Behind the Mask


8 o' clock on the dot, Ashley was at my doorstep. I had changed into more 'appropriate' comfy clothes which were some Victoria's secret sweats and a tank top and pinned my wig back into place. Ashley smiled wide, wearing her most expensive jeans, a cute top and heels. Her copper hair was curled and bounced when she walked.

"Time to make you look hot!" she announced, leading the way to my room.

I followed her and sat on my bed as she searched through my closet for clothes. She came back out with a pair of light colored tight fitting jeans and a slightly slutty green top. I took the clothes and changed as she picked out a pair of nude heels, some jewelry and sat me down at my vanity to do my make up.

"wow, you look great!" she said, admiring her work.

I looked at the mirror and sure enough, Ashley had worked her magic on me. I had a gold eye shadow, dark liner and she had glued my lashes on for me as well as put a nice shade of red lip stick on my lips.

"Now I know it's a little more then you put on-"

'yeah, right. If she only knew.'

"-but I think you look amazing!" she said.

I smiled and nodded.

"It looks great, Ash." I reply, running a brush one last time through my straightened hair.

After saying goodbye to my parents, we headed to Mark's party.

By the time we got there and found Eric and Mark, they were in the middle of a beer pong match and Eric was winning. The place was packed and the music was loud. I didn't mind it one bit. This was more my scene, wrong crowd but I could deal.

I walked up to Eric and hugged him. He spun around and grinned from ear to ear, his eyes were glassy.

Shit. He's plastered.

"BABY~!" he yelled happily, pulling me into a bear hug and kissing me hard on the lips.

"Hi, Eric." I said.

"Mmm, I'm so glad you made it~!" he replies, pulling me closer and shoving his tongue into my mouth.

He pushes me up against the wall and starts to slide my shirt up. I try to push him off but it doesn't faze him. He kisses down my neck and sucks.

"Eric stop!" I say weakly.

I look around and everyone's watching, some are filming with their phones. I shove him off. He just has this smug grin on his face as his buddies yell at him to continue, others join the encouraging. Without warning, he grabs my top and pulls. The fabric rips down the front and he shoves me against the wall again, fueled by everyone's cheering. I yell for him to get off but he ignores me. Finally I shove him hard and he stumbles back, tripping over a chair and falling on his ass. He glares at me.

"What the hell, Mikki?!" he growls.

My eyesight gets blurry and I duck my head down, shoving my way through the crowd, making my way outside. I sit by the far end of the pool and cry.

An hour later, I'm all cried out and now just staring at my reflection in the water. I grab a stick near me and start to draw patterns on the surface, distorting the picture with ripples.

"hey..." a voice says behind me.

I turn to see Mark. He had a sad smile on his face. Sitting beside me, he held out something to me. I took it. It was one of his shirts. It had Disturbed on the front. I smiled softly and pulled it over my head.

"Thanks..." i said weakly.

"No problem." he said.

We sat in silence for a while until he spoke up.

"You know... he didn't mean to hurt you."

"I know..." I replied.

"I'm not saying what he did is okay." he corrected himself. "But I know he didn't mean it."

I nod.

"You should go find him. Give him a second chance. I'm sure he'll apologize. He has to have sobered up a little by now." he said, patting my shoulder and standing.

I stand as well and take his advice. After about ten minutes of searching, I see him just as he turns the corner into the hallway. I follow him but wish I hadn't. I turn the corner and find him with Ashley pinned up against the wall, making out. Anger floods my body and I walk up to him, rip him off her.


SMACK! I slap him hard across the face and he falls on his ass. I turn to Ashley who looks shocked and scared.

"I'm so sorry mikki! I-" she's cut off when she sees the tears flowing down my cheeks. She bows her head and lets me walk off without explaining herself. I find Mark talking to some of his buddies. I tap him on the shoulder and he turns around. Worry floods his features as he examines my makeup covered face.

"Take me home, please." I whisper.

He nods and says something to his buddies before wrapping an arm around me and leading me to his car. The ride home is quiet, the only sound is the engine and my soft sobs. When he parks in my driveway, he places a hand on my shoulder and turns me to face him.

"You want to talk about it?" he asks softly, wiping a tear away with his thumb.

"He... he cheated on m-me with Ashley!" I sobbed.

Marks face contorted into a mixture of shock and disgust. He hugged me close to him and smoothed my hair. He let me cry myself out before speaking.

"I'm so sorry, Mikki... I don't know what's wrong with him. Forget what I said. Dump his sorry ass."

I giggled softly and he smiled.

"C'mon. Let's get you inside."

I let him carry me out of the car, up the stairs and put me in my bed. He pulls my heels off and tucks me in.

"Thanks, Mark. For everything." I say, my eyes closing.

"No problem, Mik." He says

And that's all I hear as I drift off.

♠ ♠ ♠
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