Just A Kid

Part 2

A rock detaches itself as you back away. “Come on, kitty. We want to play with you” one ninja says. Both of them throw shrewikan. You instinctively put your arms up to cover your head. Suddenly, the piece of rock that you were standing on falls. You scream as you fall. The cliff arches downwards as you begin to tumble down the slope. You close your eyes as the rocks cut your back. Finally, a big pine tree stops your fall. You lay there, stunned. You can see the two ninjas up above.

They look down at you and laugh. They suddenly disappear and after a few minutes, you shake your head and stand up, trying to clear your vision. You finally begin to walk, bumping into trees as the sky begins to darken.

Your stomach growls constantly as you continue walking. You stop suddenly, ears twitching. You can hear some people talking. You slowly creep towards the sound. The trees part, showing a single fire with 4 people around it. Your eyes widened as your gaze lands on the tallest one. You remember that Kakashi told you and silently make your way towards the trees to hide. You find a big tree with a hole at the bottom. You suddenly put your hands on the tree trunk.

Your back arches as your nails cut into the tree bark. Your eyes widen in surprise as you stare at what you’ve done. There are 10 short jagged marks, each crossing each other. Your eyelids suddenly become heavy. You yawn as you crawl into the small hole. “Perfect fit” you mumble as you close your eyes and fall asleep.

“Hey Kakashi-sensei, what’s that?” Naruto asked as he pointed to a tree. Sasuke looked up from his food.

“Its probably some wild animal” Sakura said as she sat beside Sasuke.

“W-Wild a-animal? W-What kind?” Naruto said. Kakashi got up and walked over to where Naruto was. His eye widened in surprise. “Hey! There’s a hole under the tree! Maybe something’s under there, like maybe a treasure!” Naruto cried out, obviously excited. Naruto bent down and reached in the hole.

“Naruto, I wouldn’t do that if I-” Kakashi started to say, but was cut off by Naruto crying out.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!! Something’s in there!” Naruto cried out as he held his now scratched hand. Kakashi stared into the darkness of the hole.

“Its probably a rabbit or squirrel” Sakura said, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, its not any of those” Kakashi said as he continued to stare into the darkness. In the darkness, Kakashi saw a pair of big amber eyes staring at him.

“Ok, whatever is in there is going down! Believe it!” Naruto said as he ran at the tree. Suddenly, a dark shape jumped on Naruto. The force made Naruto lad on his back. “AAHH! Get it off me! Get it off me!” Naruto cried as he put his hands over his face.

“Naruto! Calm down!” Sakura said as she came over. You blink as the sun shines onto your face. You step off Naruto’s squirming body as sit beside him. Your ear twitches as you hear somebody come up behind you. You turn your head as Kakashi comes up behind you. You blink as he opens his arms. You know what he wants. You jump up onto Kakashi and perch on his shoulder.

“Everyone, this is your new companion, Araile” Kakashi said as you looked around.

“Aww! She’s so cute!” Sakura said as she came over.

You jump off Kakashi’s shoulder and walk towards Sakura. She smiles as you twitch your tail. Sakura then begins to scratch behind your ears. Your eyes widen in surprise as you begin to purr.

“Well, it looks like somebody here knows how to pet a cat” Kakashi says, obviously surprised as well. Sakura nodded.

“We have a cat at home,” she said as she continued to scratch you. You, on the other hand, were in heaven.

“Hey! Let me pet her! Let me pet her!” Naruto cries out as he jumps up and down. You blink at Naruto as he runs over. You slowly begin to walk towards Naruto, never taking your eyes off him. Before Naruto can do anything, you suddenly grab his pouch of shrewikan and run behind Kakashi.

“Hey! Give it back!” Naruto cries out as he begins to chase you. You grab the pouch between your teeth and run around, with Naruto running after you. Naruto chases you until its dark. You spot a tall tree that you can climb up. Just as you are about to climb the tree, you are pulled back. You look behind you, with the pouch still in your mouth. Naruto, panting hard, has gotten hold of your tail.

“Now…give me back…my shrewikan pouch…” Naruto says between gasps. You smile as you silently take out his kunai knife. You sit down, careful to hide the kunai knife. You make your amber eyes get bigger as your tail curls around you.

“Watch what Araile does now,” Kakashi whispers to Sasuke and Sakura. You push the pouch towards Naruto and sit back down, your back facing the others. You know that they are watching your every move.

“Ha! Now this is what I’m talking about,” Naruto says as he takes the shrewikan bag. You curl your tail, showing the others that your tail is curled around the kunai knife. Sakura tries her best not to laugh.

“Idiot” Sasuke mutters. Your ear twitches as he says this.

Finally, you yawn and look around. In the corner of your eye, you can see that Naruto doesn’t notice that you have his kunai knife.

“Well, I think we should all get some sleep” Kakashi said as he sat against a tree. You start to follow him, but stop. Making sure that Naruto can’t see your tail, you silently walk over to where Sasuke was sitting. Kakashi takes out a book and begins to read.

“Eww! Kakashi-sensei. Why are you reading that book?” Naruto said. Kakashi simply shrugged as he continued reading, but looked from his book.

“Quiet, Naruto. Can’t you see that some people are asleep?” Kakashi says as he points over to you and Sasuke. You have cuddled against Sasuke. Both of you are fast asleep, and soon everyone afterwards falls asleep.