Just A Kid

Part 8

“Sasuke-kun, you’re alright!” Sakura said, relieved. Naruto looks back. Sasuke had gotten back on his feet.

Sakura starts to say something, but is cut off by Kakashi shouting “Sasuke, Sakura, watch out!”. Sakura and Sasuke jump to the side, nearly missing Ishimaru as he flies into a wall. They watch silently as Ishimaru gets up and runs full speed at you. You swipe at Ishimaru with your claws, making 5 deep gashes in Ishimaru’s chest. You slash Ishimaru with your claws again and again.

Finally, Ishimaru kicks your now exhausted form away from him. You pant heavily as you struggle to stand. Blood drips from your wounds as you raise your head. You snarl as you see Ishimaru walking towards you. As Ishimaru raises his sword, you suddenly get a burst of energy. You growl slightly and lunge at Ishimaru. You cling to Ishimaru’s sword as the sword begins to glow.

“What is this? Get off!” Ishimaru shouts. You slash at Ishimaru, but miss.

Suddenly, the floor begins to shake. Everybody looks around. Cracks appear all over. The ceiling begins to crumble.

“This chamber is going to collapse! Everybody, get out now!” Kakashi shouted as he picked up Sasuke.

“But Kakashi-sensei, we can’t leave Araile-chan! She’s still fighting!” Naruto said. Sakura nodded. Kakashi looks back at you. You continue to fight Ishimaru. The ceiling began to fall to the floor in pieces.

“We have to go, now!” Kakashi said. A piece of the roof fell between your fight and the rest of the team. Sakura screams and covers her head. “Sakura, Naruto, follow me!” Kakashi shouted as he began to run. Both Sakura and Naruto nodded and followed.

Finally, the team got out of the chamber. As soon as they got out, the whole chamber collapsed. The team stands there in shock.

“Sasuke, get back here!” Kakashi suddenly shouts. Sakura and Naruto look to see Sasuke running towards the ruined chamber, which was reduced to piles of wood and cement bricks. Sasuke runs to the pile and starts to dig.

“Sasuke-kun, what are you doing?” Sakura shouted. Kakashi put a hand on her shoulder.

“Let him be, Sakura” Kakashi said as he watched Sasuke dig desperately in the pile. Finally, Sasuke stopped digging. Panting hard, Sasuke stood up and looked around.

“I can’t find her…” Sasuke whispered.

“I wouldn’t say that yet,” Kakashi said as he stood beside Sasuke.

“Kakashi-sensei, what do you mean?” Sakura said. Kakashi pointed to where a pile of rubble was moving. Naruto screamed and hid behind Sakura.

“What’s that?” Sakura said.

“It’s that Ishimaru guy!” Sasuke shouted. Sakura gasped.

“I thought he didn’t survive!” Sakura said. Kakashi walked towards the moving pile of rubble.

“Kakashi-sensei, watch out!” Naruto said, still hiding behind Sakura. Suddenly, a hand flew out of the pile and grabbed Kakashi’s leg. Kakashi’s eye widened in surprise. A head came out, with a neck and shoulders.

“I will not get beaten by a runt!” Ishimaru yelled.

“Hm, I thought you were already beaten” Kakashi said in playful mockery. Ishimaru looked at Kakashi with pure hatred in his eyes.

“Once I get out I will kill every one of you!” Ishimaru cried.

“Oh?” Kakashi said. Ishimaru was about to say something else, but instead shook violently and hunched over, now dead. A kunai stuck out of his back. Kakashi stepped back in surprise. A head pokes out, with ears and white hair. You squirm and finally get your body out of the rubble.

You look around and see Kakashi standing there with a surprised look on his face. You blink. “Oh, your there” Kakashi says as if snapping out of a dream. You glare at Kakashi. “Come on” Kakashi says while he walks towards the others. You smile and jump on his shoulder.

“Whew, we’ve been searching for hours” Naruto says as he sits on a piece of wood. Sakura nods.

“We have to keep searching! I know Araile is here!” Sasuke says as he continues to search.

“Sasuke-kun, she could be anywhere,” Sakura says.

“Hey, Kakashi-sensei is back!” Naruto said, jumping up. Sakura and Sasuke look to where Kakashi was walking.

“Hey, what’s that on Kakashi-sensei’s shoulder?” Sakura said as she squinted into the distance.

“It’s Araile! She’s alright!” Naruto yelled. Sasuke looks at Kakashi with a shocked look on his face. Suddenly, you jump down from Kakashi, but you land on Sasuke, making him fall over. You smile and begin to purr. Sasuke smiles as well. You get off Sasuke and sit down. You look around and notice that everyone is very dirty, either from blood or dirt. You look at Kakashi and grin.

“Well, I think we all should go home and clean ourselves up” Kakashi says. You nod.

“Yay! Finally, a nice hot bath!” Sakura cheers.

