Status: Because it's a free country


Two: Dead Center.

"Let me out, you bastard!" I screamed, pulling at the dingy bars again, they rattled viciously but didn't budge.

I huffed, as the guards chuckled silently. Assholes. I sat back down on the metal bed hanging on the wall by loose chains. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they did break under my weight.

I silenced myself, as i tried my hardest to hear what they were talking about a level above me.

"Father, i'm sure it's her." Finn's voice was only a whisper in my ears, but i knew he was yelling.

His father scoffed, "There were no survivors of that massacre" His voice hadn't changed one bit since i was nine years old. It was still rough, and scary, with authority and strength lacing every word.

I hadn't seen the Scott family in, like, 8 years. Although the brothers had changed a whole lot since i was a little girl, hunting with them while we talked about mating and vampires. Damon, Finn and i were inseparable until i turned 10, then we didn't visit them anymore, which kind of meant that my parents were scared that one of them were my mate and you weren't aloud to meet your mate before you transformed. I was super depressed i couldn't play with them anymore, we'd always have the greatest games and hunting trips.

Suddenly, i was cut out of my memories by someone banging on my cell bars. They locked me in the dungeon, if i ever got out of her-

My mind stopped thinking in that moment. The world seemed to stop in that moment. My nose was filled with the most unnatural, unearthly smell that i have ever sniffed. It was like freshly cut grass, mixed with vanilla, with a tiny bit of sweat and hard work.

My eyes snapped to the front of the cell, and was faced with two boys. Two very different boys, one i recognized as Finn, the other i assumed was his brother, Damon.

I stood up and in a blink of an eye i was holding both their collars so their faces were slammed against the cell bars. I slowly sniffed both of them, trying to map out the smell, only they both smelt like it. Shit, my mind thought, you thought it was your mate.

My grip on their collars loosened until, they could pull away.

"I swear to god, i will rip out your throats if you don't let me free" I threatened, my eyes turning a sort of intenser white than usual.

"Such big threats for such a little girl" Their father, Marcus, walked up behind the two men and glared at me.

"They aren't threats, they're promises" I shot back, letting go of the bars and slowly taking a step back to fully take in the boys appearances.

Damon had his same raven black hair, brown eyes with gold flecks. His complexion was lighter than his brothers, however, he took more after their mother. He was dressed in a blue dress shirt, with black jeans and rings around 3 of his slender fingers, his hair almost hid the small silver stud earring that winked in his ear. He had bulked up since the last time i'd seen him, which was understandable for a werewolf. Underneath his sexy dress shirt was an equally sexy six pack that almost all male werewolves had.

His brother, on the other hand looked nothing like he did when he was 11, obviously. His eyes were almost black, they were so dark. Probably the same shade as mine would be if I've been killing since i was 5 years old. His hair was gelled up in a faux-hawk sort of thing, it's same shade of brown was glowing against the dim light the dungeon gave. He was dressed in almost the same thing as his brother, his dress shirt was red and instead of black jeans, he was wearing regular denim ones. A thin gold chain hung around his neck, giving off an eerie vibe. He had the same six pack as his brother, only he was almost 4 or 5 inches taller than Damon. Probably, 6'5 or 6'6. He held a impeccable resemblance to his father.

I felt so out of place, i hadn't been inside a building for 5 years, let alone a dungeon in the most ruthless pack in well, the whole of Iris. I hadn't seen the brothers of Silver Tail since i was 9, which was really awkward.

"What do you want for me?" I asked, Marcus was about to answer but i cut him off.

"If you're going to send me to the consul can you hurry up and do it,"

A growl escaped Finn's mouth, his eyes focused on mine as if he was trying to find something in them.

"No, not at all," Marcus's words surprised me, "You're the best female warrior in all of Iris"

I rolled my eyes, no i was not he was just trying to find an excuse to hold me for longer.

"I killed 4 people, 5 now," He blinked, as if he didn't hear me,

"And 2 werewolves, plus 23 vampires" Damon added, his voice surprisingly deeper than i had expected.

I shrugged, "I'm a fugitive."

Marcus rolled his eyes, mentioning at someone outside my vision. Suddenly, the bars opened at i was hit with that same godly smell as i stepped out into the corridor.

Before Finn could react, i tackled him to the cement floor. I smirked, as i leaned in towards his ear.

"You're lucky i don't keep my promises"

I snapped up, and side-stepped his still body. Damon chuckled, as Marcus helped his son to his feet, mumbling something that sounded like, 'you better be sure'.

I followed Damon up to the ground level, it was crowded by formal dressed people, who stopped everything once they saw me. Almost everyone gasped. I felt like running away again, i wasn't great with crowds or other people, because i usually ended up killing someone.

I shrunk closer to Damon as we made our way to the other side of the banquet room. I could feel Finn glaring at me and Damon as i gripped his arm. Girls glared at me and boys stared. I hated the attention they were giving me.

"Why did they look at me?" I asked, as the group finally begun getting back to what they were originally doing.

"It's not every day that rogue is excepted into our pack and the warriors on the same day" His voice was barely a whisper.

I finally let go of Damon's arm as we were shut in Marcus's office. It felt strangely wrong touching Damon's arm, like it wasn't meant to be.

"So, Alexandra Jeffery, 5th in line for Pack Noir." Marcus's smirk made me want to slap him.

I wanted to snap my fist down on the desk in front of him and scream 'don't call me that'. However, i couldn't, he was, after all, harboring me in his pack.

"I failed my pack, so don't call me that." My words made a look of surprise come to the elderly alpha.

"What do you want me to call you?" He asked, and i shrugged,

"Alex is fine, just don't say my last name," Marcus gave me a look, but decided to drop it there.

Damon decided to put some kind of word in there, "Can we go hunting now?"

I glanced back at Damon and, then back at his father, that was now sitting at his desk, twirling a knife between his fingers.

"You'll keep an eye on Alex, correct," Damon nodded, obviously he would agree with anything just to go out.

"No, but you can use the training facility, to help Alex with her-" Finn cut him off, with a instant 'yes'.

His father gave him a hand-gester to go on, which made Finn smile. He grabbed a hold of my elbow, but quickly let go. I felt it too, the slight shock that rippled up my arm into my very soul. We just stared at each other in shock, eyes widened.

"We should get going then," Damon cut the silence in two, and headed for the door, while Marcus just looked at Finn and i with a curious expression.

Before he could ask any questions, i quickly followed Damon out the door, and through the ball type thing.

By no time, i was faced with what looked like a huge stadium thingy. Lines and lines and rows and rows of weapons sat in front of me, begging to be used. I grazed my fingers across one of the Chinese throwing knives that were lined in a small circle. I glanced up at Finn, with a hopeful smile.

"Can i-" Finn cut me off,

"Yeah, it's what they're for."

With one flick of my wrist i had picked up a knife and threw it at one of the targets on the wall.

Dead Center.