be friends with."

Thora restrained a giggle as she gently slid the window open and climbed in side before closing it and creeping towards the landing. She waited patiently, and a second later, Allison came out of her room and let out a scream as she was tapped on the shoulder from behind. Her parents appeared after hearing their daughter's scream, each of them wielding a gun and a sharp looking knife. Before she could comprehend what was happening, the sharp looking knife came soaring down towards her and she raised her arm in an attempt to protect her face and neck.

"I surrender!" She yelped as the knife left a long, semi deep cut down the length of her arm.

"Thora?" Allison clutched her chest, trying in vain to calm her racing heart, "What were you thinking?"

"I told you I was coming," She gasped, feeling slightly woozy at the sight of the blood as she grasped her bleeding limb in pain.

"When you said you were coming over, I assumed you were gonna use the door, not the guestroom window!"

"Stiles suggested it," She glanced apologetically at her friend's parents, "He said it was very effective...I didn't however, expect to get attacked with a knife."

"I'm gonna kill him," Allison grumbled, sounding particularly motherly, "He's a bad influence on you."

"Hate to interrupt, but we should fix your arm up," Chris spoke up, tucking his gun in the waistband of his jeans.

"That's probably a good idea," Her face was paling rapidly as she lost more blood, "I feel slightly dizzy."

"I apologize for cutting you," Allison's mom said, leading them down the stairs, "You startled us."

"Don't worry about it," She smiled lightly, "Next time i'll use the door."

"That would be a good idea, Thora." Chris pulled a chair up beside her and set the first aid kit on the table.

"Once again, my apologies Christopher."

Allison chuckled in amusement at the way her friend addressed her father, even her mom cracked a genuine smile -which was rare- and she smiled as she continued to watch as her dad stitched the knife wound.

The rest of the week had passed unbearably slow, which of course, left Thora exhausted and desperate for the weekend to come. Erica and Thora had hung out with Stiles and Scott a few times and she found she utterly adored Stiles and his unique personality. She'd introduced Stiles, Scott, Allison, Erica, Boyd and Isaac to her brother and sister in law, which had turned into an all night move marathon. She'd also spoken to Lydia during chemistry when they'd been paired together and had participated in a 'Let's see who can come up with the best insults' competition and let's just say, Lydia won by far; though Thora was sure she'd cheated somehow. She'd spent wednesday evening at the Argent household having dinner with them as a way for Victoria -Allison's mom- to apologize for the knife incident and to get to know her daughter's first friend in Beacon Hills. She found that Allison's parents were rather intimidating, her mom more so than her dad.

Thora nudged Lydia softly -interrupting their conversation- and pointed towards where Allison was approaching a beaming Scott who stood at the bottom of the small staircase.

"They...are adorable," The strawberry blonde finally decided, pursing her lips.

"I agree wholly," She grinned as Lydia linked their arms and began leading her down the corridor towards Algebra.

"We have to go shopping soon."

"...I actually agree, I need to buy more pens and a new notebook."

"Was that a joke?" Lydia's eyes were wide as she stared at Thora.

"Of course Lydia, though I do need those items, I know you meant clothes shopping," She shook her head in amusement, "I would like you to help me improve my wardrobe, oh mighty one."

"It'll be my pleasure," Were Lydia's last words, followed by a wink, as she pulled Thora into the classroom and towards a table at the back of the large room.

She giggled quietly as Lydia interrogated Scott about not playing at the game tomorrow. The two of them had been chosen by the teacher -as soon as everyone was in their seats- to solve the equations on the blackboard and Thora found it completely amusing as Scott tried to defend himself against the powerful wrath of Lydia Martin.

As soon as class ended, she found herself being pulled from the room by her arm towards Allison who was then put into a similar position as they were dragged down the corridor towards a Lacrosse player.

"This is Allison and Thora," Lydia told with a pleasant smile.

"Hi," The two girls smiled in unison at him.

"It's nice to meet you..." She trailed off, waiting for an introduction.

"Adam," He shook their hands.

"They're new here," Lydia explained, beaming slightly.

"How do you like it so far?" Adam questioned politely.

"I like it," Allison nodded truthfully.

"It's certainly different from Chicago," She chuckled.

"It was nice to meet you," Her brunette friend smiled as she caught sight of Scott and Isaac walking towards them.

"See you soon for the shopping trip," Thora told Lydia as the Strawberry blonde took Adam's hand and began leading him away from them.

"We'll do it after school," Lydia waved goodbye.

"Hey Isaac," She grinned and towed the male away from Scott and Allison after hugging her friend.

"Since when were you friends with Lydia Martin?"

"A couple of days now," She replied, "She's actually really nice when you get to know her; I like her."

"She's been introducing you to the other Lacrosse players," He noted, a slight hint of jealousy on his bruised face.

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter, I like someone else."

"Who is it?" He demanded before flushing slightly as she glanced at him with an eyebrow raised.

A smirk crossed her face and she used her high heels to her advantage as she leaned closer and pressed her lips to the corner of his.

"Figure it out for yourself." She whispered and turned to walk down the corridor.

"Why did you drag me here?" Thora whined as she slumped into the seat beside Lydia at the hospital.

"Hey Lydia," Stiles appeared beside them, "Thora."

"Stiles!" She cheered, "Have you come to save me?"

"Oh, uh no," He looked apologetic before turning towards Lydia.

Before she could even try to tell him that Lydia had a bluetooth device in her ear, he began talking to the strawberry blonde and she quickly stood before moving away to give him some privacy.

