Just A Kid

Part 9

You slowly start to open your eyes. You can see a blurry image of Takumi cleaning himself beside you. Your head pounds and your eyes start to burn. Instantly, you begin rubbing your eyes. As soon as you stop rubbing your eyes, your eyes begin to sting even worse. You yelp as you hold your hands over your eyes. A hand suddenly presses against your forehead. Your ears twitch.

“Hm, a fever” a voice says. You recognize that voice. Sasuke had probably seen you rubbing your eyes. You stop rubbing one eye and look up. You blink, as everything seems very bright.

“Alright everyone, lets get going” Kakashi says. “Kakashi-sensei, I think you should take a look at Araile. I think there’s something wrong with her” Sasuke says as he glances at you.

“Oh?” Kakashi says as he looks at you. “Lets see” Kakashi says as he bends down in front of you. You begin to shake as Kakashi puts his hand on your forehead, like Sasuke did. “A high fever, huh?” Kakashi says quietly. You can feel Takumi give you a small lick on your arm, while whining softly. You growl slightly as Kakashi piggybacks you. The team begins walking towards Konoha.

As Kakashi continues carrying you, you fall asleep. As you sleep, you burry your head in his back. Kakashi smiles slightly when he feels you do this. After a couple hours of walking, the team finally reaches Konoha.

“Ah, finally! We’re here!” Naruto exclaims. Sasuke smirks and walk off towards his house as they enter Konoha. “Where’s Iruka-sensei? I wanna find him so we can get some ramen!” Naruto said.

“Well, I’m going to find Sasuke” Sakura said, putting her hands on her hips.

“Hey Sakura, wanna have ramen with me?” Naruto asked hopefully. Sakura begins running at full-speed to where Sasuke was walking. “Hey Sakura! Wait up!” Naruto shouts as he chases after Sakura.

“They’ll never learn” Kakashi says as he sighs and continues walking.

You open your eyes slowly, hoping that they won’t sting. You smile slightly when your eyes don’t sting. Your head continues to throb. You burry your head in Kakashi’s back as voices appear around you. Your ear twitches slightly as you hear Naruto shouting for Sakura to wait for him and Sakura running.

Finally, it was just you, Kakashi, and Takumi. You could feel Kakashi walking again. You yawn and decide to get some more sleep. You suddenly feel Kakashi shifting you on his back and putting you on something soft. Your ear twitches as you hear a door opening and closing.

You lie still for a couple moments then open your eyes. You look around, relieved that you are in Kakashi’s house. You sigh when you see that you are lying on your faithful cushion.

Suddenly, Takumi leaps out from a corner. You give a small shriek as Takumi begins licking you all over. You laugh as push Takumi off you. You look around and see that the house is empty. You and Takumi start to play for a couple hours. Takumi, tired from all the playing, lies beside your cushion and falls asleep. You start to doze off as warm sunlight shines on your neck.

Your ear twitches as you hear some commotion outside. You get up and look out the window. Since you were so small, you had to stand on your toes to see what was going on. Your eyes open wide as you see team 7 fighting off a group of rouge ninjas. You watch as Sasuke and Kakashi fight the ninjas, while Naruto had transformed into several clones and attacked a ninja that managed to escape.

You notice that Kakashi has shouted something to Sakura and pointed towards you. You gasp and fall on your butt. Takumi wakes up and licks your face. You clutch Takumi close to you as your sensitive ears pick up a series of bangs, yells, and curses.

You suddenly feel very scared and insecure as the bangs become louder. Takumi senses your fear and stands protectively over you.

Suddenly, the door opens with a bang. Two outlines run into the house. Takumi’s eyes narrow slightly as he growls. You are about to scream, but stop when you realize that if you scream, the ninja’s will hear you. You silently make your way into a darkened corner. You watch as the two ninjas tear down some stuff.

You cover your head with your arms as pieces of wood fly at you. Suddenly, Takumi leaps out from the shadows and lunges at the two ninjas. “No Takumi!” you hiss as you try to grab Takumi. You miss. You watch through wide eyes as Takumi leaps out and attacks the ninjas.

Takumi then suddenly yelps as one of the ninjas stabs his kunai into Takumi’s leg. Takumi backs off, yelping as crimson blood drips steadily from the wound. You gasp, but quickly put your hands over your mouth as the ninjas heads perk up.

Both ninjas smirk and walk towards where you where hiding. Takumi snarls and leaps at the ninjas again. The ninjas cry out as Takumi bites and scratches them, in order to protect you. You cry out in pain as a shrewikan slashes your arm. One ninja begins to laugh.

“Hey, wasn’t this the little runt that we were laughing at?” the ninja says as he gestures to your shaking body.

“Yeah. Lets have some fun!” the other ninja says as he takes out a kunai. The other ninja does the same. Both ninjas run at you. Your tail twitches as the ninjas run around you, sometimes laughing, and sometimes cutting you with their weapons.

Without warning, the first ninja stops behind you and raises his knife. Takumi growled loudly. You look back as the ninja smirks.

“Nighty-night” the ninja smirks as he hits you on the back of your head with the handle of the kunai. You yelp as white-hot pain erupts from the back of your head. You begin to see spots of colour, and then everything goes black. The ninjas smirk to each other as your body goes limp. You fall to the floor, smacking your head against a chair.

Blood trickles from the corner of your mouth. Takumi leaps in between you and the ninjas before growling, daring them to come closer. Takumi licks your cheek, willing you to wake up.

Suddenly, the door bangs open. Takumi sits beside your body as the two ninjas cry out in pain as shrewikan fly at them. Four figures charge at them. Takumi watches silently as the ninjas end up running away, all bloody and bruised.

One figure then ran towards you and Takumi. Another figure muttered something while resting one hand on the figure that ran over to you. Takumi bowed his head and stepped away. A sudden burst of purple lights up the house.

When the light disappears, both you and Takumi are gone.