Behind the Mask

A perfect life

I pulled up to Ashley's house, bass thumping through my light blue Lamborghini. I honked twice and watched her make her way hurriedly down to me, her needle point stilettos sinking into the lawn. I shook my head. The things girls do to fit in. Of course, looking at my own outfit, I couldn't say much. My name brand sweater and pleated skirt with my shiny new big ass gucci bag paired with my equally high heels were just as expensive and screamed "I'm rich and important!". She hopped in, setting her bag next to her.

"Good morning~!" she said, shutting the door and flipping down the mirror on the visor.

I rolled my eyes and pulled out of her driveway, heading to school. Seriously, she just got out of the house and she already needed to check her appearance?

"Morning." I said in what I called my "I'm rich and spoiled" voice.

She started prattling on about her morning. Something about her brother getting the last whole wheat bagel. I don't know, I never listen to Ashley's stories. They get boring way too quickly. I turned up my music, claiming to 'love this song!' and she of course, agreed. She agreed with everything I said because she didn't want to get on my bad side. I could make or break her popularity at school if I wanted too. Not that I would, I couldn't care less but then again, having her do whatever I say is always a plus.

We pull into the parking lot and I park in my usual parking spot and hop out, walking towards the school. I pretend to be listening to Ashley's yammering while I scan the crowd for Eric. Suddenly, my eyes are covered and there's warm breath on my neck.

"Guess who." Eric's voice says

I smile and spin around, capturing his lips.

"Good morning." I say happily.

He kisses my forehead and smiles back at me.

"Morning." he replies.

He laces his fingers with mine and we walk to our 'spot'. The popular kids spot that is. We chill in the courtyard around the side of the school until school starts. Teachers never ask or come over so we do what we want. Most of us are sons and daughters of very important people in this town. Eric, for instance, is the son of the owner of a large oil plant in town. His best friend, Mark's father is co owner, Ashley's parents are highly respected lawyers and me? I'm the mayor's daughter. That's why I'm the most popular girl in school, that's why I hold the reputation of everyone here in my hands, that's why teachers are scared of me. It's wonderful and ridiculous at the same time.

Eric pulls me onto his lap and I rest my head on his shoulder. He runs his fingers through my hair and talks sports with Mark as I let my eyes run over everyone in the courtyard. They're all dressed in expensive clothing, their hair is perfect, everything about them is perfect and proper and polite. I then look over toward the rest of the student body. I spot a ground of emo and scene kids. There's a tightening in my chest and I shove it away. I could never hang out with them as long as I'm rich and popular. My parent's reputation, my reputation would be ruined if I even said 'hi' to them.

"What do you think, Mikki?" Eric asks.

I snap out of my thoughts and look at him confused. He chuckles and smooths my hair.

"Welcome back, hon." he says, smiling.

I blush softly.

"I'm sorry Eric, What'd you say?"

"I asked what you thought about going to Mark's party tonight." he asked.

"Oh! yeah, sure. Sounds fun." I say, smiling.

We talk about the party until the bell rings and we go to class. As usual, my day goes by perfectly and boringly. As I drop off Ashley at her house, she tells me she'll be over later to get ready for the party. I agree and drive home. I say hello to my mom and the maid and hurry up to my room. Shutting the door, I toss my bag to the floor, kick my heels off and get out of my expensive clothes and change into a pair of grey sweats and a Blood on the Dance Floor shirt. I pull the pins out of my hair and pull off my blonde wig as well as the bald cap and let my purple, pink and black hair fall around my shoulders. I flop onto my expensive sheets and sigh. This is much better.
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