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Six: Alarm

I rolled over the next morning, only opening my eyes once to see Finn's asleep body next to me. I closed them again, not thinking much of- FINN!

My eyes snapped open and i screamed out in surprise. I sat up straight like a board, trying to get away from him. One of his arms was draped on my stomach after i sat up, it tightened and pulled me to him; tucking me lightly into him.

He yawned, opening one eye then the other. He didn't seem to notice me until he sniffed the air. It wasn't his bedroom air he realized, and his eyes snapped to me.

He looked down at the bra i was wearing. Pink and brown polka dots. Yes, i go to bed in my undergarments, sue me.

He smirked slyly and pulled my chest to his; feeling his way down the small of my back. I wanted to tell him to stop it; i really did, but i couldn't. My mouth and vocal box wouldn't form the words. He just kept feeling around my back, slowly kissing my neck. He was going to mark me. Mark Me. those words never have came to mind before.

He kissed up to my ear, "I want you so bad, Al, so so bad," His tone was raspy and tired.

I pulled every ounce of strength out of my melted core and pushed him off.

"No! No- i can't- you- your girlfriend- she's- i'm not that kind of person, Finn," My words were jumbled together and he chuckled lightly,

"She's a filthy half blood, Al, she can't even change or fight-" I cut him off, shaking my heads.

No. I wasn't that girl and would never be that girl. That girl that broke up a couple.

"Find me when you actually care," I slipped out of the bed, leaving him still in shock.

I rolled my eyes, pulling a large shirt over my head, long enough to go past my knees.

I headed downstairs, trying not to think about Finn. He was probably pretty pissed that i wouldn't be his booty call.

"Hey, Al, what's up?" Damon said, shoving a piece of pancake in his mouth.

Abbey was standing at the stove wearing what looked like a pair of Damon's basketball shorts and one of his shirts, that went down to about her knees like mine does.

"Morning Al," She said and i nodded a greeting to both of them.

I yawned and pulled a chair up beside Damon.

"You were listening weren't you?" I asked him and his smile vanished.

I don't know what i was with these people; i was a lot smarter than they thought.

"Yeah, and um...Abbey told me about last night. I'm sorry, Al," He laid a hand on my back, rubbing small circles.

My head snapped to the kitchen door, and in came Finn, looking, as i predicted, ticked off. He glared at me with so much intensity i think i could feel from anywhere in Iris.

"I think you should leave, Damon, Abbey." Finn snapped, as if he felt that Damon's hand was on my back, and it didn't belong there.

"No i will not lea-" I cut him off,

"I can handle myself, Damon." He scoffed, getting up.

He mumbled something that sounded like 'it isn't you i was worried about' and walked out of the kitchen; Abbey on his arm. I heard them exit the main door and walk towards the woods.

I stood up, slamming my fist into the wood table. He jumped at my sudden movements. Hell to the yes i was pissed, anyone would be pissed. I was a mate-booty call for him, when he could get any girl he wants......he could even get a vampire for fucks sake.

"What do you want?" I didn't wait for him to answer, i flung a steak knife at his head. He ducked and it stuck in one of the wood cabinets across the kitchen.

He growled, and pounced on me before i could throw the knives i hid in my bra. He pinned me to the wall, i thrashed viciously; which in return just led to him slamming me into the wall again. He was mad, really mad and when lust and anger mixed with a werewolf is pretty deadly. They could go on a rampage kill vampires, animals, witches, warlocks, Zenra Warriors. Even werewolves, their own kind.

"I want to mark you," His eyes turned a deadly color of solid black.

He was going to do it. He was going to mark me no matter what i said. He stopped for a second, but quickly regained his act. He ripped the loose t-shirt off my body, it was in two when it hit the ground.

I wrapped my legs around his torso and kissed him, like i've wanted to kiss him since the first time i'd seen him. My mate the first in line for the Silver Tail Pack, who would've thought hey?

He smirked as if he was happy i wasn't struggling anymore. I clutched him close to me, kissing him lightly as i moved down to his neck; kissing and sucking until i found his soft spot. He moaned, and images of Whatsherface flashed through my mind.

I pushed him back for a second, although i wanted him so very bad.

"What about her, Finn?" I asked, and his eyes went furious again, not because of me though because she was mentioned.

"Al, you are the only girl i've loved. You will be the only girl i'll ever love. I don't even want you to think about her, i want you to kiss me like that; i want you to love me back and forget everything i've ever done to hurt you......I want you to be my mate. forever."

I was about to say i loved him back but an blaring alarm sounded. I was about to ask but, the look on Finn's face said it all.

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