Status: Because it's a free country


Four: Chance at you

I glared at Damon, as i held him against the wall by the front of his shirt. His feet dangled off the ground, watching my reactions through scared wide eyes. He better be scared, Abbey was a sweetheart and he treated her like dirt.

My eyes bore into his as he gulped down cold fear. I was really intimidating, that was true, i was 5'11 or 6'0, tall for a she-wolf, i was as strong as any vampire, Zenra Warrior or warlock. I knew Damon knew that. He also knew i had no real emotional ties to him or his family so, i could easily snap his neck without a care. Which wasn't the case, i just wanted Yes, chat was a good word for my confrontation.

"Now....Damon." My tone was as cold as a vampire's soul.

"I have came to notice that you aren't exactly nice to your mate"

He instantly scoffed, "I don't have a mate."

I slammed him against the kitchen wall, i hoped it didn't leave a dent or something.

"I don't know if you've noticed, i can kind of read people along with killing them. Abbey is your mate and you will accept that, comprendes?" I snapped, he glared at me as if i was in the wrong here.

"I don't think it's your business" That struck me hard, not because it was rude but, because well, it was true. I was just some girl that just moved here, a day ago and now, i was threatening the Alpha's son about his personal life, based on no facts.

I dropped him instantly, pulling my hand away as if it had been burned by his words. The victorious smile disappear once he saw my face.

I was getting too attached, i had to leave. I had to leave now, i wasn't their family. I was better off in the woods where my actions could affect no one other than myself.

"Hey, Alex, i was just-" I cut him off, i was already gone without a second thought i was out the white kitchen door, into the well-trimmed hedges and flowers, i already knew Damon was following me he was yelling my name over and over. He finally stopped when i got to the edge of the woods.

I quickly morphed, dropping to four paws. I couldn't smell anyone following me for the first mile or so, then a smell picked up. It was a mix between really strong smelling deodorant, and a blood-like smell, male for sure. It was unfamiliar though.

I could hear his paws pounding against the rough turf as we bolted along in the woods towards the cliffs. I just needed to think, alone. I didn't want to leave but, i just was getting too attached, they could call the Zenra Officers any day and i could be taken away to the underground prisons that held all the loony assholes that went on massacres, killing 10 or 20 people. It definitely wasn't the place for a girl my age.

I came to a sudden halt inside the clearing they'd caught me in the first time. He was still seconds away, so i did the thing i was planning on doing anyway. I turned back into a human, even if i wanted to stay in my wolf form. I walked closer to the plummet and i swung my legs over the edge, looking out on the now setting sun. I had probably missed supper, i kind of hoped Finn was wondering about me, however, i knew he wasn't. I was there childhood friend turned rogue, nothing more.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Marcus's voice yelled, coming closer.

His rapid footsteps came up behind me. I just swung my legs back and forth carelessly, imagining what it would be like pushing off and falling to my death. I wondered silently if anyone would come to my funeral. They wouldn't, i wasn't that important. I just killed people, and fucked everything up for myself.

"So, you run away-" I cut him off,

"I didn't run away, i just got all confused and....." I trailed off, i did run away.

He scoffed, "And ran away, thinking no one cared if you left?"

I nodded slowly. He was right, i was wallowing in my own self pity.

"Well, my son for one, Sasha really likes you, Damon is iffy, Abbey is in love with you, Bianca really wants to meet you, and me, i really like you."

I was about to answer with 'yeah right' but he talked again, sitting beside me.

"Those are the people that care if you left"

I shrugged, gazing at the half retired sun behind the Angel mountains.

"I'm afraid i'll fuck it up,"

"Language" Marcus cut me off, however, mentioning for me to continue.

"This is the best thing that has happened to me in 5 years" That was so true. I hadn't had any company in like 5 years, unless you counted the people that wanted to kill me.

He sighed, the lines around his eyes and on his forehead looking deeper than a day ago.

"You killed a Zenra." His words seemed like a plea.

I scoffed, "He threatened to kill me, what was i supposed to do: let him kill me?"

He shook his head, "you should have killed the witness, your lucky he wandered into a vampire territory and got slaughtered"

I chuckled, clutching my heart, "Good, i thought, you killed him."

He smiled, a sly, crooked smile. It sort of reminded me of Finn's smile. He chuckled, saying 3 words that i wanted to hear,

"Let's go home"


I followed Marcus into the house through the kitchen door. A small layer of sweat laced my forehead as we stepped through the door, just to be face with an ongoing dinner.

"Marcus! Alex! Where have you been?" Sasha, aka, Mrs. Scott exclaimed, standing up to greet her husband.

Marcus looked like he needed a beer or something else to drink. It wasn't easy being a pack leader, plus a father, a mentor, a role model, keeping alliances, putting up with rogues (aka me), and then having a marriage on top of that. He was 40 or 50 and he was already prepared to retire, which would mean Finn would be in charge. The idea of Finn running a pack was very scary, even safely in my mind.

Speaking of Finn, I looked over the table. Abbey, Damon, Finn, a girl, a boy, another girl, and another boy were all sitting at the table looking at my muscular frame.

I, instantly, wanted to get defensive. Their stares, weren't exactly friendly, that's for sure.

"Everyone this is Alex" Marcus said, before pecking his wife lightly on the lips to stop her ranting.

I glanced across the table again. The girl beside Finn was glaring at me, along with the older boy. The little boy on the other hand, was smiling a long with the other girl.

"I'm Bianca," The smiling girl said, her yellow eyes gleaming. She had dark hair, which made her light complexion really stand out.

She rolled her eyes, and mentioned to the boy beside her; "This Jackass is my twin brother: Bryce"

I nodded, smiling at both of them. Bianca returned it, Bryce just rolled his eyes impatiently.

