Status: Because it's a free country


Three: Chat.

My mouth dropped open as Damon and Finn showed me the room i would be staying in. Light streamed in from the bay windows giving the room a warm light glow, shedding light on the gracefully carved four-poster bed, with a light blue canopy over top and a the same blue white and blue comforter and sheets. The floor was a oak to match the bed, dresser, desk and bedside tables. The desk looked 19th century, with small carvings of the packs on them. I spotted their pack sign on the pull out on the front. It had a pad of lined paper and plain paper on it with 3 pencils and a pen. The view from the remarkable bay windows was the gardens, which backed up onto the woods. Their was a ledge on the outside of the window where i thought about sitting on and just watching the sun go down against the visible Angel Mountains not far from here. On the other side was a pack called the Sun Pack. They were known for their natural fighting abilities and blonde hair. That was the pack of the brother and sister i killed, they were, stereo typically, both blonde.

I shivered as i thought of their cold, blank faces against the green and brown undergrowth of the forest as i burned their corpses as every werewolf should. It was an old prophesy, you killed one of your own kind you burned their corpses to show respect, sending them back to the gods. I found it very special and if someone killed me, i hoped that they did that to me to. Though, i didn't really deserve anyone's respect at this very moment.

"You like it?" Damon asked, and i nodded slowly.

I turned around to face them, i felt my eyes shining, "Are you sure? I could sleep in the dungeon." because i deserve it, i mentally added.

Damon and Finn shook their heads rapidly.

"No, you're one of us now, you sleep where we sleep" Finn said, taking my hand.

The same shivers shoot up my arm, but i didn't mind they felt good. His eyes read alarmed but, he didn't pull back. We stayed like that, for a moment, eyes locked, hands together.

However, I sensed that Damon was getting a little uncomfortable so, i pulled back, glancing back at Finn with a apologetic, and longing expression.

"Supper is at 6, right? So, i can you know, take a nap?" I smiled at Damon as he nodded, returning my smile.

"And besides, i don't want to show up smelling like i haven't taken a bath in a week," I joked as they walked out of the room.

They laughed, as Damon exited the room first. Finn stopped at the door, his eyes roaming my frame. I felt him judging as i stood still, letting him take me in.

"Welcome to the family, Al," His smile was just as remembered it, boyish with something behind it, longing for someone to actually care for him. It would render any girl helplessly in love with him, not me, I've known him long enough to know i would never be his type.
I was too tough, and boy-like to be his princess. I was a princess in fighting gear, he wanted a princess in a dress. I don't do dresses.

"Glad to be here, Finny" I smiled back, using his childhood nickname as he used mine 'Al and Finny'.

He smiled back once, before closing the door, leaving me alone with my thoughts. About him. Great.


I woke up at 6:15 and i begun getting ready. One of the maids had informed me that there was some clothes in the dressers i was welcome to use. I know, they have maids. They are loaded. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, and almost had a heart attack, on the floor of my bedroom was a small kitten, that i had almost stood on. I quickly picked it up and looked at the collar. Lucky. Lucky was her name, she was the cutest little tabby kitten i had ever seen. I set her down on the bed before awing as he curled up the bed sheets, looking like a fuzz ball.

I looked down at what i was wearing, torn jeans and a black tank top, with a black bra underneath, covered by an old leather jacket. It was the only clothes i had, because i was in the bush all the time, in wolf form. I liked the way it looked on me, i wasn't the girliest out there, so it didn't matter what i wore.
I opened the drawer, the clothes that were neatly folded, weren't my style at all. It was skirts, dresses, frilly shirts and well, lacy bras and panties. And PINK. Pink, I hated pink.

I rolled, my eyes and picked something semi-my style. I opened the door, to see 5 or 6 men walking in front of my-the bedroom, and paused when they saw me. Their eyes groped my body viciously as i shut the door behind me, and faced them.

"Hey, bitches, get your eyeballs back inside your head and tell me where the bathroom is" I snapped, felling a little bit offended that they were looking at me like a piece of meat.

The tallest one, smirked at me and pointed down the hall to the right. I nodded, and pushed past them, clutching the clothes closer to my chest.

