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Eight: Reunited

It had been 3 days. Three MOTHER FUCKING days and i was feeling the heat. I hadn't seen Finn since, well, 76 hours, 34 minutes and 23...24...25.... Yes i had been counting.

I had a fever, my stomach felt like i was digesting a wrench and i was hallucinating; badly. I literally thought my dad was standing over me. The mere thought of Finn could drive me to the edge, his name, his initials, anything revolving around him.

I glanced around the tree where i was sitting. It was on the edge of the Silver Tail pack village, and i had a perfect view of the gardens outside of the mansion. I had to move yesterday because i couldn't stand being in NO connection with him. I needed to see something, anything, besides the surrounding forest.

They say, once you find your mate, life gets better instantly. When is that supposed to start? Huh? It's been over a week since i've met him and i've been locked up, gawked at, put through training, fought in a battle, killed over 70 people, ran for my life and spent 3 days away from the only man that made me the slightest bit happy.

I'd seen him walking around the grounds, happier than a pig in mud. Was this only happening to me? Was he oblivious to the hurt and suffering he was putting me through?

I didn't know.


Finn's POV:

I opened my eyes again, trying to stop the vicious hallucinations from fucking up my memories, vision and thoughts. In the past few days i'd been through hell and back, many times. Every second away from her made me a little bit closer to dying.

I couldn't eat, or sleep. Even now speech was harder and harder. I had to write to my mum to tell her what was happening. She was killing me; Alex that is. I'd never missed anyone so much in my life. Not even my fathers death could take my mind off of her.

I was so close to her, but so far away. I mean, i act like everything's fine when i'm out on the grounds; i actually put on a good show. Smiling is the hardest, i can barely move my mouth anymore. All i could think about was her, her golden brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes that melted when she saw me. The way she fought, her fur covered in blood; it was enough to give me a boner. She just made everything better, i know it sounds far fetched but she brightened my day everytime she said my name.

I rolled over, a wave of nausea trying to pull me under, however i pushed it down. Someone knocked on my door and i instantly knew it was either Damon, Bianca, Mum, Bryce or Brianna. I really didn't want to see any of them, especially Brianna. Ugh, i hate her.

"C'mon, Finn!" Damon said, entering my room; uninvited to say the least. He pulled the blinds open sending vision impairing light through the windows.

He'd tried to get me to do something for the past day or so besides stay in bed and feel bad for myself. His words not mine. I wasn't pitying myself, i couldn't get over her because she was my mate. He couldn't imagine the pain i was going through.

"Fu-ck o-f-f!" I stuttered, pulling the blankets over my head.

I heard him sigh, and take ahold of my blankets, he tugged and i was uncovered.

"We're finding Alex, before you run dad's pack into the ground." He snapped, pulling me up by my arm.

I slumped back down, my legs not working properly, i looked up at him. his expression went from hard to confused.

Against every fiber in my body, i regarded the situation as if it was nothing, "Let me get dressed,"

He looked at me with those Damon eyes, however i brushed him off, pushing up on my legs. Surprisingly the thought of seeing Alex put them almost back to normal, same with my speech. The weight that'd been crushing me for the past days seemed to let up a tiny bit.

Before i could stop myself, which i couldn't by the way. I morphed into my auburn wolf, and took off. I couldn't stop my paws.

I noticed, i was heading towards the gardens, where hopefully Alex still was. She had moved there a day ago, i thought she'd forgotten about me. On the edge of the woods where she'd been the other night there was her black wolf staring at me with hopeful eyes. They shawn through the mid morning daylight, like a match through darkness.

I stopped 20 yards away from her, she looked morbid. I couldn't forgive myself for what i said. I was so mad, that they'd killed my father and so sad that she didn't say she loved me too. I just needed someone to rant to and she was caught in my conflicts. The look on her face, it killed me to remember it.

She made a low growling sound, baring her teeth. She looked like she was about to pounce and she did; right onto me. However, she didn't rip out my throat, no, she'd turned into a human and so had i.

Her smile instantly made everything better, "Alex-" She cut me off, pushing her lips onto mine. It took me a few seconds to adjust but eventually i kissed her back, sending sparks through me. Cliche, i know.

We kissed like that for what seemed like hours, but was over within seconds.

"Finn, baby, i'm so sor-" I cut her off by putting my finger on her lips; shushing lightly.

"Don't you apologize, it was my fault." She bit her lip, her hands slowly moving down my chest.

I let out a breath a hadn't realized i'd be keeping in. I really wanted to rip her clothes off and make sweet love to her right here, right now, but i also didn't want anybody else to see what i had. She was so beautiful she could've mated with anyone, but they chose me. I was easily the luckiest guy in this place.

"Let's go home, Finn,"
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