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Five: One is Happy, Other is not.

I couldn't believe i actually said that. I told him that i might possibly have a thing for him and he did the same thing he did when i kissed him.

He turned around and left the training center. In the moment I rolled my eyes, although it felt like something i had broken, broken in a million pieces and could never be fixed by anyone besides Finn. It made me want to fall to my knees, scream his name and cry, cry forever because he didn't like me the way i liked him.

I stared at the ceiling, trying to think of a way to get back at him for bringing his bitch of a girlfriend over, in my presence. I didn't like her because, she was Finn's girlfriend, and i was jealous of her. I hadn't wanted to kill anyone more than that filthy blooded human bitch in my life. It was like when you were little, you saw the coolest toy ever, you wanted it so bad and then you realized that it wasn't your toy in the first place.

"Alex!" Abbey pounded her fist on my door, i was surprised it didn't fall off it's hinges, "Get your ass out here!" She yelled.

I sighed, rolling over to my stomach. I could hear her breathing from outside, it was ragged and rapid.

"It's open" I hugged the pillow i clutching onto into my chest, wiping my eyes on it.

I hadn't even realized i was crying.

The door opened, and in came Abbey. She was wearing her pajamas, and her blonde hair was tied in neat braids. It was about 9 at night, so naturally, i was surprised to see her here.

She stared at me, the red circles under my eyes gave away that i was weeping quietly. I swept the tears away again.

As she was about to say something there was a loud moan from Finn's room which was beside mine. I sniffled, locking eyes with her.

"That slut and-" she cut herself off as i nodded, swallowing heartbreak.

I didn't even know why i was so upset, he barely knew me.....I barely knew him. He could give two shits about me, and i wished the feeling was mutual.

She sat down on the bed, pulling my head into her lap. I needed this. My, let's be serious, my mate was in the next room over fucking some half blooded human.

"I don't know why i-i feel like this" I cried to her, as she stroked my hair like a sister would to her younger sibling.

"Sh...." I hiccuped, and she laughed.

"You know, I used to be like this. Damon used to be a real hit with the ladies and i could hear everything"

Her smile was weak, and said that she was reliving the nights spent alone in her room, listening to each of their moans, wishing it was her.

"Anyway, it turns out it he was just trying to get his mind off me, because of his father....." Her smile returned to its beautiful, bright glory.

"It's not like that with Finn, i'm sure he knows we're......and he'd rather fuck that-that whore"

She laughed weakly, patting my cheek. "He'll get his shit together.....eventually."

I nodded, not believing it.

I kind of had a feeling that Abbey was waiting to go to Damon, so i said "Abbey, go,"

She looked confused, "To Damon, at least one of us gets to be happy"

She didn't even argue, she set my head back on the bed and blew me a kiss as she disappeared through the door, closing it behind herself.

I spent the rest of the night trying to get to sleep through the constant moans and groans, screams and grunts.

It just wasn't happening. He was with someone else and he enjoyed it.

Before i fell asleep, i said the words i wished weren't true: He doesn't love me back.
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