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Eleven: From My Wake

Alex's POV:

My eyes burned with the new introduction of light. My vision was fuzzy, and undefined as I snapped up on the hard, metal slab; straight as a board. A white sheet fell away from my totally naked body, goosebumps flying over the soft skin of my breasts. Where was I? A look of utter confusion crept onto my face, as I glanced around frantically. The large blue, and white room looked as if I was in the hospital- but I knew that couldn't be true. I was supposed to be in the woods! Oh no! Did a pack find me? The room had multiple chairs, and it smelled of a strong, overwhelming stench that made my hairs stand on edge, and my world come to a halt. It was amazing, I hadn't smelled anything like it ever in my life. My mate! I tried not to cry out in joy but, the utter fear of being sent to Zion and imprisoned by Zenra warriors.

As if an arrow had been shot into my head, memories came sprinting back- turning my brain to mush and my thoughts frantic once again. I was in the Silver Tail Pack. I was Finn's mate. I glanced down to my shoulder where, I hadn't noticed, a horrible but bearable pain was throbbing from the silver bit marks. Yup, he'd marked me. My heart rate picked up as my mind floated to Finn.

"Finn!" I screamed out, not caring if I woke the whole of the colony with my desperate yells. My hear ached as no one returned the yell. I sighed, I'd have to find him myself. I pulled the remaining white sheet from my body, which resulted in my legs, pussy, and stomach to be completely engulfed in goosebumps. I didn't notice over the looming thought of Finn, that made me want to scream.

I opened the only protruding door, and was surprised to see that no one- not even a nurse was in sight. That was odd. A memory stuck out to me. The kind, gentle, tortured eyes of the doctor as he told me something as I drifted off into oblivion. I had no idea how long I'd been out like that. Days. Weeks. Months.....years? I silently laughed at myself, no! Of course not!

"Hello?" I said, trying desperately to find someone. Anyone. I smelt the air intently, looking for any signs of life in this deathly empty building. No answer. Predictable. I continued on, into the hallway- wandering around a corner when I finally found the opening. I silently wondered if it would be weird to see a totally naked girl walking out of the infirmary. I shunned the thoughts, deciding I had bigger things to worry about.

I pushed open the doors, with a hope of someone else in the ghost inhabited town. I decided I should probably go to the pack house since that was the most likely place for me to find Finn or Damon or maybe even Abbey. I hurried past the two houses separating the pack house and the Infirmary. I threw open the door, not expecting to be faced with what I was. A girl, a few years older than me, was being held and kissed by- my expert eyes looked closer, making sure I wasn't hallucinating. No, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks, and my heart crumbled into millions of unrecognizable pieces. Finn. I didn't know whether to be angry, or sad, so I settled for shocked. I was his MATE! He'd marked me! How could he- he- do that?! Against my throbbing heart, I decided on anger rather than sadness as I had my whole life.

"What in the hell are you doing?!" I yelled so loud I could feel the vibrations through my feet, it seemed to shake the daze they were in, although they were pretty deep into sucking each other's faces. I could feel my eyes being enveloped in darkness, and pulsing a scary sort of red. The anger surged through me like an open floodgate, and I was shaking from the urge to kill her right on the spot. He looked at me, and his face- despite just making out with that filthy, I smelt the air again just to make sure I was right, vampire- his face turned up into a large smile.

"Al, baby-" He started to say but, he had no right to call me that, I cut him off with a loud snarl that would silence even the strongest Zenra warriors. The girl that he was sucking faces with snapped her head around, her black hair falling freely as she did, her fangs were bared but, I knew- I knew I could take her. I could take any vampire. I was the Rogue of Pack Noir, after all; the rogue that topped all rogues; the killer of all killers.

"You---You," I snapped my jaw, growling and baring my teeth at the blood sucker, "You left me for that?!" I roared, more deathly and murderous than ever. Her fangs retreated, and her mouth pulled back in a wicked smile, her violet eyes burning with superiority.

Finn took a step forward, but it didn't matter- I was already gone. My feet sunk into the deep gravel of the makeshift road in between the two rows of housing and shops that made up Pack Silver Tail. I sprung up, and like the gracious creature I was, I morphed into my black wolf and made a beeline for the woods, that surrounded the pack's colony. I ripped through the tears like a fish through water, and couldn't deny the fact that with every large step I took I ached for Finn's touch. However, he did just fine without me; fine enough to go fucking that vampire, so I guess I could leave as fast as he strayed.

I slowed at a clearing as soon as I was past the boarder into Sun territory. The Sun did nothing unless threatened, so I could hold up here until I either died or was tracked by Zenra warriors. I could smell him still, his movements through the forest, trying to find me- yelling out my name until his voice went hoarse. Now, Damon and Bryce were entering my senses, also screaming my name like there was no tomorrow. I moved away to the north side of the clearing, the midday sun beating on my unclothed back. There was a small stream running with clear, bubbling water. I dipped my feet in the cold stream.

Before I could totally react properly to what happened, a voice that sounded like a muffled version of Finn's penetrated my mind like a deep set arrow. Baby, his voice chimed, and I rolled my eyes. Didn't I tell him not to call me that? Must've slip my mind from the shock of him cheating on me with a fucking vampire.

Baby, come home; let me explain, He tried again but I refused to respond. I couldn't stand the thought of ever talking to him again, even though deep in my heart I sincerely wanted to. My body tingled with the sound of his silky voice in my head again; it's not what you think I swear; she came onto me. He must have heard me mentally scoff because he let out a yelp of joy and think of ways to get me to come back to him.

"Leave me alone" I snarled as if he was standing behind me which I knew he wasn't.

Like thunder claps I heard someone's footsteps behind me, and unsheathing of a sword. I snapped around, and who was standing there was enough to make me scream. There with frightening pale skin and violet eyes was someone I was told was dead. Whom I thought was dead.

Right now, as he held his sword high, he looked very much alive; "Now, why would I do that, darling?" Blaze.
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Well, it has been awhile. Ten months actually. I just found inspiration again so, yay! Yeah. Thanks for reading.