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Last Choice, No Voice, Regular Kids.

Emily lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania and is fascinated by vampires and anything supernatural. And what a place for her to live in: a place where the rumours of vampires spread like wildfire through the cities and the country in no time when a list of strange killings occur.

Emmalee, on the other hand, is her best friend and pen-pal who visits for the summer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Unlike her best friend, she is a complete sceptic. With her broad Belfast accent and Northern Irish ways, she is set on her beliefs that supernatural beings do not exist.

But what happens when their worlds get turned upside down and they get involved with certain people, or certain things that no-one should dare to mess with?

We do not own Motionless In White. This is purely a work of fiction. Nor do we own any photographs or songs lyrics used.
Also, this is not a love story, so if you're looking for a steamy romance between human and vampire band member, you're in the wrong place. But, do give this story a chance, 'cause I think a lot of you will enjoy it:)

Emily's P.O.V is written by RachieHeartsBVB
Emmalee's P.O.V is written by DearJess

Both of us do not tolerate plagerism, and if we find out the someone is copying our story, we won't hesitate to report.

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  1. We Only Come Out At Night
    Emmalee's P.O.V
  2. What Are You So Scared Of?
    Emily's POV
  3. Undead Ahead
    Emmalee's P.O.V