Status: Because it's a free country


Being a rogue revolved around two things, one: don't get caught and two: kill or be killed. I should know, i have been a rogue for the last 5 years. Yup, my pack, Pack Noir, was killed by vampires when i was 12. I remember that day like it was burned into my mind. I had gone hunting, against my fathers wishes and when i came back, i saw that not only was my family dead, so was everyone else in our colony. The first people i saw when i walked through the gate was my uncle with his throat ripped out, his eyes blank and his whole face and hands covered in his own blood.
It wasn't necessarily a big surprise, we were the smallest clan in Iris and we were considered weak by all the other packs, vampires and werewolves.
Iris is ruled by one large city, called Zion, it is home to the whole population of Zenra Warriors which work for the consul, they're are fallen angels that created the werewolves, to keep down the population of Vampires, which were created by the warlocks. Naturally, the werewolves sprouted off to cover more ground, and later build colonies and territories. However, every year all the girls and boys that hit their transformation, they would travel to Zion to meet their mates, whoever the fuck they were, to keep population up. If they didn't find their mates the first year, they would go the next year and the year after that to find their mate. It usually worked the first or second time for most people. Usually the women left their packs and joined the men's pack, but if the male wanted to go to her pack, that was possible too.
Now, since, i didn't have my transformation until i was 13, i didn't get to go to Zion and well, meet my mate. Before you ask, no, they have to wait until they're 16 to move out and then 18 to get married or something like that, i didn't really care to ask questions when i was younger.
Angels on the other hand, know who their mate is when they turn like, 10, i think. The lucky bastards. Oh, Jesus Christ, i forgot to introduce myself, hi, I'm Alexandra. Alexandra Jeffrey. I'm 17 years old, and yeah, now you know me. Sort of.
Let's move onto Vampires. Made by warlocks, they have always been shunned by almost every other species. Werewolves hate them, Warlocks can't stand them, and Zenra Warriors think they're a waste of skin and bones. They were reeking havoc before werewolves were created, killing humans, setting fire to villages, breaking the Angel laws and being complete and utter assholes. So, when the werewolf was created, everything changed, you stepped one toe out of line, they would cut off your toe, and your finger, and your arms, and your legs, and possibly, your head. They naturally hated us after that, killing our pups, putting wolfsbane in our water supply, cutting out tongues of the elderly and well, being assholes. The Zenra finally stepped in and made up a bunch of rules and regulations to stop them, which worked......for a bite. We werewolves, finally grew some balls and begun fighting back not follow every law to a 'T'. We started wars, and battles until, we saw that we weren't any better than they were. We did hate them, but it would piss them off more if we just let them be. Which is what we did, peace was great, not worrying about the oppositions next move was very tiring and we learned that we should focus more on things that mattered more than one up-ing the vampires. That's kind of around the time when my clan was killed, which resulted in the next pack over, killing every vampire involved with the killings. The vampire clans weren't exactly okay with that and found it as an excuse to start a war, which happened and is still going now, it's died out a little bit. But if a vampire sees a werewolf, or vice versa, they will find an excuse to kill him or her.

The Angels just sit on their asses and do nothing, just discipline the werewolves and vampires that kill they're people because, their blood is 'pure' and they're the superior species. Yeah Right.