Just A Kid

  1. Part 1
    We get to read a little biography of our main character, Araile.
  2. Part 2
    Araile finally reaches Kakashi and his team
  3. Part 3
    Araile gets injured during a fight
  4. Part 4
    We find out about the demon named Ishimaru
  5. Part 5
    Araile has a terrible nightmare about the villagers
  6. Part 6
    Araile and Kakashi go for a walk, and Araile almost gets hurt. Ishimaru comes back to torment poor Araile once again
  7. Part 7
    Araile runs off again, and Kakashi goes out to find her with the help of a small fairy. We finally get to meet Ishimaru in person and he and Kakashi get into a fight. Araile changes into her demon form in this chanpter as well.
  8. Part 8
    Ishimaru is finally beaten, and a character from before comes back. During the night, Araile has a strange dream about a boy and a burning house.
  9. Part 9
    After having a dream, Araile wakes up to have a fever. After having a rest on Kakashi's back, her fever is gone. She and Takumi are suddenly engulfed by a strange light and find themselves in a strange new land.
  10. Part 10
    Araile finds herself in the Land of Mortality. There, she meets Seishin and Kazoku, sister and brother. As well she meets children her age who are half demons, just like Araile.
  11. Part 11
    Takumi finds Araile, along with Taiyo and Meiyo in the forest. Seishin then gives Araile a gift, and Shinrai begins training with Araile.
  12. Part 12
    2 years have gone by, and Araile is now 11 years old. Her memories of Konoha have been reduced to short flashes, and with those flashes come pain. Araile meets up with someone who claims to be close to her. Who is this person?