Icing Has Never Been So Sweet

One of One

Kellin smiled as he placed the candles around the very small apartment studio. He was trying to get the place ready before his boyfriend got home. It would only be a matter of time before he arrived and saw what the younger boy had prepared for the evening. Now all he had to do was wait.

The mat was in the center of what most would call the living room along with the spinning board on the right. The internal excitement was building up in the boy and he couldn’t stop smiling. It was his boyfriend’s birthday and even though the other boy protested against them doing anything or spending money Kellin couldn't help it. Sure they’d just moved into their own place only two months ago and didn't have steady enough jobs yet so money was tightly rationed but to not do anything for Vic was just unimaginable.

His smile was even brighter when he heard the familiar jingle of the door meaning that his boyfriend was home. The door slowly opened and Vic’s eyes widened.

Vic’s eyes and mouth were wide open in awe. He couldn't believe that Kellin had done all of this for him. The sight alone was just beautiful. Kellin was standing in the middle of their studio in nothing but white boxer briefs with his hair looking like he just got out of bed and two light blue paint lines across his cheeks that looked like he was in war. Not only that but on the floor there was a twister mat on the floor and on each one of the circles there was what looked like icing that was dyed to match the colors.

“I know you said we couldn’t celebrate but I couldn’t help it. Happy birthday Vic.” The birthday boy couldn’t even fathom the thought that his boyfriend had done this for him. The gesture was the sweetest thing that he’s ever received his entire life. He was so in shock that he couldn't find his voice.

This sight caused Kellin to smile. Seeing Vic happy always made Kellin smile. “So are you just going to stand there looking at me or are we going to play a nice game of twister?”

Kellin made his way over to his boyfriend, placed his hands on each side of Vic’s neck and kissed him with the passion he’d been holding in all day. After the kiss Kellin wasted no time in removing his boyfriend’s clothes. It wasn't too often when this side came out so Vic was really enjoying this. “What? You can’t get your clothes dirty. That’d be a shame.”

Once the two were only in their underwear Vic went in for another kiss while grinding his hips against Kellin’s. He still couldn't believe that his boyfriend had done all of this him, plus his attire had gotten him aroused pretty quickly.

“It needs to be my birthday more often. I’d love to come home to this every night.” Vic smiled as he brought Kellin even closer to him. His hands roamed over every inch of exposed skin and his lips nipping the area on Kellin’s neck that drove him crazy.

“No, it is your birthday and I did all of this for you. We are are going to play twister even if it kills you.” The pout on both of their faces put the duo in a laughing fit as Kellin took Vic’s hand into his and lead him over to the game. “So, don’t laugh at me, I tried, and we’re playing this game no matter what. Hand me the spinner.”

This caused the older boy to laugh and smile widely. Kellin held the spinner in his hands and he explained the directions everyone already knew. Opting that he go first he spun and landed on right hand red.

Vic knew it was going to all end the same way but he spun the spinner anyways landing on left foot blue. The blue icing seeped through the cracks between his toes. It wasn't until Kellin had gotten left foot on yellow that the older boy knew he could have some fun.

Slowly the birthday boy moved his hand to his boyfriend’s shaft and started stroking him through the boxer brief material. This caused a low moan to escape past Kellin’s lips. To hell with it the two decided as they fell one the mat. Kellin hastily connected his lips with his Vic’s and ground his hips into the other boys. Now they were getting somewhere.

Icing was now covering the older boy’s back for sure. The two didn't care though, it only made it sweeter. Kellin took some icing onto that hadn’t been touched by the two and had an idea. He moved on of his hands to the waistband of Vic’s boxers pulling them down while looking him in the eyes and putting his finger in the other’s mouth.

Simultaneously the two worked in sync both getting pleasure. “Happy birthday Vic.”

That was all Kellin had said before engulfing him in his mouth. Vic gasped at the sudden contact, Kellin wasn't wasting any time. He used his other hand to pump what he couldn't fit in his mouth. Blowjobs were Kellin’s specialty and with that they didn't come around often.

The moans were also driving Kellin crazy. With each moan that his boyfriend produced it made his own member ache.

