Just A Kid

Part 1

Name: Araile

Age: 9 years old

Race: Cat Demon

Physical Features: Small for your age. Big amber eyes. Symbol on your forehead. Since you are a cat demon, you have white cat ears and a white tail with black tips. You also have long white hair with black along the ends of your hair.

Personality: When meeting new people, you are very, very shy, but once you are used to them, you are very mischievous.

History: You were orphaned when you were 2 years old. Some ninja’s found you in your mother’s dead embrace, her body protecting yours. They bought you to the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The ninjas then presented you to their Hokage, who then gave you to a Jonin named Hatake Kakashi. Since then, Kakashi has taken care of you. He has even taught you how to fight with different weapons. Kakashi has always brought you with him when he first trains his teams. None of the teams have gotten far, because Kakashi has always failed them. Secretly, you have been watching them.

When you turned 7 years old, you met a young boy. His brother had wiped out his whole clan. You were shocked. He said that his name was Sasuke. You and Sasuke became instant friends. Everyday, you two played until sunset. Then, something happened. Sasuke began to go to a ninja school. You were left all alone. Since then, you have wandered around, playing wherever you wanted. Numerous times, Kakashi has had to come out, looking for you. You have never told him where you’ve been, and he never asked.

While you were following Kakashi and his “team”, your sensitive ears picked up a series of whimpers and whines in a bush nearby. Your gaze flickers towards Kakashi. You shrug and silently move towards the bush. Moving aside some branches, you see a creature with black fur with a long tail and pointed ears. The creatures grey eyes stare at you while its tail twitches. You notice that in the centre of the creature’s forehead is a medium sized red jewel. You blink in surprise as the creature moves towards you, limping.

“Aw, poor thing” you say sadly. You notice that the creature’s leg is all bloody and has a rope attached to a metal clamp. Your tail twitches in curiosity as you untie the rope, setting the creature free. “Go!” you say as you shoo it away. The creature twitches it's ear and runs off.

Suddenly, something is put over your head. Your body gets pulled towards the ground because of the weight. Your first instinct is to struggle for your life, which it very hard for you to breathe. Finally, you manage to get the thing off your head. Your ear twitches as you hear footsteps coming towards you. You look up and see two ninjas standing behind you, smiling.

“Well, it looks like we caught a treasure that we can bring back to the Boss” one of them said as they took out their shrewikan. You hiss as you lay your ears flat against your head. Suddenly, you leap on one of the ninjas and pull their headband over their eyes. You jump onto the other ninja and do the same thing. You then push the two ninja together, making them fall over. You giggle at the sight of them. Finally, you run away towards the trees. Suddenly, someone pulls your tail, making you fall over.

You look behind you and see that one of the ninjas had finally recovered, and now had a death-grip on your tail. You snarl as pain shoots through your tailbone. The ninja smirks. You swat at him with your claws. The ninja suddenly lets go. You hiss as you back away into the shadows of the trees. Both ninjas appear in front of you. A deep growl rumbles through you as you bear your teeth, backing away.

“Uh oh, I think we made her mad” one of them says. They both laugh. They suddenly lunge at you. Luckily, Kakashi taught you to be very fast. You start running as fast as you can, but you are slowed by your injuries. You can hear the ninjas laughing as they chase you. Branches scratch your face as you continue to run. You suddenly skid to a stop. You can see a whole forest of pine trees and thorns as you look down from an edge of a cliff.

“No where to run now, kitty cat” one ninja laughs as they advance towards you. As they take step towards you, you take two steps back. Your heel goes off the edge. You regain your balance as one ninja throws a kunai knife, while the other throws shrewikan. You suddenly have a flash back of yourself as a 6 year old.

Kakashi was showing you the different types of weapons that ninjas used. “What’s this?” you ask as you pick up some sort of knife with writing on it. Your tail twitches in curiosity.

“Kunai knife” Kakashi tells you as he takes it from you. You put your small hand on the edge of the knife. “Be careful, Araile. Its sharp” Kakashi warned, putting his hand on yours. You look at him with your big amber eyes. Kakashi smiles at you and ruffles your hair. Suddenly, somebody comes over to you and Kakashi. “Oh, Iruka-sama. What do you want?” Kakashi said, now standing. You clutch Kakashi’s leg while you stare at the stranger.

“The Hokage wants to see you right now” Iruka said. Kakashi nods. When Iruka left, Kakashi bent down, so he was your height.

“Araile, I have to go,” he said. “But I’ll be back very soon” Kakashi added as he saw your sad face. You nod. Kakashi smiles and ruffles your hair. Kakashi got up and walked out the door. You stare at his back while he goes around the corner. You sigh and close the door.

“Bored, bored, bored” you say to yourself as you lie on your “bed”, which is actually a big cushion. You rest your head against the cushions corner and doze off. You stir as you open your eyes. “Great, now I can’t even sleep” you mutter as you get up. A shiny object suddenly catches your attention. You stare at the object, trying to figure out what it is. You walk over to the object and pick it up.

“Hey! It’s the knife thingy Kakashi was showing me earlier!” you say excitedly as you turn it over in your hand. Suddenly, the blade cuts deep into your hand. You cry out in pain as blood drips down from your hand onto the wooden floor. You drop the bloodstained weapon. It lands with a dull 'thunk'.

“Oh no! Kakashi told me to be careful and now look what I did!” you say as you hold back tears as your hand throbs with pain. “I gotta get rid of this!” you say as you look around desperately. You find a small corner covered in darkness. You carefully grab the knife and drop it in the corner. You find a blanket and drag it over the knife. You pant, tired from the whole ordeal. Your ears twitch as you hear someone coming towards the house. “Uh oh, Kakashi’s back,” you whine.

You race to the cushion and fling yourself on it. The door opens. You blink as the figure appears upside down. You realize that you are lying on your back, which made everything seem that it is upside down.

“Hey, I’m back!” a familiar voice calls out. You sit up and pretend to yawn, making it as if you were asleep. You suddenly open your amber eyes wide.

“Yay! Kakashi’s back! Kakashi’s back!” you shout, jumping on him. Kakashi smiles and puts you down. Kakashi walked into the house and sat down on his bed. You walk around the house. Suddenly, Kakashi picks you up.

'Uh oh! Kakashi is going to see my hand!' you think to yourself. You squirm and try to get down, but Kakashi had a firm grip on you. Suddenly, Kakashi takes hold of your hand and turns it over, exposing the blood.

“What happened here?” he said. Your ear twitches as you look away.

“Nothing” you mutter. You flinch as Kakashi touches your wound. Kakashi brings you over to his bed and sits you on it while he rummages around for something.

“Found it!” Kakashi exclaims as he walks over to you and sits beside you. Kakashi then took your hand in his and put on some sort of white cream. Your eyes suddenly widened, and you cry out as your hand begins to burn. You snarl as you try and pull back your hand from Kakashi. Kakashi holds your hand in his with a firm grip. Tears run down your face as the pain finally subdues, which leaves you shaking.

“I know it hurts, but it will help your hand” Kakashi says as he puts some bandages around your hand. You nod and smile a bit. “There now, all better” Kakashi exclaims as he stands up. You inspect your hand and smile.