Status: Because it's a free country


One: Captured, At last.

"She's gotta be here somewhere!" One of Zenra's officer hollered, slamming his fist into a nearby tree. Frustration was visible on his face as his partner tried to calm him down.

I tried not to laugh as I watched them from a tall, strong tree on the north side of their camp. It was easy to watch them when my camp was in their camp. Stupid Zenra, for the last 5 years sending each of their 'best' troops to find the 17 year old girl that has been rogue since, well, she was 12. Each platoon stayed in the forest for 6 weeks 'tracking' me. Out of the hundreds of officers that tried the inevitable, only 3 or 4 had actually captured me for a short period of time.
I had escaped faster than they could react, they used manacles, hand cuff, leg cuffs, wolfsbane (a plant that burned any skin of a werewolf), and a number of other holding devices and herbs.

I just rolled my eyes at them, I wasn't causing that much havoc. I just killed the odd vampire, and wrote 'Rogue of Pack Noir' across their chest in the thick vampire's blood. I was so flattered that there was so much hype about a little girl like myself. I was the only rogue werewolf in Iris and I was planning to keep it that way, I had killed a boy and a girl werewolf that were trying to kill me for the reward which was abolished after I killed them and hung them up for the whole world to see.

I was snapped out my thoughts by the second man, he was looking at my tree. His eyes were a piercing green, unnatural for any human eyes. However I knew no Zenra warrior was really human, their DNA was altered when they were mere babies. They were as much monsters as werewolves, warlocks and vampires. The second man was fairly young, fresh out of the academy possibly, about 18 or 19, slotted green eyes, and unnatural black hair. Dyed possibly. He had an aura around him that screamed 'death and decay'. He was very different from the first man, he was entering his late twenties, early thirties, long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail while, his eyes were a calm blue which didn't compliment his personality. He was quite the contrary, always on edge. He wasn't a tracker, more a killer. Judging by the tattoos that marked his arms and chest, he was a natural born killer. Zenra warriors tattooed themselves every time they killed a demon, or warlock. It was barbaric and frankly, psychotic.

"Mason, come over here," The dark haired boy mentioned for the older man to come over to where he was standing. Crap, I thought, and slowly morphed from my usual human form to my wolf. I crouched down, ready to pounce on the dark haired boy that was creeping closer.

"Do you- see those eyes?" He asked, his voice trembling as he stared right into my white and black eyes. The man, Mason came closer to stare at my eyes too, his seraph blade drawn in his hand. The man's eyes widened, and I snarled pouncing on the dark haired boy knocking him to the ground, knocking him out instantly.

"You sneaky little bastard" Mason smirked, twirling his blade in his hand. I snapped my jaw in response, bearing my pointed teeth and my hair standing on end.

He probably thought I was man, well, I could see the confusion. I wasn't exactly the smallest wolf out there. I stood 6 feet easily, my claws were 2 inches long and razor sharp, same with my teeth, they were all pointed and could snap human bone with a single bone.

I stepped off his partner, my eyes roaming his frame. He was most likely 6'2 or 6'3, 200-250 pounds. All kinds of weapons hung from his belt, daggers, swords, hunting knives, butterfly knives, and throwing knives. I growled something that sounded like 'girl', his eyes widened in realization and he chuckled dryly.

"A girl, you've got to be kidding-" I didn't let him finish-- I just pounced, knocking his seraph blade out of his hand. It flew through the air and landed on the opposite side of the camp.

With a small movement, on pure instinct alone I ripped his throat out. Crimson liquid gushed everywhere, covering my mouth and fur, his clothes, and the grass around. I blinked as if I hadn't realized what I'd done. Oh fuck! Anything I'd done now was minor, and insignificant. I killed a Zenra, they'd surely find me now.

I heard someone gasp behind me, and I guessed that the boy wasn't knocked out anymore. I rolled my eyes and morphed back into a human, turning around to see the tall boy was crawling backwards until he hit a tree trunk. A took a small step, and I was instantly in front of him. You could say super strength and speed was very helpful.

"I won't hurt you, I just don't want to go to the Consul." My words seemed to lose their fierceness after I saw his face, it looked like my own when I saw my parents lifeless bodies along with my siblings.

"Look, I don't want to have to hurt you, but if you tell anyone I killed him, I will kill you and everyone you've ever known, got it." I put it as lightly as possible.

He nodded, his voice shaking, "You're the rogue that killed those kids?" He asked, and I shrugged.

"They started it, the boy held the blade to my throat and well, I snapped his neck and threw the knife at his sister, hitting her in the back as she ran away" I wasn't proud of what I've done but, it was the only way of surviving, kill or be killed.

"You're a monster!" Honesty laced his voice perfectly, I sighed.

"I wasn't born this way, Blaze, and you can't talk, you're half vampire!" He didn't sincerely believe that I didn't notice that he smelled too much like decay to be anything but.

"How could-" I cut him off walking away,

"I can smell, Blaze" I felt him roll his eyes as I transformed into my wolf again. Before he could question how I knew his name, I was trotting off into the dark forest that surrounded their camp.


I cursed out loud as I barreled through the forest at top speed. They were after me, again. My own kind, I mean, I did enter the most ruthless territory in Iris, but I didn't think they'd be waiting for me at the border. They were going to take me to the consul, I couldn't let that happen.

I could hear their breathing as they ran behind me. There must have been 50 wolves chasing me, they wanted the offered money, and I wasn't surprised, I would hunt me down, too.

I ran straight into the middle of a huge clearing. I skidding to a halt, hundreds of wolves surrounded me almost in a circle. Black, white, brown, red, and many more colors captured me in the middle.

Fuck! I thought and felt my teeth snap, I hadn't even noticed I was growling. I wasn't going anywhere without a fight, but deep down, I knew I was sunk, there were too many of them.

Pack Silver Tail was big, but I didn't think they were this big. I turned in a circle, mapping out any escape routes, they were shoulder to shoulder, no way out. My jaw clenched, and I huffed out a small white puff of air. I gave a wolfish smile, and cocked my head to the side, looking over the smallest of the wolves. She was no doubt a girl, her white fur matched the freshly fallen snow that littered the ground.

Fuck it, I thought, and begun charging at the small girl, she blinked trying to figure out what I was doing. I was three or four feet away from her when I leaped over her as if it was nothing. I didn't slow for a second, I sprinted to the other edge of the clearing and like that I was being chased again.

I cursed as I came to one of the Sharp Edge Cliffs that was smack in the middle of the Silver Tail Territory. I was trapped, finally. I had no where to go, besides down a straight drop of maybe 100 feet to jagged rocks that were as sharp as the name. I looked over the view, as I heard the pack come to the edge where I was. I morphed back into a human, and I slowly turned around.

Their expressions were surprised, even the smallest had her mouth wide open. "Why does everyone think I'm a boy" I chuckled dryly, trying to look on the bright side. The biggest wolf out of the group, probably the beta or alpha stepped forward. His bones cracking broke the silence, while he face morphed back into one of a humans. I knew him. Finn. Finn Scott. My mind registered the name easier than my own.

"Well, it's the girl back from the dead."
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