Just A Kid

Part 12

2 years go by. You have grown fast, like all demons. Your hair has reached your mid-back. Your attitude has developed for 2 years and now you are an out-spoken, hyper, fun-loving 11-year-old. During the 2 years, you somehow got Seishin's permission to pierce your left ear. The piercing was Meiyo's idea, and you liked it.

The earring was gold, but in the middle it had 3 beads. 2 beads were blue, while the third bead was red. Meiyo and Shinrai have grown as well.

Meiyo's hair has grown longer and now she keeps it in a ponytail.

Shinrai's light green eyes have now become a deep green. Shinrai now keeps his hair in a single braid, which reaches his lower back. Most of Shinrai's shyness has gone, but replaced with that shyness is kindness and compassion.

Taiyou has stayed the same since you met him. You don't really talk to Taiyou much, because when you do, he is always rude to you. Taiyou has treated Shinrai worst of all. Taiyou is always either punching Shinrai, or making rude comments about Shinrai.

You have tried your best to help your poor friend, but in the end, you get the beating.

Shinrai has apologized numerous times, but you always say, "That’s alright. One day, we'll get stronger then we'll show him".

Every memory you have of your friends in Konoha are now gone. The only memory you have was a big explosion and people screaming. When you try to remember, your head begins to hurt. It always feels like a dagger slicing right through your skull. You always sit out when you and Shinrai are practicing.

Seishin and Kazoku have noticed this. Kazoku has tried many remedies, but nothing has seemed to work.

"Araile? Araile! Snap out of it!" Shinrai says, a bit annoyed as you snap out of a daydream.

"Sorry Shinrai, I was just thinking" you say as you take out your katana and get in a fighting stance. You and Shinrai sword fight for about an hour until your mind starts wondering again.

In your mind's eye, you can see the explosions and hear people screaming. Just then, white-hot pain shots through your head. You cry out as you drop your katana and clutch your head. You drop to your knees as you hear a slight ringing in your ears.

You can dimly hear Shinrai calling your name and putting a hand on your shoulder. The pain slowly goes away, leaving you breathing hard and sweat rolling down your cheek.

"You were thinking about it again, weren't you?" Shinrai said gently as he sat beside you. You look at him.

"It’s not my fault. I can't help it" you sigh. Shinrai stands up after 5 minutes of being in deep thought.

"Wait here. I'll get Kazoku to lend me some ointment," he says as he runs off. You groan. That ointment always smelled really funny and tasted disgusting.

You look around and begin walking around.

"Why do I always think about that certain place? It's like a distant memory, but yet, I can't exactly remember what that memory was about. Why does my head always hurt every time I think about it?" you think to yourself as you wander further and further among the trees. You finally stop when you reach an old oak tree.

"Hello, my friend" you say quietly as you touch the rough bark. You come to this particular tree when you want to think, when you want to relax, or if you just want a place to sleep. You jump onto one of the braches and sit down. You lean against the tree as the wind blows. You close your eyes and fall asleep. Your eyes snap open as beads of sweat fall down your face.

Breathing hard, you look around. Someone stands in front of you, staring at you. You growl softly. "What do you want?" you say, getting up. The stranger looks up, showing its face. You can tell that it’s a man, probably as old as Seishin. You look at his eyes.

His eyes.

His amber eyes seem to bore into you, looking into your soul. You hesitate before you speak again. "What do you want?" you say again, louder this time. The man continues to gaze at you. You shift uncomfortably.

"Araile, it's been a long time," the man says, his voice deep and smooth.

"How do you know my name? And what do you mean, 'it's been a long time'?" you say; now getting up. The man blinks slowly and walks towards you. You growl and take a step back, you're back hitting against the tree trunk.

"Don't you remember me?" the man says as he now stands in front of you. His amber eyes bore into you again. You try to suppress a shiver. The man outlines your facial features; outlining your eyes, you're nose, your mouth, and even your ears.

"Stop!" you say as you try to jump down from your branch.

"You look so much like mother," he says as he takes a step back.

"W-what?" you breathe, eyes wide.

"You look like mother," he says again.

"While I took after father," the man said, looking at you again.

"This is crazy! This man is crazy! Who is he?" you think. "Who are you!" you say, pressing your hands against the tree's trunk. The man stares at you.

"It's been a long time, sister," he says. Your heart skips a beat as he says this.

"Wh-what?" you whisper. The man sighed and rubbed his temples.

"So they haven't told you, have they?" he says.

"Told me what!" you say, shaking slightly. The man sighs.

"Never mind" he says. You growl. You suddenly hear your name being called. Your eyes dart underneath the oak tree to see Meiyo. You look back in front of you, but gasp in surprise.

The man had disappeared.

You blink a couple times.

"Araile! Come on!" Meiyo calls again. You jump down in front of your friend.

"Sorry Meiyo" you say a bit sheepishly.

"That’s ok" Meiyo smiles. "Just be glad that it wasn't Taiyo who came. Believe me, you don't wanna know what he does" Meiyo says, her voice getting lower and lower to add a scary effect, while her hands were clawing at the air.

You two look up at each other.

A minute goes by of awkward silence. Suddenly both of you burst out laughing.