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Ten: Shocked State

Alex woke up the next morning, wrapped up in Finn's sheets as well as Finn himself. He had his arms securely around her waist, not letting go for the world. He wasn't up yet, she noted, taking in his sober and relaxed features. He didn't look like his usual self. He was usually tense, serious, on edge, when he was dormant, he was none of those, completely calm.

She struggled to move from his grasp, twisting around; only pausing when he stirred. She finally gave up after several tries at freedom.

She suddenly gasped. Her hand flying to her shoulder, where Finn had marked her only hours ago. It was still red, she observed, it was throbbing with pain. The sharp pain surged up throw her shoulder and into her very soul.

"Finn, Finn!" She exclaimed, shaking him; feverishly.

He woke up, very startled, however sensed that she was in pain. He gasped, but quickly collected her in his arms.

"What happened?" He asked, as he carried her down the stairs of the pack house.

"I woke up and there was-," She screamed out, another sharp stab of pain escalating through her arm, "Pain" she finished, through clenched teeth.

He was jogging out of the Pack house when another spasm of cold, metallic pain shot up her arm. She couldn't stop herself from screaming however, she didn't cry.

He carried her all the way to the pack hospital, only three or four houses down. He bursted through the door. Saying a few things, She couldn't quite hear because her ears were plugged.

"Alex, Alex, dear; look at me." The doctor instructed and Alex obeyed. She looked into his old and wise eyes, he looked as if he'd been through much pain and suffering, she noted.

She gulped, healing around for Finn's hand, "Finn....." Her mouth formed the words, however it only came out like a silent whimper. Seconds later, Finn's hand was in hers and she was squeezing.

She suddenly felt very- very- tired, like someone gave her a sleeping herb or potion. Her eyes felt heavy, so she begun to fade. The doctors words only a silent hum in the distance.


I watched Alex's chest rise and fall at a steady- normal pace. The doctor said that she was fine, only a side effect of the marking since my bloodlines were so strong and hers were less. Which was fine, actually it didn't matter to me if she was only a daughter of a alpha from a small pack. I was more tense about the fact that she was in pain. My baby- My Alex, was in this 'pain shocked' state.

I hadn't left her side since this morning which was- 12 hours ago. 10:00 at night, and i hadn't slept or even thought about sleep. I wasn't moving until she was on my arm.

My Mom said that what was happening, happened to Alex's dad, when he marked her mum. She was in this pain state for 3 days. Mr. Jeffrey was dead inside for those 3 days, even though it was only 72 hours.

To tell the truth i was starting to feel the effects. I had tried to go eat lunch and once i was out of the clinic, i threw up- blood. So, i stayed here. My appetite gone, along with every other will to be alive. She was so pale, and she looked so sick.

I hated myself for doing this to her. I had done it for myself, not her, i should have REALLY asked if she was ready. I should've been more supportive, i should have waited. I should have......

"You should go home, son." Dr. Harrison said, laying a hand on my shoulder.

I growled, causing the wise, elderly sorcerer to pull back, "I will not leave her," My voice sounded different, deeper; more possessive; gravely and hard.

Instead of leaving, he sat on the opposite chair to mine. He stared at me as i gazed at Alex. I wanted to go into the middle of the woods and die. Just die. It was better than seeing her like this, fuck anything was better.

"Mates, they suck." He said, and i wanted to yell at him 'are you saying something about Alex?'. I was like a stick of dynamite.

"She doesn't suck." I said plainly, touching her hand.

He chuckled dryly, "I meant that when this happens, it sucks" He seemed like he was talking from experience,

"Please, elaborate." I said, stroking Alex's hand with my thumb. The sparks were still lingering from the first time we touched, she was the most amazing person i've ever met.

"Well.....My mate was a werewolf, like yourself. Since i was half wizard, half werewolf she wasn't allowed to mate with me, which was a big problem since i couldn't live without her and likewise, she couldn't live without me. I remember of the times i used to climb up to her window, laying with her until sunrise and running back to the forest before the first patrol of the pack. It turns out she was already knighted to a man, a pure werewolf. Long story short, she died about a century back and because i was half wizard, i could live on without her." He said and sighed sadly.

"She's the rogue of Pack Noir, the mass murderer of hundreds of vampires and other species. She is my childhood friend, i knew her since she was a baby. Her kiss was my first and her kiss will be my last. She's my everything, i couldn't live without her. I'd kill anything that hurt her, anything. She killed a vampire in front of me and i can't forget the hunger in her eyes when she ripped out it's throat. She can't hurt me, and i can't hurt her. You only had half of the pain. I left her for a minute and i threw up blood. I want to die, seeing her like this."

He shrugged, "It might seem like that but, you have no idea what a centuries worth of pain and regret is." He said, getting up and hurrying out of the room into his office.

I didn't really care, it might seem self-centered but i really could care less about anyone other than her. Not even myself.

I jumped when Alex begun to stir, softly. It seemed she was having a bad dream, she shaked viciously and before i could register what i was doing, I shouted for the doctor.

He shooed me out of the room and slammed the door closed in my face. I wanted to rip his head off for that, but i decided against that.

I backed away from the door and my back slammed against the wall, and i slide down to the ground. I could feel my eyes glaze over, and the tears i'd been holding back, weld in my eyes.

I silently prayed to the gods that she'd be okay, my love was all i ever wanted.
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