I found the bathroom, and took a well-needed shower. I had always bathed in the Petra Stream in the Crete Pack's Territory.

I wrapped a blue and white towel around me, and looked down at the clothes i'd pulled out. A pair of skinny dark denim jeans, with a strapless yellow shirt with off white details on the bottom. Luckily, i had brought along a strapless bra, to go with it. I shrugged on my leather jacket and checked myself in the bathroom mirror, My brown hair was still a tad damp so i pulled it up in a messy bun. I didn't look half bad, i mean, for someone that was living rogue-still for half a decade. I pulled on my biker style boots and walked out the door, just to be knocked over by a half naked Finn.

"Jesus Christ!" I shrieked clutching my rapid-beating chest. He scared me.

I quickly righted myself and corrected my statement, "Oh my god, i'm sorry- this is your-I'm sorry!" I hurried past him, however, he caught my arm.

"It's okay, it's the only bathroom on this level," He laughed, his laugh was silky-smooth, like satin.

Damn, he was sexy. I finally re-noticed that he wasn't wearing a shirt and well, that dress shirt did him no justice. He was more ripped then any other werewolf, I've ever encountered and there have been many. He was really bulky, but it was obvious he was strong, very strong. However, he was from strong bloodlines, very strong. His blood was mixed between the two biggest head packs in Iris, his dad was the Alpha of the Silver Tails, and his mother is the daughter of the retired Alpha of Crete Pack. He was amped up breed, unlike me, which was the daughter of Alpha Noir, and a daughter of a poor family in Pack Notre.

I was snapped out of my drooling by Finny, "Take a picture, Darling, it'll last longer."

I rolled my eyes at his arrogance, flipping him off. I smirked, as leaned in close to his lips, literally millimeters from 1st base. If he wanted to play games, we'd play games.

"Remember Darling, you started it." He smiled, dreamily, the same smell flooded my nostrils again.

I pulled back, still smirking. "I'll see you," I kissed his cheek, lingering for a second, "At supper"

He reached up to cup my cheeks, slowly moving forward.

"Finny, be patient," with that i pulled out of grasp.

I strutted down the hall, sensing his eyes on my ass.

"Why don't you take a picture, sweetheart" I called back, glancing around at him.

He was still standing there, with a cheeky smile on his face. That was fun. I really wanted to kiss him now, which was bad because Finny was like a drug. You wanted more no matter how much you tell yourself you can't.

I remember when we were 9, he had already kissed a girl (that's what he told us), he had bragged and bragged until, one day i was sick of it and was getting jealous. Not that he had kissed somebody, but that that somebody got to kiss him. I had kissed him our last visit to Pack Silver Tail, it was the best and only kiss I've ever received, it was like paradise and he didn't pull back at all. He actually seemed to like it.
I recalled it as if it was only yesterday it had happened, we were saying our own proper goodbyes, his brother somewhere or other, and i kissed him. I almost begun crying when we pulled back, i was so embarrassed and i wasn't that pretty back then, which naturally made my confidence level plummet. I was overweight, i had a double chin and a scar the long of my arm. I was always known as that girl that was Finn and Damon's friend. Anyway, he turned around and walked away, as if nothing happened. I felt my lips tingle, not because of the fresh tears falling down my face but because there was something about the way he kissed me that made everything feel numb, but a good numbness. It's hard to explain how i felt.

I was so deep in thought, i hardly noticed that i was about to bump into somebody but when i did, i almost screamed. Damon chuckled at my petrified face, as he helped me up from my ass.

"Don't laugh, asshole," I whined, and punched him playfully in the arm.

He grasped it, and made a wincing sound, which made my smile disappear.

"Oh my- Damon, I'm so sorry-" He smiled, and let his arm drop.

Asshole fouled me! I hit him again, this time harder, "Don't do that, you scared me for a second"

He fake frowned, "Only a second?" His face returned to it's original smileys after i shrugged.

My face pulled into a serious look, "It could've been 2 seconds, you don't know."