"I'm sorry Stiles," She wrapped her arms around his neck after he walked away from Lydia with a sad expression.

"It doesn't matter," He patted her back gently and moved around the corner to sit down.

She mimed throwing up as Lydia approached Jackson and proceeded to all but stick her tongue down his throat. They pulled away as soon as she coughed.

"Do you mind?" She set her hands on her hips, "I must go home and sort my new wardrobe."

Jackson nodded and slung his arms around both of their shoulders before leading them away from the reception and towards the hospital parking lot.

"Nice pictures," Thora commented, tossing her arms around Allison from behind.

"Thanks, I took them in San Francisco."

The sudden squeal of tires met their ears and they shared a worried look before rushing down the stairs and out of the front door.

"Dad?" Allison called as they ran over to him, "What the hell are you doing?"

"He came out of nowhere," Chris replied defensively.

"Are you trying to kill him?" Allison glanced down at Scott with worry on her face.

"I think Scott's to blame," Thora chirped in, readjusting the navy blue, above the knee dress that Lydia had picked out for her, "Christopher is far to nice to intentionally hit someone with the truck."

Chris and Allison gave her a look of amusement before turning back to Scott once again, to make sure he wasn't seriously hurt from colliding with the truck.

"I'm sorry," Scott stared at Allison, "It's my fault."

"Are you okay?" The brunette questioned softly, stroking his cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, i'm fine. I swear," He reassured her.

"They're so cute," Thora squealed before yelping as Chris ruffled her hair, "Lydia's gonna kill me now!"

"Sorry I hit your car," Scott apologized, "I was just coming to say hi."

Thora and Allison chuckled lightly as Chris glanced between the three teenagers with narrowed blue eyes. She reached out and patted Scott's head gently.

"Glad you're alive hopscotch."

"You sure you're okay?" Chris asked as he assisted Allison in helping the boy up.

"I'm fine," Scott nodded, "I should go, got a Lacrosse game to get to."

"Me and Allison'll see you there," She grinned, lifting herself onto the hood of the Argent's Maroon truck and crossing her ankles in a ladylike manner.

"We all will," Chris corrected immediately, gaining a weary look from Scott in response.

Thora waved happily as she caught sight of Erica sitting a few rows down on the bleachers. She gestured for the blonde to come over, and two seconds later, she was sitting beside the two dark haired girls.

"Mr Argent, this is Erica Reyes," She introduced, "Erica, this is Christopher, he hit Scott with his truck."

"Did she have too much sugar again?" Erica queried, looking at Allison quickly, "Because last time that happened, she hung upside down from a tree and said she was the female equivalent of batman."

"That wasn't my fault!" Thora pouted as they laughed, "The sugar made me do it."

"Of course it did," Lydia claimed the spot between Allison and Thora.

"Oh look," She pointed at the field in an attempt to divert the attention from her, "The game's starting."

"I'm gonna go sit with Boyd," Erica cleared her throat and hugged Thora briefly before rushing away.

"Eri!" She called and frowned when she got no response.

She turned back to the field to watch as the players began preparing their equipment. A smile graced her face as Isaac began making his way up the bleachers towards them. She stood up and was taken off guard as he cupped her cheeks and pressed his lips to hers. Shock filled her at his spontaneous move, it was soon replaced by a warmth that filled her stomach and caused her lips to tingle and her cheeks to flush deeply.

"I like you too," He pulled away, resting his forehead against hers before releasing her and walking back down to the bench in front of the bleachers.

"What was that?" Lydia asked, eyebrows raised as Thora sank into her seat with a dazed look.

"She's blushing!" Allison giggled just as the whistle went, signifying the beginning of the game.

"Go Jackson!" Lydia cheered and got Allison and Thora to help her hold her 'Go Jackson' sign up. Although, Thora was more interested in replaying her and Isaac's kiss in her mind.

"Which one is Scott again?" Chris asked half way through the game.

"Number 11," Lydia replied, "Otherwise known as the only one who hasn't caught a single ball this entire game."

"I hope he's okay," Allison stated, biting nervously at her dark purple gloves and Thora nodded in agreement.

"I hope we're okay," The strawberry blonde answered, "We need to win this."

Lydia nudged Thora and they stood up, holding the other sign she'd made, which read 'Jackson is #1.' She glanced at Allison out of the corner of her eye to find the brunette completely engrossed in the game before her.

"Allison, a little help here," Lydia also glanced at Allison, who hesitated before grabbing the other end of the sign and holding it above their heads.

Scott's head turned and his eyes narrowed at the sight of the sign. Thora bit her lip sympathetically at the semi furious look on his face.

"Go Scott!" She cheered as he caught the ball, ran down the field, and scored a goal.

She grabbed Allison's hands in excitement and screamed with the rest of the crowd as he quickly scored again. Her eyes narrowed in confusion as he caught the ball for a third time before stopping a few feet away from the goalies net.

"You can do it, Scott," Allison whispered and a second later, the ball connected with the back of the goals.

The crowd -once again- burst out cheering and clapping as the whistle blew and the game ended, meaning that they'd done it; they'd won. She hurried down the bleachers and threw her arms around Isaac's shoulders as his hesitantly snaked around her waist.

"We won!" She grinned happily, before whispering, "I'm glad you figured it out."

"Me too," He sighed, nerves rising in his chest at the thought of someone like her liking or even caring about someone like him.
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