His tongue continued to swirl around Vic’s throbbing erection sucking on the tip every time he bobbed his head up. Vic was a mess in a matter of minutes. His hands were either gripping the mat or Kellin’s dark locks. And he wasn't even going to get started when he felt the tip hit the back of Kellin’s throat. He was breathless. “Please Kells, I don't think I can handle this. I need-.”

He didn't even need to say the words before Kellin was already reaching for the condoms and lube. The anticipation was killing Vic as the younger boy slipped the condom on his boyfriend. It didn't help that he flicked his wrists a couple of times after applying the lube either.

Lust was purely in the air as Vic went to prep Kellin. The raven haired boy couldn't help but moan at the feeling of Vic’s fingers as the curled around him. With each finger Kellin started bucking his hips forward and arching his back. The sensations between the two was better than ecstasy.

When kellin had begun to moan even louder and hold onto the mat Vic knew he’d found the spot. Just to be a little tease Vic slowly glided his fingers against the sensitive area. Through his gritted teeth the younger boy spoke. “Stop it, I know what you’re doing.”

His comment only made the birthday boy smirk and go even slower across the sensitive area. “I need you inside of me, right now, fast and hard.”

“Oh really? Do you now? I thought this was my birthday, not yours.” he couldn't help joking around but he also wasn't feeling up to the games anymore.

It never ceased to amaze Vic how no matter how many times they’d had sex Kellin always felt tight around him. Both let out a moan when he was fully in. It was as if every time felt better than the last.

Kellin who was situated on top of Vic started to slowly gyrate his hips forward slowly just to tease. The other boy groaned and forcefully grabbed into the pale hipbones. “Too slow.”

That was all Kellin really needed to hear before he instantly began to pick up speed. All you could hear in the tiny studio was the sound of panting and skin being slapped against skin. The sight of Kellin riding him was just terrific. Vic couldn't have asked for a better present or boyfriend.

Both were enjoying themselves rather quickly. Kellin bounced feverishly moving his hips in every angle making the older boy moan in such a way it felt more animalistic, that drove the other boy crazy. Kellin placed his hands on Vic’s shoulders and kept moving down quickly and stopped at the hips before digging his nails in. It was something that Vic enjoyed very much but it was time for a switch up.

Vic didn't waste any time flipping the two over and attacking Kellin’s neck with his lips. This time he wasn’t going to go easy. Pushing Kellin’s legs closer to his own head, Vic thrusted in and out furiously. The pleasure between the two was equal as time went on.

While still raised in the air Vic thought of a perfect teased. His fast rhythmic movements turned instantly into a slow motion. This action only caused Kellin to roll his eyes and catch his breath for a second before gasping at the contact.

As Kellin looked down the sight he was was almost enough to make him climax on the spot. Vic was looking into his eyes while swirling his tongue around the tip and sucked on it all while still moving in out of of him. Kellin screamed out in pleasure as he couldn't control the feeling inside of him. Every part of his body was tingling. Just as Vic was about to move his mouth away he slowly and agonizingly licked the tip on more time. “I need you to. Just. touch me.”

Vic wasn't as keen on listening though. He placed them back at a more comfortable position and quickly went back to ramming him. There was nothing gentle about this and the moans were more than enough. “You always feel so good, so tight.”

“Touch me.” Kellin pleaded softly. Whenever Kellin had pulled the innocence card it just caused Vic to become a wild fish in a frenzy. There was just something erotic about the innocent.

Kellin gasped at the contact, moving his hips to get more friction going. Vic knew the right things to do that pleased Kellin and vise verse. While simultaneously riding out the last of his climax and helping Kellin reach his Vic leaned down and sensually licked some icing that was on the corner of his shoulder. This and the constant flicking of the wrist caused both of them to climax at the same time.

The two lie there trying to catch their breath with smiles filled with pure bliss. They looked at each other only smiling even wider. Vic was the first to speak, his voice still a little hoarse from what had just happened. He couldn't help but smirk looking at his boyfriend who had his eyes closed from exhaustion. “So, shower time?”