“Yeah! Now I can eat all the ramen I want!” Naruto shouts. You twitch your tail and laugh as Sakura punches Naruto on the back of his head.

“Let’s get going” Kakashi says as he begins walking down a trail that leads into a forest. You run after Kakashi and jump onto his shoulders. The rest of team 7 follows. While Kakashi walks, he takes out his book and begins reading. The sky begins to darken as team 7 continues walking.

Everybody seems tired from all that walking. Sasuke is panting lightly, Sakura is panting hard, and Naruto is practically crawling on the ground. You look back at the others. You tap Kakashi on the side of his head. When he looks at you, you point silently towards the others.

Kakashi sighs and stops walking. “I guess we should stop for the night,” Kakashi said as he sat down, still reading his book. Naruto lands on the ground with a dull thud. Sakura lies on her back with her arms crossed under her head. Sasuke sits on the ground. You jump off Kakashi and sit beside him. A gentle breeze blows.

A small leaf lands on your nose, making you suddenly sneeze. Sakura giggles a bit. Before you are about to say, “excuse me”, a loud howl suddenly comes from above in the trees. Everybody jumps at least a mile into the air, except for Kakashi, who just looks up.

“What was that?” Sakura said, shaking. You stare up into the trees.

“I’ll go find out!” you say as you begin to climb the closest tree.

“No, you are not” Kakashi says as he grabs the top of your tunic and pulls you back down. You struggle to get down, but stop.

“Fine” you say with your arms crossed and your ears flat on your head in defeat. “That’s better” Kakashi says as he lets you go. You smirk as you turn into a bunch of leaves.

“Hey! Did Araile-chan just use a replacement-jutsu?" Naruto asked.

“Naruto you idiot, what does it look like?” Sasuke said.

“Figures” Kakashi said.

Up high in the trees, you watch the team as they just found out your clone. You giggle quietly. Another howl sounds. The team jumps again.

You look up into the darkness and see a pair of glowing grey eyes. A diamond-shaped head appears, then a body, ending with a tail with an arrow-shape at the end. You smile as you reach out and touch the creatures red jewel on its forehead. The creature purrs loudly.

“You’re the creature that I rescued from those two ninjas,” you say, now rubbing the creature behind the ears. The creature suddenly walks up to you and begins licking your face. You begin laughing softly, then harder and harder. The creature suddenly stops licking your face and growls softly. You stop and look behind you.

Kakashi is standing behind you with an angry look on his face. You give him a small smile. A small movement catches your eye. The creature suddenly jumps onto your lap and gazes at Kakashi. Kakashi looks surprised, as do you. The creature gives Kakashi a small growl before leaping off into some branches. Kakashi continues glaring at you. You avert your eyes as Kakashi suddenly picks you up and puts you over his shoulder. You squeal a little bit as you hit your fists against his back.

As Kakashi begins to jump down branch from branch, you continue to hit your fists against his back. Finally, Kakashi reached the ground and puts you down. You look around and start to laugh. You laugh harder and harder as you point towards Naruto. Naruto was on his stomach, shouting out for help. The creature was on his back, calmly cleaning a paw. You manage to stop laughing and sit up.

The creature jumps off Naruto and runs over to you. You yelp in surprise as the creature knocks you on your back and begins licking your face. You begin laughing again. You squirm as the creature continues licking you. Finally, the creature gets off you and begins washing itself. You rub your face as you look at Kakashi.

“Can we keep it Kakashi? Please?” you say, making your amber eyes go really wide, looking like an innocent child. Kakashi thinks for a moment before ruffling your hair. You smile, knowing that it’s an automatic 'yes'. You look back at the creature, which has resting beside you. “I need to give you a name,” you think out loud.

“I know, lets name it Naruto!” Naruto said. You wrinkle your nose at Naruto.

“I know! I’m gonna call you Takumi” you say. Takumi purrs quietly. You smile and yawn.

You lie on your back and stare at the sky. Your eyes begin to get heavy and you curl up beside Takumi.

“Well, I think Araile has the right idea. Lets get some sleep” Kakashi said.

“Finally, some…” Naruto started to say, but couldn’t finish because he fell asleep. Soon, everyone else was fast asleep as well. Even Kakashi falls asleep.

As you enter the Land of Nod, you begin to have the strangest dream. You began to twitch as images flashed through your head.


A young boy stands on a cliff facing a small house. The young boy watches as the house began to burn. He heard people screaming and shouting. The boy’s black hair swayed in the breeze as the house continued to burn. The boy’s sharp ears picked up some rustling as the fire finally burnt out.

A couple of ninja’s came out of the buildings and ran into the burnt home. They began rummaging through the rubble for any survivors. The boy smiled, obviously pleased. One of the ninjas called out to the other ninjas. The first ninja who shouted out held something in his arms. As the young boy watched intently as the ninja’s rushed off with a little girl in the ninja’s arms.

“Until we meet again, little sister” the young boy said with a small grin and walked off, disappearing into the darkness.