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Seven: Killed Again.

I just stared at Finn in surprise as we were frozen. The alarm drowned out any of our thoughts, which was good because, the things i thought i thought were insane. I didn't wait for Finn's approval, i morphed faster than a snap of the fingers. In no time at all, i was outside gazing in a trance at the battle that was raging.

Vampires, Warlocks, Fae Folk and Werewolves were all conducting battle in all forms. Werewolves in human and wolf form, fea folk dressed with weapons such as axes and seraph blades; Vampires running around ripping throats out of many different creatures.

My instincts kicked in and i jumped on a vampire, all the memories of the torture they put me through flashing through my mind in our slide show.

I jumped from vampire to vampire, to warlock, to faerie, ripping out jugulars right and left. I was literally in the zone. I had killed 50 or 60 creatures (i had lost track) by the time, there was a cease fire.

"Marcus! Give us the girl!" A tall, lean pale vampire demanded, his pointed fangs showing under his lips.

Marcus laughed in the vamps face, rolling his eyes.....glancing at me. His eyes read run, but i didn't move. I was having too much fun. I wanted to fight; i was no sissy ninny. I could handle myself fine. However, i knew it was for the best.

I licked the blood around my lips, and i had the most brilliant idea ever. I crouched down; preparing to pounce on the vampire leader who was protected by many other vamps and warlocks. I devised a plan in my head, and cracked my neck. I wiggled my tail and with one swift movement, i was on top of the leader, his black blood splashed all over my fur. His eyes turned white, the death symbol of vampires. I had killed him and it felt great; water under the bridge for me. Nothing, he was worthless. A vampire, killing off humans as if they were just packets of blood. Idiots. Everyone knew if you killed a human, or sired them you'd get killed by a werewolf. Plain and simple.

Then, I ran. Ran as fast as i could in the direction of the Scott's hunting cabin. I knew they had this charm on it that made it inaccessible unless you knew exactly where it was; like i did. The vampires were gaining fast, and i kicked it into my last gear. I was probably going faster than any vampire i'd seen, dodging trees and logs. I was almost there when i picked up a stench of werewolves. No, just one. I rolled my eyes, probably some idiot that followed me or something.

I dived into a bush, which was a portal into the cabin, as soon as i landed in the living room, in a kneeling position i screamed,

"Mi in mortem!"

Latin words that closed the portal; locking it so no one could come in without saying those words.

The hunting cabin. It hadn't changed much since, well, i was 9. Except the thin layer of dust that was coating almost everything besides the chairs and couches that had white sheets over them. Everything was placed in the same way; The chairs facing the fireplace one of every side, then the couch beside them and a coffee table in the middle. The fireplace was dead and looked like it hadn't been lit in years.

I sighed, and turned to the small kitchenette in the corner of the cabin. It had a wood stove, with many cans of soup on the counter lined in 5 rows. There was pots and pans on the small island.

I smelled the air; it didn't smell like anything besides Sasha's perfume and some vanilla.

I wondered quietly if Sasha and the others were okay. Especially Finn. God, i missed him already. I knew that if i was away from him for more than a few days, we'd both fall deathly ill.

Mates did that; i heard about a girl that didn't except her mate and she went back to her pack, 2 weeks later she died from....unknown causes. It was really creepy and then days later her mate died. Either from the fact that she was dead or that he didn't see her for like, over 2 weeks. The Zenra Elder Gods created us to stick together, through thick and thin; that wouldn't happen if we picked our own lovers, no, everything has to be controlled. Sick bastards.

"Mi in mortem," The words sounded from outside the main door of the cabin and it flung open. I dived under behind the island, landing without a sound. Someone coughed, and i couldn't believe my nose. It was him. Finny.

I jumped up, revealing myself to him and tackling him; I crawled up to his chest, preparing to kiss him but i stopped.

My smile faded, into a concerned frown. Finn's expression was horror stricken; his eyes wide...his mouth in a straight pursed line.

I touched his face; wearily cupping his face, forcing him to look at me. He didn't smile, nor did he bear any emotion besides shock.

"Finn? what's wrong?"

His eyes were sad, beyond sad; morbid. He looked like someone had died......

"Oh my god! They didn't- They couldn't of-"

He nodded.

"My- My- Father." It was the first time I'd seen him cry and it was all my fault. You have NO idea how much that broke me, watching him cry over his father, that died in a battle, created by vampires, looking for me.

He jumped up, knocking me off him. I guess he figured out the same logic i had. It was my fault.

"It was YOUR fault!" He yelled, seeming to shake the cabin walls.

I didn't know what to do. I wasn't the best at comforting people or calming them down. I decided if i talked- defended myself- saying that i had no idea this would happen- he'd just get madder and do something i knew he would regret. So i stayed quiet, holding in stupid, worthless tears.

"If we didn't harbor you, this wouldn't have happened!" He ranted, his voice like glass piercing my skin.

"If i wasn't your mate, this wouldn't have happened!" He slammed his fist into a nearby wall, making the paint splinter away, and the drywall being cracked.

He didn't even seem to notice his fist was drawing crimson liquid. I didn't say anything, just kept my eyes on the wood floor.

"Speak you dirty, filthy rogue slut!" He screamed, kicked my leg. It screamed out in pain, but i didn't move. I stayed in the very spot her threw me.

I didn't want to cry in front of him; no it would make things worse.

"Go to hell!" My mind screamed for me, standing up. I wasn't this bitch on the floor, i was a rogue 'slut' and proud.

His eyes turned black, so did mine. Why did it do that?

"You want to fight me, go ahead. I like killing people, i mean i just killed your dad, indirectly. I probably killed everyone in your pack indirectly because i killed the head of that vampire pack, so fuck off with your stupid ranting. I don't need you! I don't need anybody!"

With that i stepped around him and opened the door muttering the latin words again. I morphed into a wolf and like that i was gone. This was going to be a tough 2 weeks; that's for sure.
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