Just A Kid

Part 11

Your eyes open slowly. You sit up and stretch. You hear a small grunt beside you. You jump and turn around, but relax once you see that its just Shinrai. A faint line of pink appears on your face as you look at the young wolf demon.

"Good morning" a voice says. You turn around again and smile. Kazoku had awoken and was making some food. "Did you sleep well?" Kazoku asks you.

You nod. Your stomach suddenly rumbles, and just then you realize that you haven't had any food since you were sick. Your stomach rumbles again. Your ears lay back as Kazoku gives a small laugh.

"You must be hungry. Here, I made this while my brother was telling the story" she says as she hands you a package.

Your tail twitches as you open the package. You see two balls of rice in the centre of the package. You take a small bite of the rice-ball and look around. You see that Shinrai is still asleep, but Seishin was not in the room.

"Where is Seishin?" you ask Kazoku.

"Probably outside, training" Kazoku says.

Just then, the door bursts open. Meiyo and Taiyo walked in.

"Good morning Kazoku!" Meiyo said, happily.

Kazoku laughs and replies "good morning, Meiyo. My, it seems like you're in a good mood today".

Meiyo nods. "Its because Seishin just said that he would take us on a walk!" she says, obviously excited.

You shuffle, still a bit shy.

Meiyo finally notices you and grabs your hand. "Come on Araile! Lets go!" Meiyo squeals as she pulls you towards the door.

"Uh, ok" you say, a bit nervous.

"Go on you three. Have fun" Kazoku says as she shuts the door behind Taiyo.

"Aren't Kazoku's rice-balls good?" Meiyo asks you. You nod. Meiyo continues talking and asking you questions as she continues pulling you along a path through the forest.

Taiyo walks behind you and his sister. A bush suddenly moves. "You two. Get behind me" Taiyo growls as he steps in front of you. The bush moves even more.

Meiyo clings to you, scared. A creature with black fur and grey eyes steps out of the bush.

You blink in surprise. You walk towards the creature and smile.

"What are you doing?" Taiyo says as you stand in front of the creature.

Suddenly, the creature lunges at you. Taiyo tenses as you scream in surprise, but then the scream turns into laughs as the creature starts licking your face.

"Takumi! Stop it!" you laugh as Takumi licks you. You finally manage to push Takumi off you. You wipe your face with your sleeve as you stand up.

"Who is that?" Taiyo says, still standing in front of his sister.

"This is Takumi. I rescued him from some ninjas a while ago" you say as Takumi rubs his head against your leg. You wrap your arms around his neck in a hug, burying your head in Takumi's fur.

"Aw! He's so cute!" Meiyo says as she runs up to you and Takumi.

"Well now, I see everyone is awake" a voice says. Your ears twitch as you raise your head.

"Seishin! Can we go for our walk now?" Meiyo asks, excited.

Seishin nods. "How was your sleep, Araile?" Seishin suddenly asks you.

"Um..it was good" you say.

"Alright, lets go" Seishin says as he begins walking. Meiyo cheers and runs to catch up with Seishin, Taiyo following.

"Come on, Araile! Hurry up!" Meiyo shouts.

"Uh, yeah" you say. You run and catch up with Meiyo.

Unknown to you, Takumi begins to growl as his grey eyes lock onto Seishin.

"Today is a beautiful day" Seishin exclaims as he leads all of you into the forest. All of you agree and continue walking. A couple of hours later, Seishin leads all of you into a small clearing.

Your eyes widen in surprise, for there were katanas, kunais, shrewikan, and any other ninja weapons all over the grass.

"Seishin, what are all of these?" you say in confusion.

"This is where we train," Seishin says to you.

"Seishin, have you seen where my shrewikan went?" Meiyo said.

"They are probably where you left them last time," Seishin said, laughing. Meiyo thinks about that and heads off to look for her shrewikan.

"Araile, come here. I want to give you something," Seishin says as he picks up a katana in an emerald green sheath.

You walk over to him, carefully stepping over the weapons.

"I want you to have this" Seishin says as he hands you the katana and a small dagger.

You take the katana out of its sheath and marvel at its shininess.

"You will be practicing with the katana and the dagger from now on, okay?" Seishin says.

You nod, still looking at the katana.

"You got the same weapons as me," a shy voice says from behind you. You turn around and smile.

"Good morning, Shinrai" you say. Shinrai shifts a little and looks around. You put the katana back in its sheath.

"I'll help you with your katana" Shinrai finally says.

"Okay!" you say and Shinrai leads you to a spot where there weren't any weapons on the ground.

You and Shinrai begin to practice fighting.