We cracked up, until my stomach hurt from laughing so much. I held onto him to keep my balance, I was becoming lightheaded from laughing. The same wrong feeling turned up as if on cue, like it wasn't supposed to be him touching me or i wasn't supposed to be touching him. Even if it was the slightest touch.

We walked downstairs and was met by his mother and another girl.

"Alex!" Mrs. Scott exclaimed, wrapped her arms around my neck. I hugged her back, breathing in the same lavender perfume she used when i was little.

She was almost the same, only instead of her solid brown hair, there was a tad bit of gray strands. She pulled back her solid blue eyes staring into my soul, reading me like an open book. Her eyes gleamed with surprise, she hadn't seen me since well, i was in my ugly duckling stage.

"You look beautiful!" She smiled, suddenly remembering the blonde girl beside her.

"Jesus, i almost forgot you-" The blonde girl stuck out her hand,

"Abigail. Abigail Watson. However, you can call me Abbey."

Her smile was addictive. She was beautiful, i noted. Her dirty blonde halo hung just about her breasts; her eyes were a color like turquoise with a rim of dark blue around them, they shimmered in the light. She had the same eyes as those of the white wolf i jumped over, she was small enough to be her. She was about 5'5 or 5'6. She was wearing a strapless blue sundress, the color of the sky, with leather sandals. Hoop earrings hung from her ears, with 2 small studs next to them. She was most likely my age, since she was aloud to hunt.

"Alexandra, but you can call me Al or Alex" I said shaking her hand.

She smiled wider, looking at Damon; biting her lip. Her eyes flickered down his tall frame. He smiled at her as if they had a secret language they were speaking. Awe, they were mates!

"So, you're mates?" I asked, and they went wide eyed and red.

Abbey was the first to speak, "Um.....No" Her tone read sadness, Damon's stare was the only thing keeping her from running away, i could see it.

The moment of sadness was gone and replaced by a fake smile. I should know, i have had many fake smiles placed upon my face.

"Alex, it was nice seeing you again but, i have diner to prepare still, Damon can you help me?" Her tone was hard at the end which meant she knew that he made Abbey lie about not being mates.

As soon as the two Scott's were out of view, i wrapped Abbey in a hug. It was hard being denied by your mate, my mom had told me about how my dad refused to believe that he was mates with a poor girl, dressed in rags. She would cry herself to sleep almost every night. He wouldn't talk to her, or anything, just stone silence throughout the first months of them living together.

"What are you doing?" she asked, as she wrapped her arms uncertainly around me.

I scoffed,

"You needed a hug, and i felt, being your new best friend, that i should you know step up to the plate"

She giggled, and i pulled back. My mom also told me that all she needed when she was alone in my dad's house was a best friend but, most of the girls were so busy with their mates that they couldn't talk.

"Now, I can read people easier than books. Why did you lie?" I asked, and she looked down, her laughter stopping.

Her eyes glazed over, "I don't know, he just doesn't want me for a mate."

She scoffed, "I can see why, i'm hideous. I'm not like the other girls here, pretty and frilly. Not able to fight, only me and another girl are in the Warriors, the rest are boys. I'm not pretty, or skinny or smart or dependent or funny"

Hearing her say those words made me realize that she was blaming herself for Damon being an asshole.

I shook my head, "No, look at yourself. You are beautiful, beautiful. Damon on the other hand can go screw himself if he can't see that"

Her smile was weak, but it was there. It made me smile, and hug her again.

"Thanks, Al, i needed that." She smiled, pulling away.

"If you excuse me, i'm going to have a word with Damon and i'll be right back." My eyes were full of anger and fight.

I had knew Abbey for about 5 minutes and i already liked her enough to beat the shit out of Damon. He has no right to disown his mate. For fuck sakes, the angel chose the person you're supposed to be with, that would make the best wife or girlfriend for you. You don't just decide you don't like her and get over it. If Damon marked her, it means he's suffering as much as she is. She was beautiful, she was a fighter and well, i could tell she'd been through enough! Sure, i knew frankly nothing about her, but she was sweet enough to let me hug her, practically a stranger.

All i knew when i walked away from Abbey was that my fist was going to have a chat with Damon's face.