"This is Matt, our youngest son, he is 6," Sasha smiled down at her littlest son, he was smiling happily.

Sasha mentioned for me to take a seat across from Finn. I took it gladly, i was starved.

"Um....So, who are you?" I asked, nicely enough to the girl beside Finn, However, i guess she took offence.

She scoffed arrogantly, gripping Finn's hand on the table. "Who are you?" Her voice almost woke the dead it was so high pitched and girly.

I almost choked on the piece of steak i was chewing on. What? What was she doing? Touching him like that? No one could touch him like that! Although i was fighting the urge to rip her faked tanned, bottle blonde head off, i played it cool.

Shrugging a replied, "A Rogue," I knew that i wouldn't like her, she was all the things i hated in a girl.

"You've gotta be kidding me?" She snarled, i laughed out loud.

I tried to cover it up, but it was out there, "Sweetheart, you don't want to mess with me i have killed more beings than you can count."

I stuffed another piece of medium-rare steak in my mouth, which was more appetizing than her salad type thingy. It looked like a snack, not an actual meal.

"Oh, so scary.....a uneducated rogue" She snapped from across the table.

I glanced up at Finn, his eyes were wider than they should be. I probably had a look on my face that said i was about to kill her. My eyes were black for sure. Has she see me? Was she blind? I was taller than her, i was bigger than her, i could easily break every bone in her body, yet she challenged me? She was an annoying idiot while i was a wolf, a pure bred wolf. While she reeked of human blood mixed with werewolf, she couldn't change nor could she get pregnant.

"Okay, bitchy, if your better than me, more educated, stronger than me, then prove your ancestors wrong"

I paused, seeing any look of fear in her eyes, along with Finn's. There was plenty, dry fear for both of them. It smelled just as bad as her blood did.

"Let's fight if your so mighty, or maybe you could get your boyfriend to do it for you." Her mouth, along with everyone else dropped open.

No one spoke. Fighting me was like fighting a werewolf with vampire blood. I could heal fast and i could move fast, very fast. I was strong, intelligent and a pure rogue, i have no family or friends, i trust no one.

I rolled my eyes at their expressions, "I don't hear anything, so shut your trap and let me eat, bitch!"

I inhaled the rest of my supper with everyone's eyes on me, the only thing she said to me was that she was Brianna and she was Finn's 'girlfriend'. Predictable.

I stood up, my tall frame almost hitting the chandelier, however, i recovered at the last second and ducked out of the way.

"Where are you going, Werewolf?" Marcus asked, as i opened the kitchen door, smelling the fresh evening air.

I glanced back at him, my gaze seeming to fix on him no one else could see the fierceness in my eyes.

I was going to go, you know, knock down some trees, throw some knives.....whatever it takes to get that slut and your son out of my mind.

Instead of that i responded with, "Out."

I closed the door behind me, all i heard was Bryce saying 'i like her'. Which made me smile, at least one guy in this fucking joint did.

I walked into the training center, and picked up a knife. I flung it at the furthest target which was 50 yards away, soon the darkness washed over the uncovered arena. I wondered what they did when it rained.

I had used up all the knives, and was moving on to the bow and arrows. 100 yards away and i could still, get it straight on when i wasn't thinking about whatsherbitch.

It had been at least 2 hours when i heard footsteps behind me. I picked up a knife and smelt the air. It was something all too familiar. I contemplated shooting at him, saying it was an honest mistake.

Instead, i snapped around my favorite spring assisted knife out of my belt, within a blink of an eye, i was holding it to his throat. Blade threatening to slip, and cut his life short.

He was the last person i wanted to talk to. He was actually on the top of my 'kill if allowed' list, along with vampires, Zenra officers and whatsherbitch.

"What do you want?" I snapped, taking the blade slowly away from his unprotected neck, letting him free.

He growled at me, his eyes pulsing red. That wasn't good.

"First you challenge my girlfriend or me in a fight and then-then you pull a knife on me. I am the only reason you're here!"

I rolled my eyes, flicked my knife into the closed position again, slipping it into my pocket.

"Why'd you do that? Huh? I was perfectly fine living in the woods! I didn't need people!" I screamed at him, backing up against the table of deadly weapons.

His expression hardened, and i feared i had awoken the devil inside him.

"Fine? FINE! You killed a motherfucking Zenra Warrior, ripped out his throat and left a witness! You went savage on those siblings, stabbing one and breaking the neck of the other! You killed 24 vampires an wrote 'rogue from pack noir' on their chests, with their own blood! Tell me you think that's okay!" he yelled back.

His eyes turning black something that meant very bad things with a werewolf. Before i knew it mine were black too.

"It's what i had to do! I had to kill to feed myself! I killed them to protect myself! The only person i need to care about me is me! I ran here right after they were killed! Your guards kicked me out, saying tough luck! So, tell me, did i really chose to be a rogue? i tried other packs too, they didn't care and just left me to starve and defend myself! I was 13, i didn't know the basics about survival"

My tears were like acid, burning my eyes, however i held them in not wanting to see me cry. "I was so alone, and scared, what if a vampire got me? A Zenra Officer! Who would protect me, Finn, who?"

I shrunk against the table, not wanting him to touch me however, he hugged me and instantly i wanted to rip his clothes off and kiss him.

I quickly snapped out of my crying and pushed him off of me. I was back to being angry having flashes of sadness.

"What about your girlfriend, hey! You let me think i had a chance when i had none! I'm worthless to you and i know it" I yelled at him, when it came out of my mouth we both realized that i had a thing for him after 1 fucking day.

"Chance at what?" Finn asked, dumbly, his voice barely a whisper.

My eyes went scared and i mouthed the word before i actually said it.